10 Mountain Bike Trails in San Diego You DO Not Want To Miss Out On


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Being one of the most popular cities of California, San Diego is full of enticing and scenic trails that could help riders enjoy their ride vividly.

With that said, we are here today to explore the top 10 mountain bike trails in San Diego to help our fellow MTB bikers choose an ideal track for themselves.

The list contains trails suitable for riders of all skills as we have added a variety of tracks that could cater to the needs of beginners and intermediates.

Let’s have a sneak-peek into them, without any further ado:

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Trails in San Diego

North Fortuna Mountain Trail

Fortuna Mountain Bike Trail
Credits: Fundiegofamily
  • Length: 6.20 miles
  • Est. riding time: 1 hour
  • Helpline numbers: (619) 668-3281
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

Covering the peaks of both South and North Fortuna, this mountain bike trail is undoubtedly the best opportunity for riders to test their stamina and biking skills.

Fortuna Mountain Trail is only 6.20 miles long, but considering the elevation and narrow tight spots, it will take you around one hour to cover it. 

That’s when you are riding your bike at an average speed of 15mph. Moreover, the trail is suitable not only for mountain biking but hiking and trail running at the same time. 

You will bump into many people on your way to complete the trail. Therefore, we recommend not going there on weekends, especially if you are not fond of crowded places.

On the other hand, the trail is a loop and could be covered both clockwise and counterclockwise. The clockwise direction requires you to climb the North Fortuna peak followed by a descent on South Fortuna.

Similarly, the counterclockwise will require you to climb the stairs of South Fortuna with a downhill of North Fortuna. Regardless of what direction you choose, you will surely enjoy the scenic views of the area while you hit this trail.

Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail

Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail
Credit: TripAdvisor
  • Length: 6.2 miles
  • Est. riding time: 1 hour
  • Helpline numbers: (858) 538-8066
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

One of the most accessible mountain bike trails out there, the Los Penasquitos Canyon is an easy-to-access loop track that’s packed with netizens during the weekends.

As far as the trail is concerned, it has a length of around 10 kilometers which rounds it up to 6.2 miles. The path is suitable for beginners and intermediates as it would take them no more than one hour to complete it.

Los Penasquitos offers scenic views, a waterfall, and moderate weather for riders to enjoy. Moreover, dogs are also allowed on this trail, but make sure that you keep them leashed to avoid any problem in the way.

The trail is only 30 minutes away from San Diego downtown. Plus, the good thing is that it. Located in the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, it comprises many singletrack terrains full of obstacles and hindrances.

If you want to visit the place with your family, better choose this trail as it’s mostly flat and offers no significant obstacles on the way. You could hit the single-lane trails while you visit the place.

Not to mention, there’s a parking fee of $3 should if you want to park your vehicle after arriving at the location.

Lake Hodges Mountain Biking Trail

Lake Hodges Mountain Biking Trail in San Diego
Credit: u/safetynobear on Reddit
  • Length: 14 miles
  • Est. riding time: 56 minutes
  • Helpline numbers: N/A
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

Placed at #25 out of the 1002 mountain bike trails in California according to info offered by Single Tracks, Lake Hodges is a beginner MTB trail full of climbs and descents.

Compared to the other two trails discussed above, the lake is not too crowded. Moreover, once you get to this destination, you can make your path or follow the usual track footprints as per your preferences.

We’d recommend that you take the first climb followed by one mile of biking that will lead you straight into the descent and singletrack woods.

The woods will welcome you with rocks, ruts, roots, and other obstacles that you’ll need to tackle while maintaining a consistent average speed.

Although Lack Hodges is 14 miles long, with no crowd and an average speed of 15mph, a biker will take no more than 56 minutes to cover it. The place also offers a good camping site near the lake, so we’d suggest you get onto it during the weekends to get the gist of the trail.

Tecolote Canyon Trail

Tecolote Canyon Trail in San Diego
Credit: Bring Fido
  • Length: 6 miles
  • Est. riding time: 35 minutes
  • Helpline numbers: (858) 581-9944
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

One thing that is pretty much common about MTB trails is that the more easily accessible they are, the more crowded.

The same is the case with the Tecolote Canyon Trail, where you’ll find plenty of crowd on the weekends. Though it does not feature any significant obstacles, it’s a moderate trail.

10km long that rounds it up to about 6 miles, this trail is not available in a loop, and you will not come back the same route after completing it. It’s more of an Out and Back trail.

Well, as you ride your way on the trail, the terrain will remain flat. However, some steep inclines are there, and you’ll need to climb them to complete Tecolote Canyon.

In addition to that, we’d suggest that you keep sunblock and enough water for hydration with yourself. That’s because, on a crowded day, it will take you about 35 minutes to complete this route.

