10 Best MTB Gloves In 2023 For The Ultimate Comfort And protection

In-Depth Reviews of the 10 Best MTB Gloves in 2022

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Since MTB gloves offer so many benefits, it’s not surprising that many options are out there. If you’re having trouble choosing the best mountain bike gloves, we have compiled our top ten options in this detailed guide.

Top 10 MTB Gloves Reviewed In Detail

1. Giro DND Mountain Cycling Gloves

Giro DND Mountain Cycling Gloves

  • Pull-On closure
  • Excellent Fit and moisture-wicking
  • Excellent Protection with 2mm EVA crash pads.
  • Silver fiber in the fingertips so you can use your smartphone
  • Gender: Unisex

The Giro DND mountain biking gloves are at the top of our list, which provide all-around protection and comfort for your hands while biking. It is made with highly absorbent microfiber and 2mm EVA crash pads for a perfect fit on your hands without compromising bar feel or comfort.

The gloves are designed with flex zones that follow your hands’ natural movements without bunching up or feeling uncomfortable.

They have breathable material that keeps your hands cool and dry during hot weather. You can easily use your touchscreen devices, like your mobile phone, when wearing the Giro DND with its touchscreen silver fiber technology. 

These gloves provide a comfortable grip on the handlebars with a faux suede design on the palms. And on the back of the gloves is an absorbent, microfiber surface, so you can freely wipe your face while on the ride. 

You can purchase the Giro DND gloves in 18 colors and seven sizes, so it should be easy to find one based on your preferences.


  • Made with moisture-wicking, breathable material.
  • Flex zones follow the natural movement of your hands.
  • Crashpads for protecting your hands during accidents.
  • Easy to operate touchscreen devices while wearing them.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes.


  • Sometimes the sizes are different than the display

2. Gearonic Cycling Gloves

Next, we recommend the Gearonic Cycling Gloves, which feature a fingerless, hoop, loop closure design and sizes for all genders and kids. They are designed with ambidextrous hand orientations and are ideal for mountain biking, professional cycling, and a wide range of sporting activities.

The Gearonic Cycling Gloves are made with heavy-duty, abrasion palm material with a padded foam pad for durability and long-lasting use. They are designed to support your fingers and palm and are made with breathable fabric for hot days. 

You can also enjoy a comfortable fit and tight grip when using these gloves, as they are made with elasticized microfiber and shock slip padding.

Since these gloves are padded with shock-proof foam, you can enjoy biking without feeling the impact of potholes, rough roads, and jumps. The Gearonic Cycling Gloves are also the most budget-friendly on our list and are available in different colors and sizes.


  • Ambidextrous, fingerless design with an open thumb.
  • Versatile use for all types of biking.
  • Made with highly durable and comfortable material.
  • Shock slip padding makes it easy to grip handlebars during all weather conditions.
  • Provides a comfortable fit with elasticized microfiber and breathable mesh.


  • Poor moisture retention makes them clammy during hot days.

3. Inbike Cycling Gloves

Also on our list is Inbike Cycling Gloves, also with a hook and loop closure fingerless design. These MTB gloves are made with high-elastic lycra and knitted mesh fabric, making them comfortable and breathable in any situation. 

They are ideal for all weather and biking conditions. When cycling, you can easily wipe sweat with the back of the gloves covered with durable terry cloth. 

They also feature a functional design with a fastener closure on the wrist, making it easy for you to tighten or loosen the gloves and get the best fit. It also helps you keep the gloves in place while riding.

The Inbike Cycling Gloves also come with extra padding with thick EVA on the palm, which relieves pain on your hands when biking and absorbs shock from rough terrains, potholes, and jumps. 

The extra padding also provides a firmer grip on the handlebars. You can purchase these bikes in different sizes, but only two colors are available.


  • Made with breathable and comfortable material.
  • Thick padding for a firm grip on the handlebars.
  • Shock absorbent design for rough riding.
  • Hook and loop fastener closure for adjusting tightness.
  • Gloves designed with terry cloth on the back for wiping sweat while biking.


  • The gloves are difficult to wear and remove.

4. Boodun Cycling Gloves

The Boodun Cycling Gloves have earned a top spot on our list, made with polyester and nylon to provide a balance of comfort and durability. The gloves have a soft and lightweight design that fits well on your hands, providing a natural fit.

You can enjoy all your jumps and stunts when mountain biking without hurting your hands, as the gloves are designed with shock-absorbing 8mm foam padding on the palms. 

The pads will also prevent numbing and fatigue on your hands which can happen when mountain biking for too long.

The upper material is lycra, breathable, and stretchable for humid and hot weather. Lycra is also flexible and easily conforms around your hands. 

Wiping sweat is also easy with the Boodun Cycling Gloves, as it features a functional towel cloth on the thumb. You can choose your perfect glove from various sizes and 11 colors.


  • Made with lightweight and durable fabric.
  • Shock-absorbing padding for stunts while biking.
  • Breathable and flexible material that naturally fits your hands.
  • Towel cloth on your thumb for wiping sweat.
  • Protects your hands from chafing and numbing after biking for a long time.


