MTB Glove Sizing Chart: How to Measure Hand for Gloves in Simple and Easy Steps?

How to Measure Hand for Gloves in Simple and Easy Steps?

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“Measuring the hand for MTB gloves is done in two different ways, i.e. to measure the circumference of the hand and to measure the hand from the tip of the middle finger to the base.”

Sounds confusing?

We are here to demonstrate it along with sizing charts to help you make the right decision.

Have a look:

How to Measure Circumference of Hand for MTB Gloves?

Step 1: Use a Soft Tape to Measure

Get yourself a soft tape measure and measure the circumference of your dominant hand with it.

While you measure it, make sure that you wrap the tape around the widest part of your hand, which is just below the knuckles.

Step 2: Take Measurement:

Similarly, place the beginning of the tape on top of your hand and wrap it around the hand until it means the 0 markings yet again. Note down the mark where the tape coincides with 0 and note it down accordingly.

It would be better for you to note down the measurement in inches.

Step 3: Match it with the Glove Sizes

After noting down the measurement, simply match it with the standard glove sizes available in the chart below and find the perfect size as per your hand’s circumference.

Size (In Inches)Men’sWomen’s
Small7 inches – 8 inch6 inch – 7 inch
Medium8 inch – 9 inch7 inch – 8 inch
Large9 inch – 10 inch8 inch – 9 inch
X-Large10 inch – 10.5 inch 
2X-Large10.5 inch – 11 inch 
3X-Large11 in. – 11.5 inch 
4X-Large11.5 inch – 12 inch 

A pro tip to follow here is that if the measured circumference of your hand falls between the two sizes, you have to choose the size with a larger measurement to enjoy a snug fit accordingly.


That’s how you can easily measure the hand for MTB gloves and order a pair from online marketplaces with the correct size accordingly.

How to Measure Hand from Middle Finger Tip to Base?

Step 1: Adjust the Position:

Keep your dominant hand straight before you start the measuring process. Do not tilt it or else you’ll have issues taking the accurate measure of your hand.

Step 2: Start the Measurement:

Place the 0 marking end of the soft tape on the tip of your middle finger and drag it down until the end of your palm/wrist.

Note down the measurements from the measuring tape in inches accordingly.

Step 3: Compare the Measurement with the Size Chart

Right after you note down the measurement of your hand with this method, utilize the size chart mentioned below to know what size would offer a snug fit;

Size (In Inches)In Inches (Men)In Centimeters (Men)
X Small6 5/16 inchesEU – 6
Small6 3/4 inchesEU – 7
Medium7 3/16 inchesEU – 8
Large7 9/16 inchesEU – 9
X Large8 1/16 inchesEU – 10
XX-Large8 7/16 plus inchesEU – 11

Side Note:

Go with the larger size if your measurement falls between the two categories simultaneously.


That’s how you can conveniently measure your hand via the tip of the middle finger till your palm method and compare with the standard size chart accordingly.

The story does not end here!

Let us take a look at the different MTB gloves sizing charts of some popular brands as follows:

MTB Gloves Sizing Chart of Different Brands:

100% MTB Gloves Size Chart

100% specializes in making some of the most comfortable MTB gloves for mountain bikers. The variety of colors that this brand offers is second to none.

If you are interested in purchasing gloves from 100%, follow its size chart (palm

SizeIn CentimetersIn Inches
Small20 cm7.5 – 8 inches
Medium23 cm8.5 – 9 inches
Large25 cm9.5 – 10 inches
X Large28 cm10.5 – 11 inches
XX-Large30 cm11.5 – 12 inches

661 Gloves Sizing Chart

Another popular brand that allows bikers to enjoy extra grip and control on their mountain bikes is 661 gloves.

Its sizing chart goes as under:

SizeIn CentimetersIn Inches
X Small18 cm7 inches
Small20 cm8 inches
Medium23 cm9 inches
Large25 cm10 inches
X Large28 cm11 inches

Alpinestars Gloves Sizing Chart

An industry leader like Alpinestars needs no introduction as its gloves have been used by professional bikers all across the globe.

