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Average cycling speed by age: A Detailed Analysis

Cycling and age are indirectly related to the power a biker produces. With growing age, there is a sudden decrease in power, hence, the decrease in average cycling speed. That’s certainly not the type of

Best Fat Tire Bikes in 2021

15 Best Fat Tire Bikes You Can Get 2021

Fat bikes provide more comfort than any average mountain bike at the expense of speed. They are the best bikes to ride in muddy, snowy, or sandy regions. If you want a comfortable bike for

Best Downhill Mountain Bikes

Best Downhill Mountain Bikes For 2022

Wondering which downhill mountain bike you should choose as your partner? After testing over 15+ bikes over the last five months, we picked five MTBs worth your money in 2022. So let’s jump straight to

How fast can you go with a mountain bike

How Fast Does a Mountain Bike Go?

How fast can my mountain bike go? If you too are wondering that question then you are in the right place. Size, bike gears, type of the bike, trail conditions, and weather conditions are some