  • Gloves are undersized, so crosscheck the sizing chart.

5. HTZPLOO Bike Gloves

Enjoy your mountain biking experience on the road with the HTZPLOO Bike Glove. These gloves are designed with anti-slip silicone gel on the palm, making them stand out, giving you more sensitive control and a tight grip on the handlebars. The gloves are ideal for biking during all seasons.

The bicycle gloves feature lycra on the surface and shock-absorbing padding protection. So, you can keep your hand flexible and comfortable while biking. At the same time, the padding will reduce the impact of road vibration on your hands and reduce hand fatigue.

The HTZPLOO Bike Gloves are easy to remove, as they feature two-finger loops that you can use to pull them out without turning them inside out. The reliable gloves are also easy to wear with velcro fastening to avoid getting caught in your sleeves. 

Plus, they are designed with a towel cloth on the thumb for wiping sweat. You can purchase these gloves in different sizes and colors.


  • Anti-slip silicone gel for a tight grip on handlebars.
  • Shock-absorbing padding protection for reducing road vibration.
  • Made with flexible and comfortable material.
  • Easy to wear and remove.
  • Low-profile Velcro fastening for a natural fit on your hands.


  • The finger straps feel a bit uncomfortable.

6. Seibertron Dirtpaw

If you’re looking for reliable and comfortable gloves and don’t mind spending a little more than usual, you can try out the Sierbertron Dirtpaw MTB gloves. The gloves are designed with direct inject rubber logos and graphics to protect your fingers, knuckles, and hands from injury if you ever get into an accident.

These versatile gloves will work for other types of biking like BMX, road and downhill, motorcycle riding, racing, and sports where you might fall or crash. 

As for comfort, the gloves feature a silicone gripper on all the fingers and lycra material for flexibility. Unfortunately, the gloves are also lightly padded, which might present some problems with durability and biking in cold weather.

The gloves come with touchscreen compatibility, so you don’t have to take your gloves off to use your phone or take out your wallet. And you can be sure you’re looking good while biking as these come with an attractive design. They come in many sizes for adults and kids, but not many colors are available.


  • All-round protection in case of falls and crashes.
  • Ideal for other types of biking.
  • Flexible with tight handlebar grips.
  • Touchscreen compatibility for operating your phone.
  • Attractive and sleek design.


  • Not durable or ideal for biking in cold weather.

7. Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves

Another mountain bike glove on our list that would make you look good while on the trail is the Fox Racing Ranger. Fox Racing is well-known for its biking and motocross gear, so you can expect high quality from their Ranger gloves which are made with a carefully selected blend of polymer fabrics.

The gloves are designed to provide flexibility, protection, and comfort but offer even more benefits. 

For one, they are made with lightweight material and a top absorbent layer to keep your hands dry. The fingertips are also laced with silicone, giving you a tight grip on the handlebars.

Even after wearing them while biking for hours, you can still get comfort from these gloves. The structure also includes a double layer of Clarino faux leather that increases grip and protects your hands from cuts and chafing if you fall. 

They naturally fit around your hand without any bunching or interfering with your clothing. You can purchase the Fox Racing Ranger in different colors and sizes.

The only drawback with these gloves is that you cannot use your phone. Though the are various ways to make gloves touchscreen compatible, it isn’t a dealbreaker.


  • Made with high-quality polymer fabrics.
  • Keeps your hands dry and comfortable.
  • Silicone fingertips for better grip.
  • Faux leather for protecting your hands when you fall.
  • Naturally fitting with no bunching.


  • You can’t use touchscreen devices when wearing gloves.

8. Zookki Cycling Gloves

We were also impressed with the Zookki Cycling Gloves, which focus on providing quality and comfort with a fabric blend. On the surface of the gloves are mesh cloth, lycra fabric, and triple-sandwich mesh cloth to provide flexibility, breathability, and moisture-wicking features as you wear the gloves.

The Zookki gloves are also designed with hard-wearing fabric on the palm part, absorbing shock when riding on bumpy roads. 

It also reduces numbness and fatigue in your hands, making it easier to ride for more extended periods. And, you can stop to wipe sweat with the terry cloth on your thumbs.

If you’re looking for suitable gloves to increase your grip and reduce your chances of skipping when riding or jumping, you will be impressed with the Zookki gloves. 

They feature a silica gel pad in the palm, which acts as a buffer. They also increase visibility for night riding, and you can purchase these in different designs and sizes.


  • Made with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Shock-absorbent features on the palm.
  • Helps in increasing riding time by reducing hand fatigue.
  • Tightened grip when riding and jumping.
  • Increased visibility for safe biking at night.


  • Poor durability as it tears easily.

9. Fox Ripley Women’s Gloves

If you’re a female mountain biker looking for something more specific, you’ll do well with the Fox Ripley Women’s Gloves. These sleek gloves are easy to wear, as they are designed with a compression-molded cuff and hook and loop closure to secure them. It also comes with an absorbent sweat wipe made with micro-suede on the thumb.

