Single Wall Rims Vs Double Wall Rims: Which Is Better And Why

Single Wall Rims Vs Double Wall Rims: Which Is Better And Why

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Mountain bikes are known for their two primary rims: single-wall rims and double-wall rims. There is a significant difference between both, and it’s essential to know which one works best for you when getting your bike.

Most of the time, entry-level bikes feature a single wall rim with only one chamber. They are more affordable and don’t usually have a lot of strength because of how light they are.

On the other hand, there are mountain bikes with double-wall rims, which you can recognize if you see two layers of rim through the valve stem hole. It has two chambers and is usually strong, making them heavy. With the double-wall rims, you can ride on more challenging terrains with your mountain bike.

This guide will explore the difference between single-wall rims and double-wall rims.

Single Wall Rims Or Double Wall Rims For MTBs

A little more about the pros and cons of each type of rim.

Single Wall Rims

Single-wall rims are usually the first choice for those making a beater bike, and for different reasons. But there are also some downsides to consider, which we will explore below.

What Are Single Wall Rims?

A single wall rim features a spoke bed with one chamber, layer, or wall. The spoke bed is a part of the rim that connects the spokes to the thread-on nipples. Because of the single layer, there isn’t a lot of strength with these wall rims, making them lighter. Your riding level will determine whether a single wall rim is ideal for your mountain bike.

Single Walled Rims For Bikes
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Advantages of Single-Wall Rims

Affordable and Lighter

Many mountain bike riders look for single-wall trims because of their affordability. If you’re working with a budget but still want good fat bike rims, you can go for the single-wall rims. They help you build your beater bike without breaking the bank.

Better Opening to Rim Nipples

Single-wall rims don’t have a cavity, making it convenient to get to the nipples. The ends sit on the rim bed, so you can’t even lose a nipple when using this rim. This also makes it more convenient to lace a single wall rim as long as you have a nipple driver and other essential tools.

Disadvantages of Single-Wall Rims

Weight Equals Strength

This doesn’t mean that a single wall rim is weak, only that it’s weaker than a double-wall rim. You’ll need to consider whether you’re interested in extreme riding before purchasing a single wall rim, although some with up to 48 spokes take a lot of punishment. 

If you want to make a single-wall rim as strong as a double-wall, you need to make it thicker, and this will make it heavier. In this case, it would be better to get a double-wall rim instead.

High Chance of Getting Internal Flats

Although the spoke threads shouldn’t be visible, this doesn’t always happen with the single-wall rims. The nipples are right on top of the spoke bed, so the spoke can protrude through the nipple when there is a tiny indent in the rim. This can cause it to damage the interior tube.

Short Lifespan and Low Availability

A single-wall rim has a shorter lifespan than the double-wall if both have the same quality. Although it saves you money in the initial purchase, you might have to repurchase it, making the overall cost similar to what you spend on a double wall. Also, top-quality single-wall rims are scarce and difficult to find.

Double Wall Rims

Double Walled Tire Rims for Bikes
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What Are Double Wall Rims?

The spoke bed on a double-wall rim has two layers or walls, making it thicker. A top-quality double-wall rim offers excellent strength to weight ratio, with the rim consisting of two chambers. You can recognize a double-wall rim by looking through the valve stem hole.

If you see two layers of the rim, it makes it a double wall. Double-wall rims are usually found in mid-to-pro level bikes and provide better performance than the single-wall alternatives. Double-wall rims are ideal for street riding and other levels of riding.

Advantages of Double Wall Rims


Even when using the same materials for making the double-wall and a single-wall rim, the former is stronger than the latter. Since double-wall rims have a second wall that supports the rim, it is ideal for riding off-road.

Low Chance of Getting Internal Flats

Since the nipples on a single-wall trim stick out, there is a high chance of it flattening your tire. But this isn’t the case for a double-wall rim since two layers cover the nipples. A double-wall rim also has more tolerance because of the cavity standing in the middle of two layers.

Disadvantages of Double Wall Rims

High Price

The main downside of getting a double wall rim is the price. Since its building process is complicated and offers better quality, it’s not surprising that the double-wall rim is more expensive than a single wall. 

This is why bikes with double-wall rims are more expensive than those with single-wall rims. Although, you should keep in mind that double-wall rims last longer, offering cost-effectiveness.

Difficult Access to Nipples

It’s challenging to access nipples on a double-wall rim than with a single wall because the nipples and spoke eyelets come in a cavity in the middle of two layers. Because of this, it’s possible to lose a nipple inside the rim, and it’s tough to take it out.

What About Triple Wall Rims?

There are also triple wall rims, although these are very expensive and heavy and give you more than enough strength for extreme riding conditions. While many riders need double-wall rims, only a few who ride the roughest terrains need a triple-wall rim.

While triple wall rims might not be the most robust rims available, you can use them for a long time. They also require a lot of riding strength as they are heavy and expensive, which are downsides you’ll have to overcome.


How should I seal a rim together?

There are two ways to seal a rim together: pinned and welded rims. Pinned rims are more affordable, but this also makes them less durable. They are ideal for single-wall rims. On the other hand, welded rims are much better to keep the rim together and are in top-quality mountain bikes.

How many spokes does a rim have?

A rim can have 36 or 48 holes, depending on the type. The most common is the 36-hole rim, as they are cheaper to build since they have fewer spokes and are lighter. But they are also weaker than a 48-hole rim. The 48-hole rim is known for its strength and is also heavy.

How do I determine which rim I need?

The rim you choose depends on your preference and the riding you’ll be doing. Beginners will do best with a single-wall rim, although a double-wall rim is best if they plan to upgrade. But advanced riders should check out a double-wall rim or a triple-wall rim instead.


Regardless of the single-wall or double-wall rim you choose, ensure it’s something that matches your level of riding so that the spoke doesn’t blow up while riding. 

Think about your riding level and your needs before purchasing one. But if you’re thinking about a rim for long-lasting use, then go for a double-wall rim. If you can’t afford it, choose a single-wall rim instead and have fun while you ride.

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