Idyllwild Park Trail

Idyllwild Park Trail for Mountain Bikers
Credits: TripAdvisor
  • Length: 2.5 miles
  • Est. riding time: 1 hour
  • Helpline numbers: (951) 659-2656
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

Idyllwild Park Trail is usually a trail known for hiking only. Sources like All Trails have termed it an “easy” route for hikers.

However, the same route becomes advanced when it comes to mountain biking. It will test your patience, stamina, skills, and girth to complete a track that has a length of no more than 2.5 miles.

Sharp edges, rocks, narrow tracks, and bushy surfaces will welcome you as you cruise your way towards Idyllwild Park Trail. Besides that, we would not recommend you hit this trail, especially if you are starting as a mountain biker.

Idyllwild Park Trail is an Out and Back terrain, so we recommend you keep ample water supply with yourself.

Once you reach the highest incline point, stay over there to gaze at the beautiful green mountains of San Diego County. Take some time to rest and start fresh with the decline while you are on your way back from the park.

Sunset Cliffs Trail

Sunset Cliffs Trail in San Diego
Credits: Great Runs
  • Length: 2.4 miles
  • Est. riding time: 15 minutes
  • Helpline numbers: (858) 581-9982
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

Want to enjoy the sunset on the seashore while you ride your bike on the sandy terrain? If that’s what you want, pack your gear and head towards the Sunset Cliffs trail as soon as possible.

There are some restrictions about visiting the place, such as limited active hours or not allowing the dogs in there, which is a plus point for MTB riders who want to avoid crowded places.

The Cliffs Trail categorizes as “Out and Back.” This means you will need to follow the same route to get back to the trailhead. In addition to that, it’s only 2.4 miles long, so we recommend keeping a slow speed to enjoy the sunset as well as the seashore.

It will take you no more than 15 minutes to complete this trail. You can also cruise through the sandy beach, but make sure you hit the area during the daytime.

Other than that, many reviewers have said that Cliffs Trail is exceptionally foggy in the morning. So until and unless you are interested in riding in foggy conditions, we recommend that you arrive here in the afternoon.

Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon Trail for MTB Riders
Credits: AZ Central
  • Length: 15 miles
  • Est. riding time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Helpline numbers: (858) 513-4737
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

Sycamore Canyon is one of the most challenging mountain bike trails in San Diego, with an Out and Back configuration. The trail will welcome you with dirt, dryness, rocks, and sandy terrains.

Starting with the obvious, Sycamore Canyon is about 15 miles long, which means it will take an average biker to complete it in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The trail is full of bumps, obstacles, inclines, drops, and high falls. You will undoubtedly enjoy cruising your bike over there.

While you head towards the trailhead, we should warn you about Martha Grove’s restricted territory. Make sure you avoid it.

We’d suggest that you wear a full-face biking helmet to avoid any facial or skull damage as a goodwill gesture. Moreover, do not overpack your bike, as you will need to climb the elevation on your way.

Cowles Mountain

Cowles Mountain Trail For MTB Riders
Credits: The Last Adventurer
  • Length: 2.2 miles
  • Est. riding time: 15 minutes
  • Helpline numbers: (619) 668-3281
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

Another mountain bike trail that would intrigue many bikers is Cowles Mountain, which offers a twisted singletrack terrain and is not too crowded.

The trail is not too long, covering a length of only 3.7km that roughly makes it to about 2.2 miles. It would take you not much longer to complete it.

Cowles Mountain is known for offering scenic views. The highest inclination park on the mountain will show you the whole of SD County in a rather aesthetic way.

Talking of the track, it’s not too harsh for bikers as they can cruise their way through it rather conveniently. After you reach the inclination point, there’s a downhill where you can test your bike control skills as well.

Rest, many hikers and professional bikers call Cowles Mountain a perfect way of bike workout. Going through it once in a while will improve your physique and help maintain your stamina in the long run.

Many hikers have called the trail too steep, but that’s the beauty of Cowles Mountain. Go there with enough water supply to keep yourself hydrated.

We’d also recommend you wear proper biking shoes with an open-face helmet to enjoy your ride there in the best possible way.

Anderson Truck Trail

Anderson Truck Train For MTB Riders
Credits: Flickr
  • Length: 7 miles
  • Est. riding time: 45 minutes
  • Helpline numbers: N/A
  • Restaurants: N/A
  • Hotels: Yes

Fast and pacy, Anderson Truck Trail will test your physique and your mountain bike to its core.

The trail has only a one-way configuration, so you’ll need to cover it twice. The length is about 7 miles which means you can cover it in about 45 minutes with a steady 10 to 12mph speed.

Anderson Truck Trail isn’t for the faint-hearted. It will welcome you with a steep incline followed by a quick descent. You’ll need to tackle harsh obstacles such as rocks, ruts, roots, and many other hindrances on the way.

But after you get to the highest elevation point, you’ll realize that every obstacle you face on the way to arrive here is worth it. You will enjoy the lush mountains full of greenery with the bluest sky on your head.

