Niner Bike Reviews: Best Bikes, After Sales, Warranty, Etc.

Niner Bike Reviews for 2021

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Confused about which Niner bike is best for you? Wondering if they have world-class customer support?

In this detailed review, we take a look at the best Niner bikes and other aspects after testing and trying various bikes over 6 months.

Niner Mountain Bikes History

Niner rose to fame in 2005 through two gentlemen with an extreme love for modern bikes with large wheels. Chris Sugai and Steve Domahidy are the founders of the company.

The company manufactured 29″ mountain bikes at its headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. That’s where the name Niner must have been crafted by Chris Sugai.

The 29er mountain bikes became popular in the late 2000s. Most cyclists were aspiring to have one of them in their garages.

Niner rode on the demand, and by 2011, Forbes has recognized Niner as one of the American brands with a promising future.

The company is now owned by Hong-Kong based UWHK Ltd since 2018, but the bike frames remain great.  

Niner Mountain Bikes

1. Niner SIR 9

Niner SIR 9


  • Fork: 120 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • MTB Type: Hardtail XC Bike

Niner’s bike design is no joke, and they are all designed to perfection and to suit your daily riding habits.

One of the hardtails that impressed me profoundly is the SIR 9. Niner must have brought its most insightful and productive team to come up with one of the best-performing steel bikes in the market, though it doesn’t have the internal cable routing.

The SIR 9 proves that steel bikes still rock, and they won’t be going any time soon. The bike is built with air-hardened and heat-treated Reynolds 853 steel to become a robust bike for riders, that can take even a challenging jump and remain intact.

Steels are usually heavy, but Niner SIR 9 is as light as an ostrich feather!   The SIR 9 comes with a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork with 120 mm travel. It can be rare to get such an Italian treat on the front.

The most expensive models in the line come with FOX 34 forks. There are four SIR 9 models available.

The first one is SIR 2-STAR which comes with the Bomber forks and SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain.

3-STAR and 4-STAR come with Shimano XT drivetrains and hydraulic disc brakes, with less than a $900 price difference.

The most expensive model in the pack, the 5-STAR comes with an SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain.  

This is the XC hardtail bike to buy if you are looking for a bike-packing rig with double bottle mounts. You can change from 29” to 27.5” wheels with zero worries.

If you are looking for an XC bike to hit the trails hard and your budget can only afford you a hardtail, then the SIR 9 can be a good choice.

It’s a great climber but not as forgiving on descents.  

2. Niner AIR 9 RDO  


  • Fork: 100 mm/120 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Aluminum/Carbon
  • MTB Type: Hardtail XC Bike

Immediately I got off the SIR 9, I walked a few steps and excitedly held Niner AIR 9’s bars and felt like it was taking an eternity to take it for a spin.

I couldn’t waste another second. The AIR is considered one of the most durable models, though I could not confirm that due to the limited experience I had with the model.

It’s also one of the most affordable bikes Niner has, and surprisingly, you can race trail with it, provided it’s a hardtail-only race.   “As tough as a trail bike and as agile as a cross-country rig,” that’s how most riders refer to the Niner AIR 9.

A wide tire clearance, progressive geometry, and advanced carbon or aluminum tubing are just some of the features of this bike. The cheapest bike in the series, the AIR 2-STARS, comes with an aluminum frame, an SRAM SX Eagle, and a Marzocchi Bomber fork.

The other four models, namely the 3-STAR, 4-STAR, and two 5-STAR options, come with carbon frames and FOX 32 forks.  

The bikes come with SRAM Eagle, Shimano XT, or SRAM X01 drivetrains. This is the trail or XC bike to own if you fancy a capable bike that will astonish other riders.

It’s a great bike to ride on smooth trails and not so enjoyable to ride on technical terrain. It’s a pretty great climber too and can hold two bottle cages. Moreover, you can downgrade to 27.5 wheels and take the wider ones.      

3. Niner ROS9+

Niner ROS9+


  • Forks: Rigid
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • MTB Type: Hardtail Fat Bike

The Niner ROS 9 Plus is a unique fat bike. The Chromoly steel-built bike comes with a rigid fork with shorter legs.

