9 Easy Ways To Make Your Bike Seat More Comfortable

Tips to Make Your Bike Seat More Comfortable

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Is your butt sore after sitting on the bike for long hours? Before you change your bike seat, here are different ways to make your bike seat more comfortable.

So let’s jump straight to it.

Purchase the Right Saddle

The correct saddle is the first and most important thing you need for a comfortable bike ride. Avoid buying a seat based on its popularity or because it’s expensive. Instead, look at the width of the saddle, as it must be wide enough to handle your weight.

When choosing a bike seat, weight distribution is one of the most critical factors. The seat shouldn’t be too narrow, as this will hinder your weight distribution.

But when it’s wide, there will be too much friction between the seat and crotch. It’s helpful when you calculate the correct seat, so you can ask the bike shop to help with that.

Go for a Thin Saddle Padding

Unlike what you might think, a thin saddle padding will work better than a thick one. Thick padding will most likely increase the pressure on your bones and make it more difficult to cycle. But one with thin padding will add a slight cushioning effect to the saddle and increase its sturdiness.

But make sure it isn’t too thin. This will make the ride uncomfortable and also wear and tear quickly. 

Use the Right Seating Posture

As mentioned earlier, your bike seat might be uncomfortable because of your seating posture. Some bikers might sit too upright or slouch too much on the bike. Your body’s weight shouldn’t rest on the saddle, but when you sit too upright, that’s the case, and it gives you a body ache.

Instead, don’t forget about your handlebars. The purpose of handlebars is to spread the weight of your body the correct way so that it’s more comfortable when riding.

70% of your weight should rest on the saddle, while 30% should be on the handlebar. Evenly distribution of your weight is essential so your butt won’t hurt.

Another thing to keep in mind when determining your posture on the bike is how you are sitting. Your butt should be completely balanced and take up the whole seat. Avoid sitting too far forward on the seat.

Get the Right Adjustment

Sometimes, the problem with your bike isn’t the saddle’s quality or design but the adjustment. The reason can be as minor as the saddle being incorrectly positioned, and the best way to correct this is to adjust the seat.

Keep on adjusting it until you get an aerodynamic and comfortable riding position. To make adjustments, start by twisting the seat by a millimeter in either direction, based on your riding height. Sit on the bike to check it as you adjust it.

You can also adjust the handlebars of the bike to correct the saddle. Keep on doing so until you get the correct position. To adjust the seat, you should move it from side to side, up or down, and also adjust the height of the seat post or handlebar.

Break the Saddle In

Sometimes, you need to keep on riding your bike to make it more comfortable. It would be more rigid and stiff when you first get a new saddle. But by riding it often, you can break the saddle in and make it more comfortable.

After a while, you will get used to the seat, especially if you adjust it correctly. But if you keep riding the bike and the seat is still uncomfortable, the problem is with your saddle, and you should get a new one instead or adjust the angle.

Check the Handlebar Height

Another way to make your bike seat more comfortable is to adjust the handlebar height. The handlebar should be slightly higher or at the same height as the saddle. If it’s too low, you need to hunch over, but you have to reach forward when it’s too high.

This will put a lot of pressure on your hands, wrists, lumbar, hamstrings, and neck. So, before going for a bike ride, you should check the height. Do this by moving the stem up or down the steerer tube to adjust the handlebar or use spacers.

Get the Right Reach

Also, try to get the reach of your bike right to make it more comfortable. The point here is the horizontal distance between the handlebar and bottom bracket.

For instance, some people have a short torso, so the bike isn’t suitable for your height, and you have to stretch forward a lot to reach the handlebar.

This can lead to having a sore neck, lumbar ache, and sore shoulders. A shorter stem is usually a better option to get the right reach. Before getting a bike, you should test it properly and check the reach.

Avoid Wide Seats

It’s also a good idea to avoid using wide seats when riding. Generally speaking, a narrow seat is more comfortable than a wide one. A wide one will cause soreness and chaffing when you sit. Also, poor-quality seats won’t cause hemorrhoids, but will surely worsen them. So if you have recently recovered from it, a comfortable seat is more important than ever.

The width of the saddle depends significantly on your sit bones and not the width of the rear. So you should measure the width of your sit bones to get an idea of what saddle that best suits your body.

Wear the Right Clothes

It’s essential to wear the right clothes when riding your bike. If you’re not dressing right, your butt will hurt. For instance, if you’re wearing loose cycling shorts rather than tight ones, your skin will rub against the saddle and cause it to chaff. Thus, the problem here is the clothes and not the seat.

You should also wear biking shorts made with lycra because they are smooth enough to touch the saddle without creating friction or generating heat. Thus, you should wear tight-fitting cycling shorts, especially those with thick padding.

Why Your Bike Seat Might Be Uncomfortable

The Seat is of Low Quality

Premium bikes are usually well-designed to provide convenience, comfort, and safety to customers. In some cases, you can purchase a bike with specialized seats, ergonomically designed frames, and sound engineering.

But when you buy a cheap bike, it can lack these features. It would also lead to discomfort. One helpful thing to do is look out for mountain bikes that offer value for money. They are the complete package and ensure you don’t have overhead expenses for years.

You’re Wearing the Wrong Clothes

Cyclists usually take the gear and clothes they’re wearing for granted. But believe it or not, this might be what’s causing your seat to be so uncomfortable. 

Plus, they are designed to fit the bike seat properly you’re sitting on, mainly as this would prevent discomfort when cycling.

Your Posture is Bad

Another factor that you might be overlooking is your posture. The biker’s position can cause discomfort when sitting on the bike, but not many people sit on it the right way. With the way bikes are designed, you need to ride with the correct posture.

Consider the gap between the handlebars and yourself and the saddle’s height to sit correctly. Thus, if you’re using a bike that is well-designed but still feels sore, you might not be sitting the right way.


Why Does My Bum Hurt When Riding a Bike?

Your bum can hurt because you’re sitting the wrong way or have poor weight distribution. Also, you might be wearing the wrong clothes or using the wrong saddle. Thus, you should check all of these before riding the bike.

Where Should Weight Be On Bike Seat?

When sitting on a bike saddle, the weight should be on your sit bones. The sit bones are the two bony points at the bottom of the pelvis.


When riding on the roughest terrains, you can feel more pain in your butt, especially when you’re not sitting correctly. 

So, check the problems you suspect and fix them before going on your next ride. Now that you know how to make your saddle more comfortable you can better enjoy your next ride.

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