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Should I Get a 26 or 28 Inch Bike in 2021

Should I Get a 26 or 28 Inch Bike?

The wheel and tire diameter are some of the most important things to consider when deciding which size you need to get. So should you go for a 26-inch or a 28-inch bike? We answer … Read more

Do more spokes make a wheel stronger?

Do More Spokes Make a Wheel Stronger?

A bike wheel with more spokes is stronger than a bike wheel with fewer spokes. What’s more, different spokes offer differing levels of strength and durability. Spokes are the individual pieces that hold together a … Read more

Are 26 inch wheels the same as 700c?

Are 26 inch wheels the same as 700c Wheels?

Most new bike buyers wonder whether a 26-inch wheel is the same as a 700c wheel. The answer is, well, a little more complicated, and it might help to know the differences between these two … Read more

Can Disk Brakes Overheat

Can Disk Brakes Overheat

One of the most common fears for any bike owner is a failing brake system. Brake failure can mean a quick disaster for you, and especially on those downhill descents. A common reason for brake … Read more

How to Tighten Bike Brakes

You probably missed hitting a car by inches, or you crashed hard, but the injuries wouldn’t have been as severe if your brakes worked correctly. Brakes can be a letdown if not adjusted well. You … Read more

How to Remove and Install Bike Pedals?

For newbies, it is not easy to install or remove a pedal, considering that there might be some mistakes that could be made, which will lead to discouraging results.  Worry no more because this article … Read more

How to Adjust Front Derailleur on a Mountain Bike

How to Adjust Front Derailleur on a Mountain Bike

Nothing’s more frustrating than an out-of-balance bicycle. We’ve all been there when, for instance, the front derailleur and chainrings no longer sync up to provide a crisp shifting sensation. This is a common problem during … Read more