Can Biking Cause Hemorrhoids: Here’s What You Need To Know

Can Biking Cause Hemrrhoids? Here's Your Amswer

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Cyclists, who experience hemorrhoids may wonder, “Can biking cause hemorrhoids?” The simple answer is no. Hemorrhoids are not caused by biking.

Your bike seat may not be the most comfortable for your bottom, but it cannot directly cause hemorrhoids, even if you are riding without chamois.

This article covers how biking can irritate hemorrhoids. It also looks at what you can do to recover from hemorrhoids to get back to cycling asap. 

How Does Cycling Affect Hemorrhoids?

Cycling may not directly cause hemorrhoids, but it can irritate them. Your position on your bike seat, the pressure from riding a bike, and friction from riding can cause them to worsen from riding. This can lead to a longer recovery time from hemorrhoids and overall discomfort.

When cycling, you sit on a bike saddle most of the time. Sitting on your bike seat restricts blood flow to the anal area of your body. When blood flow is limited to the anal region, hemorrhoids can worsen. 

Your saddle position can place pressure on some areas of your bum more than others. If you are trying to ride with hemorrhoids and your saddle places pressure on your anal region, you will want to adjust your seat to a more comfortable position. 

Sitting for long periods where friction can occur in your movements is not advised for those recovering from hemorrhoids. If you want to cycle through hemorrhoids, it’s suggested that you keep your rides short until your body heals. This will prevent you from worsening your condition or causing your hemorrhoids to itch and bleed. 

How Can You Prevent Hemorrhoids?

You can avoid hemorrhoids. If your body is prone to developing them, medical professionals suggest many steps to reduce your chances of getting them. 

Medical professionals agree that eating high-fiber diets and drinking plenty of fluids is a great way to avoid hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are associated with constipation. By eating more fibrous foods and taking fiber supplements, you will likely have to poop more often and can do so more easily. Increasing your fluid intake of water keeps your body regular, too. 

Regular exercise and avoiding long periods of sitting can also help you prevent hemorrhoids. If you work at a desk all day, take frequent breaks to walk throughout your day. Incorporating exercise into your life can also help prevent hemorrhoids. 

If you like to ride your bike, make sure you take the time to do it a few times a week, as it is a great way to prevent hemorrhoids! But make your bike seat more comfortable as a bad saddle can aggravate hemorrhoids after recovery or even cause chaffing and soreness.

Overall, a healthy diet with plenty of fiber, staying hydrated, and moving are steps you can take to prevent hemorrhoids. 

What Can You Do To Recover From Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can be very painful. Sometimes you may need to see a doctor to treat them. In most cases, you can treat hemorrhoids at home. There are a variety of suggestions medical professionals recommend for recovery from them.

Your local pharmacy likely has numerous products available to help soothe hemorrhoids. These include zinc oxide and witch hazel, which you can apply to hemorrhoids to reduce itchiness and pain. You can also place ice packs and cold compresses on your buttocks to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

There are oral medicines as well to help you recover from hemorrhoids. For example, you can take stool softeners and fiber supplements to prevent constipation. If you can poop with ease and have softer stools, you will likely recover from hemorrhoids faster than if your body continues to suffer from constipation.

If your hemorrhoids worsen with time, you may need to seek treatment from a medical professional for your conditions. Doctors can prescribe steroid cremes to treat hemorrhoids. They can also perform various procedures ranging from rubber band ligation to freezing your condition. 


Hemorrhoids are caused by straining to pass stools due to dietary deficiencies, medicines you are on, or sitting for long periods. 

Once you have hemorrhoids, biking will not improve your condition. The pressure, friction, and restriction of blood flow that occurs in the anal region of your body when you cycle can make hemorrhoids worse and cause them to bleed or itch, ultimately making you more uncomfortable.

Take a break from cycling and treat them with supplements, compresses, and a high-fiber diet. If they still get worse with at-home treatment, seek professional medical care. 

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