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If you are confused between 4-5 different MTB models and are looking for some help deciding which bike best fits your budget or needs, you’ll find all the support needed here.

Our writers like Robbie and Amy have first-hand experience with MTBs and other bikes and have 1000+ hours of combined riding time.

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Plus, there are other knowledge-based articles like how long your bike lasts and how to take care of it, average speeds of riders by age, how long it takes a rider to ride 5 miles, etc.

Best Downhill Mountain Bikes

Best Downhill Mountain Bikes For 2022

Wondering which downhill mountain bike you should choose as your partner? After testing over 15+ bikes over the last five months, we picked five MTBs worth your money in 2022. So let’s jump straight to

How fast can you go with a mountain bike

How Fast Does a Mountain Bike Go?

How fast can my mountain bike go? If you too are wondering that question then you are in the right place. Size, bike gears, type of the bike, trail conditions, and weather conditions are some

Does the Inner Tube Size Have to Match the Tire?

Does the Inner Tube Size Have to Match the Tire?

The simple answer is “no, it doesn’t.” Let us look at some more information about inner tubes and why there are different sizes. This will help us to understand the reasoning behind this answer better.

What Is Enduro Mountain Bike Racing?

What Is Enduro Mountain Bike Racing?

Enduro was started by a group of friends in France. Since then, the sport has evolved to what it is right now. It’s an international event with fans and athletes from all over the world.

15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2021

15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes for 2022

Looking for the best electric mountain bike? You are in the right place. We tested 25+ electric MTBs over the last 6 months for durability, comfort, battery life, performance on ascents and descents, etc. from