The glove sizing chart for this brand goes as under:

SizeIn CentimetersIn Inches
Small18-19.5 cm7-7.6 inches
Medium19-21.5 cm7.4-8.5 inches
Large21-23 cm8.3-9 inches
X Large22.5-24 cm8.8-9 inches
XX-Large23-25.5 cm9-10 inches

Giro Gloves Sizing Chart

Famous mostly for producing some of the best MTB helmets in the market, Giro has also made its way into the gloves market.

Gloves that Giro makes ensure a snug fit is durable and can keep the biker’s hands away from rashes and harsh weather.

The sizing chart for this brand goes as under:

SizeIn CentimetersIn Inches
X Small18 cm7 inches
Small18-20 cm7-8 inches
Medium20-23 cm8-9 inches
Large23-25 cm9-9.75 inches
X Large25-27 cm9.75-10.5 inches
XX-Large27 cm10.5 inches

Specialized Gloves Sizing Chart

With a variety of mountain bike gloves available at their disposal, Specialized makes sure that bikers can keep their hands safe and protected, especially during the winters.

The glove sizing chart for this manufacturer is as under:

SizeIn CentimetersIn Inches
X Small18 cm7 inches
Small20 cm8 inches
Medium23 cm9 inches
Large25 cm10 inches
X Large28 cm11 inches
XX-Large30 cm12 inches

Madison Gloves Sizing Chart

Along with other manufacturers, Madison makes gloves capable of keeping the hands warm, cozy, and protected at the same time.

Take a look at its gloves sizing chart as under:

SizeIn InchesIn Centimeters
X SmallNilNil
X Large10-10.525-27

One Industries Gloves Sizing Chart

Offering size ranges from Small to XX-Large, this company has focused on manufacturing some of the best MTB gloves in the market in an affordable range.

The sizing chart for One Industries Gloves is as follows:

SizeIn InchesIn Centimeters
X SmallNilNil
X Large1128

Sealskinz Gloves Sizing Chart

Snugness, comfort, and sheer durability are some of the words to describe how perfect the gloves from Sealskinz are.

Here is the sizing chart from this manufacturer that you’ll find useful:

SizeIn InchesIn Centimeters
X Small6-7″15-18
X Large10-11″25-28

Troy Lee Designs Sizing Chart

Just like Giro, Troy Lee Designs has now entered the gloves competition after acing the MTB helmet market.

Its sizing chart is as under:

SizeIn InchesIn Centimeters
X SmallNilNil
X Large1128

Different MTB Gloves Terms You Should Understand

If you are just a beginner mountain biker trying to complete your gear for an improved biking experience, have a know-how of the following glove terms:


To get started with, Cabretta is actually premium thin leather made from the skin of Brazilian hair sheep. Gloves made with this material ensure a snug fit but they are not affordable.

Capeskin or Cape:

This type of gloves leather is thin and superior to Cabretta as it’s been made from African hair sheep.

Clute Cut:

Clute cut actually refers to a style of gloves having only a one-piece palm with no seam at the finger’s base.


The part of the glove that covers the wrist area and extends where the wrist starts is known as the cuff.


Fourchette is a type of leather that’s been frequently sewn between the fingers of the gloves.


When the cuff extends from the palm to the forearm, it becomes a gauntlet. Gloves with gauntlets are mostly utilized by professional MTB bikers who want to experience biking in rough and cold weather conditions.


Grain is that side of the leather having hair on it. The two types of this term are full-grain leather, which refers to the original surface, and corrected grain which is actually abraded to make leather smooth and comfy at the same time.

Gunn Cut:

Gunn cut is another style of leather, which has seams available at the base of the fingers. In the meanwhile, the seams between the fingers are installed on the back of the glove.


After splitting a thick piece of leather into two layers, the top lop layer with the grain is termed as Top Grain whereas the bottom layer is called suede. Suede is also referred to as a split.


Welt is actually a thin piece of leather sewn into the seams to make the gloves durable and long-lasting.

Final Takeaways:

Measuring the hand size for MTB gloves is the need of the hour, especially when you are looking for a pair that fits snuggly and ensures due comfort at the same time.

Follow our guide on how to measure the hand size in two different ways and compare it with the standard gloves size chart that we have mentioned above.

Moreover, get yourself acknowledged with different glove terms to gain extra information about the MTB accessory that you are about to purchase.

Good Luck!!

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