However, the bike doesn’t limit you from upgrading to a suspension fork. You can use Manitou or RockShox Bluto, and it will cushion the bumps way better.

The good thing about fat bikes is that they are all-season bikes. You can ride on snow, mud, sand, and ice with zero worries.

Fat bikes are more versatile than any other MTBs, though not fast. The ROS9 Plus is everything you want in a fat bike with exceptional bike handling abilities.  

The fat bike comes with an SRAM x1 drivetrain and Shimano Deore powerful hydraulic brakes. They can fit up to 29×3.0” tires which are awesomely big to let you ride at peace no matter the harsh weather.

There’s a single-speed alternative. The ROS is the bike to buy if you want to have at least one fat bike in your garage.

Unfortunately, only a few models were built and sold out. You’ll never see one on Niner’s homepage.

However, you can buy this rare bike from its owners if you use the internet well. Try your luck!      

4. Niner RKT 9 RDO 29

Niner RKT 9 RDO 29


  • Forks: 120 mm Travel
  • Shock: 90 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension XC Bike

Never bring your knife to a gunfight, but they didn’t say you should not come with a bike. The Niner RKT 9 RDO 29 turns the mood to a dust-fight, as long as you have the route.

This full-suspension XC-ready bike is one to admire. It’s kind on your hands and bum and has strong wheels.

You also get a sturdy FOX 34 suspension fork with 120 mm of travel. The RKT is the short form of “rocket,” which tells you how fast the trees will be going in the opposite direction.

The RKT 9 RS is even more trail-capable and aggressive with 100 mm of travel.   With the slacker head angle and steeper seat angle, the bike maneuvers like a flash stream and finds a way where there’s none.

Both the RDO and the RS version come with 90 mm of travel in the rear, and it’s uniquely lightweight and ready for whatever nature lays on its path, aided by the Niner’s popular suspension technology, the CVA.

The models are available up to the 5-STSR, which comes with the SRAM X01 ZXS drivetrain.   This is the trail bike to own if you are starting in the XC scene and also learning to ride a full-Susser.

You can also attempt some trail riding with the bike and find your strengths on different terrains.

The RKT is an effective climber and a gifted descender. Whether you prefer it in grey/orange or carbon black/magnetic grey combination, it’s but your choice. Whatever color you take, the bike will take over your soul.      

5. Niner RIP 9 RDO 29”

Niner RIP 9 RDO 29”


  • Fork: 150 mm Travel
  • Shock: 140 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”/29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Trail Bike

Niner’s bike quiver killer is the RIP 9 RDO 29” which is a premium trail bike with modern trail geometry. Not only does the RIP comes with a CVA-controlled suspension, but it also features a light carbon fiber frame that makes it one of the most lightweight trail bikes around.

If RIP doesn’t mean a ripper, then it probably means tears and sadness for other racers on the track.

All the features packed in the bike make it longer, with a slack geometry, and playful on rough terrain.

Niner’s CVA-controlled suspension headlines the bike all the way, and interestingly, you can run 27.5” or 29er wheels, depending on your mood.  

RIP comes with 140 mm of travel rear suspension and 150 mm travel in the front, a combination of FOX 36 Float fork and shock to cushion all the rocks in your path.

For the geometry, you can tune it with the help of the flip-chip, and it’s a versatile machine that can ride on the trail and cross country in a flash.

The bike also takes a 170 mm dropper post so that you don’t have to come off the bike to lower your seat before descending.

The bike also features an SRAM SX Eagle or Shimano XT drivetrain. Available in three colorways, namely Baja Blue/Silver, Satin Carbon, and Santa Fe Sand, and five choices, the RIP is going to be your favorite trail bike.

I’m affectionate when it comes to trail bikes, and I know which bike is a no-go zone for me. I’m sure it’s not the RIP as it has been one of the most impressive bikes I’ve ever ridden.

This is an ideal trail bike if you are looking for a bike that’s forgiving on descents and is more enjoyable on technical terrain. With the press of the flip-chip button, the bike can climb hills efficiently but fast enough.      

