How to Attach Saddle Bag to Bike in Simple and Easy Steps?

How to Attach Bike Saddlebag To Your Bike

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Did you get a saddlebag so you can carry a water bottle or other important stuff and now need some help installing it? You are in the right place.

“Attaching the bag for storing extra accessories is not a difficult task. All you gotta do is get yourself acknowledged with the basics of the Velcro straps and Click-In Dock method.”

To understand both the process further, follow the guide below:

How to Attach Saddle Bag to Bike Using Velcro Strap System?

velcro Saddlebag for Bikes

One of the most common ways to attach a bag to the bike’s seat post is utilizing the Velcro strap system. But, before we move with the process, you’ll need the following things:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Velcro Straps
  • D-Ring

Steps To Follow:

Find and Clean the Seat Rails

Finding the seat rails is not difficult. Simply park your bike somewhere and look below the seat of your bike. You will see two saddle rails under it where we will attach the Velcro later on.

After finding the seat rails, check whether they are dirty and clean them with a dry cloth if that’s the case.

Lace Velcro Straps through the Seat Rails

Next, the Velcro strap has two openings. Take the opening with D-ring and pass it through the seat rails carefully. You have to lace the strap in a way that perfectly positions the bag under the seat.

In the meanwhile, ensure that the zipper of the bag is facing outwards so that you can open or close the bag easily.

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Insert Strap through the D-Ring

Take another part of the strap and insert it through the D-ring. Mind the position of the bike saddle bag yet again and make sure that the bag does not move here and there.

Tighten the Strap Securely

Tighten the strap to an extent that the saddle bag becomes fixed and stops moving. That’s all about the first part.

Attaching Velcro Strap to the Seat Post

After attaching the first strap with the seat rails, take the other strap and attach it with the seat post properly.

It will not only help in the adjustment of the bag, but it will also remain protected and resistant to harsh circumstances.

Ta-Da! The Bike Seat Storage Bag is Now Attached!

Store important items such as mobile phones, keys, Allen wrench, or other similar stuff in the bag without any hassle. The video below gives you an idea of how saddlebags with velcro work.

How to Attach Saddle Bag to Bike with Click-In Dock Method?

If you do not like the idea of using a saddle bag with a Velcro system, there’s one other way to install a saddlebag.

To install a storage bag with the click-in dock method, follow the guidelines below:

Things You Will Need:

  • A saddlebag that comes with mounting hardware.
  • Allen Wrench.

Steps to Follow:

Find Mounting Hardware

Open the package of the bike saddle bag where you will find all mounting hardware including bolts and a handy quick-clip attachment, etc. along with the bag itself. Find it and prepare for the next step which is:

Installing Mounting Bracket on Bike Seat Rails

Just like the Velcro installation process, you will need to install the mount bracket to which we will clamp the bag later on. Slide one part of the bracket through the seat rails and adjust them properly.

Similarly, slide the second part while maintaining the position and insert the bolts that come within the package into the holes carefully. Take Allen Wrench and start tightening the first bolt carefully. Do not pressurize the bolt or the bracket will crack.

Tighten the other bolt, and you are done with the bracket installation process.

Find the Clip Attached to Saddle Bag

All bags that install through the click-in dock system have a built-in clip attached to them. Simply find it as we are about to clamp it with the mounting bracket.

Attach the Bag to Bracket

While you attach the bag to the bracket, you will hear the sound of a CLICK of the three-pronged clip and that means you have installed the bag under the seat and facing the rear wheel of the bike successfully.

Test the Durability:

Put a little bit of pressure on the bag to see whether it’s properly clamped or not. Although this step is not required, we’d still do it just to make sure that everything is in position.

Enjoy Adding Bike Accessories to the Bag

You can store anything in the bag and simply zip it. Ride your bike on harsh trails and rough terrains without even worrying about those small attachments that you’ve stored in the bags.

Some Additional Tips for Bikers

Keep the following tips in mind while you are out there looking for a reliable bike saddle bag:


The more compact a bag is, the better. For example, attaching a handlebar bag to a bike causes no strain or burden as they are so compact. So, if you do not want to carry extra weight and usually go for shorter trips, get a compact saddle bag as well.

Sure larger saddlebags could also be utilized, but they are good only when you have to go on a hefty XC ride or a mountain bike trail far away from your area.

All in all, better choose a compact bag that can easily get attached under the seat of your bike to avoid any hassle or inconvenience while riding.

Hang it with Safety

The two methods of installation we have discussed above are both safe and convenient at the same time.

With that in mind, we’d recommend that you follow one of the methods we have mentioned above to make sure that the bag stays intact to the bike even when you are taking on harsh challenges.

Double-check the tightness of the simple strap and the clamping of the bag after you attach it to the bike to avoid any problems while you are on your way.

Pack Light

Overburdening the bike is not a good idea at all! We’d suggest that you pack only important accessories in the saddlebags to make sure that there isn’t any extra burden on the bike.

Saddlebag tips to remember for bikers

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you put in a bike frame bag?

Because bike frame bags are generally larger, one can use them for storing food, clothing, sunblock, bike tools, vehicle keys, maps, toothbrushes, etc. You can also store your biking shoes in case the bag is too large.

How do you attach a leather saddle bag?

A leather saddle bag comes with clamp mounting hardware. So, first of all, install the bracket into the bike rails and tighten them up with two 5mm bolts. Direct the built-in clip of the bag towards the bracket and it will make a CLICK sound, which means you have installed it successfully.

Can I install a Velcro saddle bag to the bike without any tools?

Saddlebags that come with a Velcro system do not need any tools. Just pass the D-ring side of the strap through the bike rails. Take the other side and insert it into the D-ring. Tighten that side. Similarly, adjust the other part of the strap to the seat tube and that would be more than enough to install the bag on your bike.

Final Takeaways:

Attaching a saddle bag to a bike is not a daunting task. Even a beginner mountain biker with little knowledge can attach a bag to the bike after going through the installation process that we mentioned.

Let us know what type of bag would you prefer under the seat of your bike and whether our guidelines have helped you in attaching the bag conveniently or not.

Good Luck!

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