Mountain Bike Parts

Every bike part needs to perform at its peak for a smooth ride. And if there’s a serious problem, these parts need to be fixed/replaced quickly.
You do not always have to go to a bike shop to get these repairs.

You can save both money and time by doing them yourself. And here, you’ll find stepwise guides for it along with videos.

We cover things like replacing brake pads, fixing bent forks, wrapping tape on handlebars, removing a crankset, fixing a chain, etc.

We also answer commonly asked questions like whether you can ride with broken spokes, when to replace tires, how much tire pressure is needed, etc.

This one section is for the bike nerds in the house.

How to Adjust Front Derailleur on a Mountain Bike

How to Adjust Front Derailleur on a Mountain Bike

Nothing’s more frustrating than an out-of-balance bicycle. We’ve all been there when, the front derailleur and chainrings no longer sync up to provide a crisp shifting sensation. This is a common problem during the warmer

How to Adjust Brakes on an MTB (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Mountain biking can be fun and exciting, but it can also be dangerous if your brakes are not working properly. Brakes that are adjusted improperly can cause you to lose control, crash, and injure yourself

The Right Way to Remove and Install Bike Pedals?

Changing bicycle pedals, although on the surface, might seem like a simple job, it can be a little more complicated and, if done incorrectly, can be a costly mistake. That’s why in this article, we’re

Can Disk Brakes Overheat

Can Disc Brakes On Your Bike Overheat

The most common fear bike owners have are failing brake systems. Brake failure can mean a quick disaster for you, especially on those downhill descents. A common reason for brake failure is disc overheating. So,

Reasons your MTB spokes come loose and how to fix them.

Why Do My MTB Spokes Keep Coming Loose

Although your MTB spokes look like simple parts that don’t need your attention, you need to check on them once in a while as they can keep coming loose. This, in turn, will affect your