6. Niner JET 29 RDO

Niner JET 29 RDO


  • Fork: 130 mm Travel
  • Shock: 120 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”+/29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension XC Bike

If you are searching for a versatile bike in the Niner catalog, it’s no other but the JET 29 RDO. It’s a bike you can ride on a trail, cross country, fun ride, commute, and do anything you want to do with it as long as it pertains to riding.

It’s a full Susser that can cross rivers, climb hills, and cruise in the streets. Besides, you can race against other riders in an event and show them how serious your JET is.

The secret is in the name, only that the JET is fast on the ground, but it can also give you some airtime in the bike park.

Leading in the set of features are the patented CVA suspension and internal routing, making the bike adjustable according to the rider’s preferences.  

JET 9’s RDO carbon fiber construction is the second headliner for the bike as it’s light yet strong enough to withstand any fall.

The bike comes with 29er wheels, but it can also run 27.5” wheels. It also includes a FOX 34 float fork and rear shock, 130 mm front and 120 mm rear suspension travel.

Apparently, the JET is Niner’s most popular bike and a model that has sold out severally. It comes in five different options with Shimano XT, SRAM SX Eagle, and SRAM X01 AXS drivetrains.

Many cyclists praise the JET for its lightweight and playfulness on a gnarly trail.   The Niner JET is a terrific bike worth every dollar spent on it.

It’s the model to go for if you are looking for an all-rounded and able bike that will turn heads. If you would like to stand out on the climbs and the descends, you can achieve your dreams with the Niner JET.

It’s the bike that Niner’s sponsored athletes use in the XC races. Some riders use the bike for enduro racing. You can upgrade the forks to a 160 mm travel for a better experience racing enduro.      

7. Niner WFO 9 RDO

Niner WFO 9 RDO


  • Fork: 180 mm Travel
  • Shock: 170 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Enduro Bike

WFO means Wide, Full Open, an innovative suspension design. Deep in my heart, I wished they would have called it UFO, but here comes an enduro bike that was long forgotten, and riders were slowly making peace with the reality that the WFO was just gone.

Niner decided to return it, and it came bigger and hungrier for the enduro terrain. The only similarity between the old and the 2021 WFO is the wide, full open frame and the logo on the frame.

The geometry has been tweaked to fit your riding style, and the model is unbowed. Enduro bikes are built to run downhill fast, just like the DH bikes, and the Niner WFO is just the bike that blends both disciplines.  

The WFO 9 RDO can be your daily dose of happiness, or you can take one shot every weekend. That’s alright, but remember it’s a bike built for the most challenging terrain without compromising the speed.

With the 29er wheels, the bike is capable of running over obstacles. You’ll have no excuse for not beating the clock.

The WFO comes with the Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension system and an SRAM SX Eagle or Shimano XT drivetrain to offer you the most comfortable ride.  

If you are an avid enduro rider, don’t mind spending a lot of money on a bike, and you want a bike to race with during the next enduro event, why not take the WFO 9 RDO?

It’s the bike that will give you all the confidence to ride against the world’s champions and hopefully put you on the podium.

This is definitely your type of bike if you want the most forgiving bike on descents. You can race it downhill.  

Niner Bikes Warranty

 Niner Bikes believe in the quality of their bikes, but they are also aware that some bikes may have some issues which can be fixed.

Niner is one of the companies that offer a lifetime warranty for their bikes. However, the warranty only covers defective parts or components.

It doesn’t cover damages due to crashing or scratches on the frame.  

All Niner frames purchased after September 1, 2019, get a lifetime warranty which only applies to the original owner.

To qualify for the warranty cover, the owner must register the bike on the website as soon as they purchase a bike.  

The warranty does not cover components such as wheels, brakes, suspension components, seta posts, handlebars, and stems.

The components are covered by their respective manufacturers. Niner branded components are covered in a separate warranty.  

After-Sale Service

Niner does have a help center where you can engage them for any queries you may have. They also have a FAQ section with questions from other bike owners that you may be trying to find answers to.

Kindly check with the authorized Niner dealer if you have more serious issues, and they’ll assist you.  

Final Thoughts

Niner bikes come in a wider range, as you have seen, and they are fantastic if you ride them.

Unfortunately, they no longer manufacture downhill bikes Get your favorite bike and experience the heavenly feeling of riding it.

We are always ready to help with anything.  

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