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If you are confused between 4-5 different MTB models and are looking for some help deciding which bike best fits your budget or needs, you’ll find all the support needed here.

Our writers like Robbie and Amy have first-hand experience with MTBs and other bikes and have 1000+ hours of combined riding time.

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You’ll also find our top 10 picks for various categories like full-suspension bikes, hardtail MTBs, etc.

Plus, there are other knowledge-based articles like how long your bike lasts and how to take care of it, average speeds of riders by age, how long it takes a rider to ride 5 miles, etc.

15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2021

15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes for 2023

Looking for the best electric mountain bike? You are in the right place. We tested 25+ electric MTBs over the last 6 months for durability, comfort, battery life, performance on ascents and descents, etc. from

Advantage of Fat Tire Bikes Over Regular Tires

What is the Advantage of a Fat Tire Mountain Bike?

We all love attention and standing out. If you are like me, you will want to impress those corner boys with an out-of-this-world bike that makes their mountain bikes look like babies.  That’s exactly what

What is Cross Country Mountain Biking

What is Cross Country (XC) Mountain Biking?

You may be wondering, what is cross country mountain biking? It is a type of mountain bike racing that’s designed for travel over moderate to difficult terrain. There are three main types of cross-country bike

How To Pack A Mountain Bike In A Box

How To Pack A Mountain Bike In A Box

Few things are as daunting as packing for a mountain biking trip. When you’re faced with all the equipment and think about how much space it will take up, well, there’s just not enough room

Do They Still Make 26 Inch Mountain Bikes

Do They Still Make 26 Inch Mountain Bikes?

You may have noticed fewer and fewer 26-inch mountain bikes on the roads in the recent past. Question is, do they still make 26 Inch mountain bikes? Has the bike industry abandoned this old darling