Where Are Trek Bikes Made?

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Ever wondered where Trek bikes are made? In the US? Yeah, a few! Even though Trek holds American pride, most bikes are not manufactured there. So, where are Trek bikes made?

Let’s find out.

Where are Trek Bikes Made?

Well, over 99 percent of Trek bikes are not made in the US. Instead, almost all Trek bikes are made on foreign soil.

The leading factories that build Trek parts and accessories are in Netherlands, Germany, and China. However, China and Taiwan produce the most parts.

The only brand believed to be manufactured in the US is the Madone 6 series, and we are still unsure of that.

All we know is that Trek uses its Wisconsin headquarters as the primary research facility. The company spent many years manufacturing bikes in the United States before shifting to Asia and Europe.

Most entry-level bikes are made in Asia, while mid-level bikes are built in Europe. The main reason the company shifted production to outside America is because of the cheap production costs.

However, Trek does not compromise on quality, and with their strict quality control, their bikes are top-notch in terms of quality, comfort, and the latest features.

Some Trek Bikes are Manufactured in the US

The labor cost per hour in the US is higher than in other countries, so American manufacturing businesses outsource work from other countries, predominantly Asian nations. Trek company headquarters has been in Waterloo since the firm made a name for itself.

Before moving most of its activities to Asia and Europe, the Trek factory produced bikes in their Waterloo factory.

They produced bikes manually, from cutting to assembling bicycles. Many people know that Trek does not make most of their bikes in the US, but some are compelled to buy American-made Trek bikes, no matter the cost.

Trek is well aware that some people are okay spending an extra dollar to have a ‘made in the USA’ bike.

High-end models such as the Emonda are produced in the US. The Emonda series is what professional racers use. Trek claims that Emonda is the lightest bike ever.

But do they also make mountain bikes in the US? A high-end full suspension mountain bike range and a tandem brand are also made in the USA. T

herefore, the majority of Trek’s domestic manufacturing happens in Waterloo. All Trek bikes built in the US are inscribed with “Handbuilt in the United States.”

What About Bontrager?

Trek bikes use Bontrager components. The bars, stems, wheels, seat post, saddle, grips, bottle holders, bottles, hubs, and much more are branded Bontrager.

Bontrager started in 1979 with the first build, a road bike. Founded by Keith Bontrager, The company was also attracted to mountain bikes, and in 1980, they built their first mountain bike frame.

Trek acquired Bontrager late in the 90s, and it’s been part and parcel of Trek’s vision to provide riders with quality bikes.

Keith still works at Trek Bikes and is helping develop innovative and high-quality components and accessories.

Whether you decide to upgrade or replace your Bontrager parts, you can be guaranteed that your next ride will feel better than your last.

And not just the components and the accessories. Bontrager also manufactures apparel like T-shirts, jerseys, shoes, helmets, and bike tires.

The products are manufactured in Taiwan and Netherlands, primarily before they are shipped to various Trek facilities worldwide.

Wrapping Up

Trek is one of the few bike companies that have been growing rapidly, and it’s obvious.

The quality of their bikes speaks on the company’s behalf. The company has a beautiful history. If you want a bike made in the USA, you can get it from them.

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