Black Mountain

Black Mountain MTB Trail
Credits: AFAR Magazine
  • Length: 6.4 miles
  • Est. riding time: 1 hour
  • Helpline numbers: (858) 538-8082
  • Restaurants: Yes
  • Hotels: Yes

Last but not least is the Black Mountain trail. You can access this trail via the Nighthawk trail and the Miner’s Ridge Trail loop.

It measures.4 miles but takes about an hour to complete as it’s pretty challenging. Riders will require to completely gear up for the adventure before they hit the Black Mountain.

Many bikers and hikers on All Trails have appreciated the maintenance of the trail. Besides, there’s less crowd which means you won’t have any problem soaking in all the scenic beauty around you. 

Mountain Bike Parks in San Diego, California

Sweetwater Bike Park

Sweetwater Bike Park in San Diego
Credits: Bike Magazine

Managed and maintained by SDMBA, the Sweetwater Bike Park is one of the finest attractions located in San Diego. Located on the San Miguel Road, the bike park contains three pump tracks, a tiny tot track, two flow trails, wooden ridges, and much more.

Give this bike a visit, and if you like it, you can donate your share as a biker to the SDMBA for their efforts.

Greg Cox Bike Park

Greg Cox Bike Park in San Diego
Credits: San Diego Mountain Biking Association

Opened back in April 2021, the Greg Cox bike park offers netizens living in San Diego opportunities to improve their biking skills.

The bike park is also managed and well-maintained by the SDMBA. The bike park is home to a kid track, pump track, two jump lines followed by a modular return trail.

You can visit the park anytime you want and get to enhance your skills before hitting the actual mountain bike trails in San Diego.

Pacific Highlands Ranch Pumptrack Park

Pacific Highlands Ranch Pumptrack Park In San Diego
Credits: Chris Powell

The park opened back in 2019 and was built initially by the Padre Homes. However, managing it now is the City of San Diego. The Pumptrack could be an ideal choice for you to enjoy riding and improve your biking skills over there.

Located on the Village Center Loop Road in San Diego, you can quickly get to this trail without worries.

Mission Bay Bike Park

Mission Bay Bike Park In San Diego
Credits: San Diego Tourism

The Mission Bay Bike Park is a relaxing place with positive vibes, receiving positive customer feedback from the locales. You can visit this park to ride your bike while going through the scenic views.

Bikes are available for rent as well. The good thing is that Mission Bay Bike Park allows dogs but make sure that they are on a leash to avoid any nuisance.

Otay Village Regional Park

Otay Village Regional Park
Credits: SDParks

The Otay Village Regional Park has covered a space of 200 acres, and it offers around 8 miles of hiking, biking, and running trails. It’s one of the outdoor attractions with a touch of wildlife and nature to help the bikers enjoy their ride on their MTB bikes.

MTB Clubs and Groups to Join for a Ride in San Diego

SDMBA, aka San Diego Mountain Biking Authority, is the most prominent local club situated in San Diego and constantly works towards the growth of the biking community.

The organization manages multiple trails and parks with the honorable mention of Sweetwater Bike Park, which contains many resources to be utilized by the bikers.

Moreover, it has raised about $10,000 to maintain the trails and parks available in San Diego.  You can join the club at: https://www.sdmba.com/.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is San Diego good for biking?

San Diego contains multiple mountain bike trails and some of the best biking parks in California. The weather could be challenging, but you can use sunblock to protect yourself. 

That said, SD County offers a plethora of scenic views for riders to enjoy, and we do consider that it’s one of the best places for biking in California.

How long is the Coastal Rail Trail?

Coastal Rail Trail runs between Oceanside and Santa Fe Depot and is about 44 miles long. The distance is long enough, and it would take you about 3 hours at a steady speed of 15 miles per hour to cover the trail.

Is La-Jolla bike-friendly?

La-Jolla used to be a bike-friendly place, but currently, the netizens are backpedaling due to the lack of resources. 

Melinda Mayweather, a community activist who has biked for the past 40 years in La-Jolla, shares her views, “We are not a bike-friendly place at all.” With that said, we do not recommend hitting La-Jolla not until the government authorizes it.

What is the most challenging MTB trail in the world?

It’s difficult to list only one trail that’s the hardest. However, it’s biking through the Yungas Road that’s pretty challenging. Due to the horrors and difficulties it causes, it’s also termed the “Death Road” by the mountain biking communities.

Final Takeaways:

Mountain bike trails in San Diego are well-maintained, thanks to the County’s efforts and the San Diego Mountain Bike Authority. The tracks are shorter and easy to complete compared to other states and cities of the United States.

Moreover, the weather conditions will compel you to put on sunblock before heading towards any trail. Go through the list of each trail and choose the one that sounds the most interesting to you, followed by the bike parks.

For taking part in recreational activities, join SDMBA as it’s the most significant local club in the County.

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