How To Make Your MTB Gloves Touchscreen Compatible In 4 Easy Ways

It’s so annoying when you are riding your mountain bike in the winter while wearing the gloves, your touchscreen phone rings, and you cannot pick it up! But is it possible to turn your regular gloves into touchscreen-compatible gloves? Thankfully, yes.

You can make your gloves touchscreen compatible by applying Nanotips liquid, AnyGlove liquid, or by sewing the gloves with conductive thread.”

We will discuss different ways to help you use your phones, cameras, and other touchscreen gadgets without having to take off your gloves.

Different Ways To Make Your MTB Gloves Touchscreen Compatible 

  1.  Applying Nanotips liquid on pair of gloves.
  2.  Using AnyGlove liquid on gloves.
  3.  Sewing pair of gloves with conductive thread.
  4.  Using Glove Touch Screen Sticker.
  5. How to Make Gloves Touchscreen Compatible with Nanotips Liquid

With Nanotips Liquid

Nanotips liquid to make gloves mobile compatible
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Nanotips started their journey on Kickstarter with only one goal, “To help the mountain bikers use their iPhones while wearing MTB gloves.”

The brand has produced a particular type of liquid that makes them compatible with the touchscreen when applied to the tips of the gloves. The liquid materials consist of nanoparticles that can make it easier for mountain biking enthusiasts to use their phones conveniently. 

Using the liquid is extremely easy and convenient. To apply it, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Order Online and Unbox the Package Carefully

Order the Nanotips liquid online. The bottle comes in a small box, so unbox it with care. After taking it out, shake the bottle for a while so that the nanoparticles get mixed into the liquid properly.  

Step 2: Wear a Single Glove

Wear a single glove on either hand. Before you wear it, make sure you have opened the bottle.

Step 3: Apply Nanotips on the Tips:

Start applying Nanotips liquid on the tip of the glove and make sure that it covers the entire tip to work correctly. 

You have to actually apply a thin layer from the knuckles to the tips of the glove and smooth it out accordingly. Do not forget to cover the edges with the liquid.

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Step 4: Let the Liquid Dry

Let the liquid dry. If you can’t wait, find a blow dryer and use it on the glove tips for 1-2 minutes for quick drying.

Before using your mobile phone, make sure that the liquid has completely dried out, and that your gloves are not sticky anymore.

Step 5: Test the Gloves on Your Phone

Test the compatibility with your mobile phone, and you’ll see that the touch will work quite smoothly even when you are wearing the gloves.

Using AnyGlove Liquid?

Like Nanotips, AnyGlove liquid can do its magic, especially on leather MTB gloves. AnyGlove is readily available on Amazon. After receiving the liquid, follow the instructions mentioned below:

Step 1: Clean the Tips of Your Gloves

First, clean your gloves with a dry cloth to ensure no foreign debris or dust particles on the tips. This also ensures AnyGlove lasts longer on your gloves.

Step 2: Apply Liquid on the Tips

Cover the tips of the glove with the AnyGlove liquid. Do not forget the corners and edges of the tips for the best efficiency.

Step 3: Let the Liquid Dry:

Let the liquid dry naturally or with the blow dryer. We’ll suggest you get it dried entirely with the blow dryer.

Step 4: Test Your Mobile Phone:

Start operating your iPhone or Android handset using the glove on which you applied the liquid and check whether it’s working ideally or not.

Benefits of AnyGlove:

Compared to Nanotips, AnyGlove is a more versatile liquid and works more efficiently on different gloves. No matter if the gloves are for mountain biking, skiing, motorcycling, combatting, or snowboarding, the liquid will do wonders on them all.

Other than that, it also has the approval of the US, UK, and NATO military. Although AnyGlove is a bit expensive compared to Nanotips, it’s worth every single penny.

Using Conductive Thread

A DIY method of making your mountain bike gloves compatible with touchscreen is to sew the gloves’ fingers with conductive thread.

If you didn’t know, the conductive thread can carry electric charges the same way as a standard wire and makes the MTB gloves touchscreen compatible.

To start the procedure, you’ll need the following things first:

Things You Will Need:

  • A needle: For sewing stitches into the fingers of the gloves.
  • 12″ conductive thread: It is readily available on Amazon.  
  • Basic Stitching Skills: 
  • Your Gloves 

Step 1: Thread the Needle:

Thread the needle first with care.

Step 2: Sew Few Stitches:

Start sewing a few stitches into the finger of the glove and make sure that you cover the corners and edges with the thread. In the start, only 3 to 5 stitches would be more than enough for the single glove finger.

Step 3: Repeat Sewing with Other Fingers

In the same manner, stitch the remaining fingers of the glove using conductive thread and the needle.

Step 4: Wear the Glove

Wear the lightweight glove and check the touchscreen interface of your mobile phone. If the touch is responding, that means you have sewn the stitches accurately.

If you still feel that the touch is not so smooth, we’d recommend sewing a few more stitches inside the finger of the glove to make it compatible with the screen.

Disadvantages of Using Conductive Thread Method

Using this method will cost you less than using Nanotips or AnyGlove liquid. However, there’s a chance it causes scratches on the phone’s screen. A screen protector on your phone will be a plus if you opt for this method.

Another disadvantage is the discomfort to the fingers due to the stitches when you insert your hands. Regardless of that, you can apply this method to your old MTB gloves and give it a go, to see whether it works or not.

Using Stickers?

If you do not like waiting for the liquid to dry on your gloves or sewing stitches, there’s another easy way, i.e., to use glove touchscreen stickers.

GloveTacts is a brand that has introduced ultra-thin stickers that directly attach to the fingers of the gloves and make them touchscreen compatible.

GloveTacts to make mtb gloves touchscreen compatible

Step 1: Unbox the Package:

There are six stickers included in a single package. Open it and take them out one by one with due care.

Step 2: Clean Your Gloves

Clean the tips of your gloves using a dry cloth to make sure that the stickers can get stuck to them for a long time.

Step 3: Peel and Apply

Peel the sticker and carefully apply it to the finger of the glove or gloves.

Step 4: Wear the Glove and Test

Wear the glove on which you have attached the stickers and start using your mobile phone. The stickers are available for index and thumb fingers for both left and right-hand gloves.

One advantage of using these stickers is that they ensure an extra firm grip to help you control your phone with ease and convenience. 

Final Takeaways:

Out of all the methods we have mentioned above, the easiest one is to apply stickers on the gloves to instantly make them compatible with the touchscreen.

Other than that, liquids like AnyGlove and Nanotips are also quite effective, and they can help you surf your phone smoothly.

The last method is to use conductive thread, but we do not endorse it since it requires a bit of a hassle and could cause scratches on your mobile phones.

Which method compelled you the most? Let us know in the comment box mentioned below:

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