You can easily use your phone and other touchscreen devices with their special thumb and index fingers. But the entire gloves are made with moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable, and cozy polymer fabrics that are great for cold and hot weather.

The fingertips are silicone, making it easy to grip the handlebars when riding. Plus, the fabric is strong enough to protect your hands from cold weather, scrapes, chafing, and cuts if you fall. The gloves are a good fit and are easily secured, so they don’t interfere with the sleeves.


  • Cozy and breathable design for all weathers.
  • Easy to secure without interfering with sleeves.
  • Allows the use of touchscreen devices.
  • Silicone fingertips for better grip on handlebars.
  • Made with durable polymer fabrics.


  • Customers have complained the sizes are too small.

10. Firelion Men’s Cycling Gloves

Finally on our list is the Firelion Men’s Cycling Gloves, ideal for men who want to mountain bike with the proper protection. These multifunctional, full-fingered gloves are suitable for mountain biking, road cycling, BMX, and other types of exercise. 

Even if they are full-fingered, they are made with breathable material on the surface that prevents sweaty and clammy hands on a hot day.

The Firelion gloves are easy to take off, as they come with convenient pull tabs on the fingers. 

Not only this, but they are also easy to wear and keep on. You can adjust the tightness and secure the gloves on your wrist easily. For wiping swear, there is absorbent microfiber on the thumb.

For a better riding experience, these MTB gloves are also designed with a durable gel palm with anti-slip and shock protection that tightens your grip and reduces the effects of road vibration. They come in different sizes and colors, all with sleek, ambidextrous designs.


  • Ideal for different types of exercise.
  • Breathable surface material for hot days.
  • Easy to take off and wear.
  • Tighten your grip on the handlebars.
  • Available in different sleek designs.


  • It isn’t compatible with touchscreen devices.

What Are Mountain Biking Gloves and Why Should You Wear Them

Mountain biking gloves are simply cycling gloves designed to meet the rigorous needs and demands of mountain biking. When you hit the trail, it’s essential to wear high-quality gloves for different reasons.

They Provide a Better Grip

One of the main reasons cyclists wear mountain bike gloves is because they allow you to retain the grip on their handlebars regardless of the situation. After a long ride, sweat and tiredness make it difficult for bikers to maintain their grip on the handlebar, reducing their control.

They Protect Your Hands

Mountain biking gloves protect your hands in different ways. They reduce numbness and tingling in your hands by absorbing shocks on bumpy roads. They also prevent blisters and calluses by absorbing the friction and pressure from handlebars. And if you fall, you can be sure your hands are protected from cuts.

They Are Comfortable

Finally, mountain biking gloves make your overall ride more comfortable than it would have been if you didn’t have gloves on. You can focus on your journey while your hands are kept dry and comfortable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Mountain Bike Gloves


There’s no point in the best mountain bike gloves if they don’t size you, so it’s best to measure your hand and check if a glove is available in your size before you purchase it. Manufacturers usually have specifications or sizing charts for customers to follow.


Ensure that the mountain bike gloves you’re purchasing are made with comfortable materials that keep your hands cozy. The gloves should be breathable with soft padding and should naturally fit your hands without bunching.

Protective Features

Since one of the reasons cyclists use MTB gloves is for protection, it’s best to choose gloves with related features. If you usually ride on rough terrains, gloves with silicone pads on the palms and other paddings will help protect your hands from vibrations.

Cycling Climate

The climate you’re biking in is also essential, as you can’t wear fingerless gloves during the winter. If you live in a cold spot, purchasing full-fingered gloves with breathable material and padding will be sensible. But in a hot place, fingerless gloves with lightweight designs are best.

Ease of Wearing and Removing

It also helps to consider how easy it is to remove and wear the gloves, as you don’t want to struggle in and out of them every time you get on the trail. This is especially true if you use a touchscreen device for navigation and often want to remove the gloves. Or, you can go for gloves with touchscreen compatibility.

Style and Color

Another factor to consider when selecting the perfect mountain bike gloves is the style and color. Usually, MTB gloves come in different colors, patterns, and designs. It’s easier to wear your gloves if you like how they look, so consider this part carefully.


What Gloves Should I Wear for Mountain Biking?

You should wear cycling gloves when going mountain biking, especially those designed to withstand the pressures of MTB. You can check out our guide to pick the best glove for mountain biking for you.

Are Leather Gloves Good for Biking?

Yes. You can use your leather gloves instead of biking gloves, but keep in mind that you won’t get the same protection as a standard MTB glove.

How Long Do MTB Gloves Last?

High-quality MTB gloves should last for about a year after frequent use before they show significant signs of wear and tear and become unwearable.

Final Verdict

It’s best to get to your mountain biking journey with gloves that you have chosen after much consideration. If you’re unsure what to choose, our top gloves are the Giro DND MTB gloves, versatile and all-around protection.

Focus on meeting your needs and standards for protection and comfort so you can enhance your mountain biking experience next time you get on the road.

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