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Can Disk Brakes Overheat

Can Disc Brakes On Your Bike Overheat

One of the most common fears for any bike owner is a failing brake system. Brake failure can mean a quick disaster for you, and especially on those downhill descents. A common reason for brake

How to Tighten Bike Brakes

You probably missed hitting a car by inches, or you crashed hard, but the injuries wouldn’t have been as severe if your brakes worked correctly. Brakes can be a letdown if not adjusted well. You

How to Remove and Install Bike Pedals?

For newbies, it is not easy to install or remove a pedal, considering that there might be some mistakes that could be made, which will lead to discouraging results.  Worry no more because this article

How To Adjust Mountain Bike Suspension

How To Adjust Mountain Bike Suspension – A Quick Guide

Getting the right suspension adjustment can make or break your bike performance. Why? Because your bike is designed to move along the frame with the different types of terrains and every subtle imperfection in that

How to Adjust Front Derailleur on a Mountain Bike

How to Adjust Front Derailleur on a Mountain Bike

Nothing’s more frustrating than an out-of-balance bicycle. We’ve all been there when, for instance, the front derailleur and chainrings no longer sync up to provide a crisp shifting sensation. This is a common problem during

How to Adjust Brakes on a Mountain Bike

Mountain biking can be fun and exciting but it can also be dangerous if your brakes are not working properly. Brakes that are adjusted improperly can cause you to lose control, crash, and injure yourself