Bike Maintenance

You want your bike to be smooth, clean, and easy to handle even 5 years from now, right? Well, that’s only possible if you maintain your bike well, and this section is all about that.

From removing rust on handlebars and frames, painting your MTB to give it a refreshed look, to the right way to clean it, this is your ultimate guide to keeping your bike looking spic and span at all times.

We’ll also cover steps to avoid pinch flats and give you tips to tune up your bike correctly before each ride.

a bike getting serviced

How often should a bike be serviced?

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How to Tune Up a Mountain Bike in 10 Easy Ways

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Step by Step Guide on how to crimp bike cable ends

How to Crimp Bike Cable Ends (Step By Step Guide)

Admit it, “Every biker hates the sight of frayed cable ends, which not only frustrates the rider but could also get stuck in a biker’s trousers or shoes.” With that awful situation, you as a