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Keeping oneself hydrated during a tough sport like mountain biking is a real challenge for riders who are mere beginners.

Now just imagine, you have attached your water bottle to a cheap cage and it slips while you take on a steep and harsh trail.

What will happen? You will simply have no water supply to keep yourself hydrated enough and that would mean utter disaster.

Come to reality now! A water bottle cage, especially a durable one will keep your water supply safe and protected. Getting the best water bottle cage for a mountain bike should thus be your #1 priority.

But, before we rush into discussing the best bottle cages, here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind before making the final decision.

What to Consider When Buying a Water Bottle Cage for Your Mountain Bike

1. Light in Weight

The very first thing you need to take care of is to ensure that the bottle cage is light in weight.

It should not weigh more than 50 to 100g or else you will face problems while pedaling your bike on steep uphill terrains.

Mountain bike bottle cages made up of carbon fiber and aluminum are the lightest as well as the most durable options available in the market.

2. Improved Durability

The only reason you are getting a new mountain bike water bottle cage for your MTB bike is that it could keep the water bottle protected and safe.

Now, how is it going to happen if the cage itself is not durable and sturdy enough?

You should always opt for models that offer improved lifespan and could keep your hydration bottles safe and protected during a harsh scenario.

Yet again, you must keep your focus on mountain bike bottle cages that are made up of materials like carbon fiber and aluminum to ensure maximum durability.

3. Proper Adjustment

Easy adjustment means you can easily slide your bottle into the cage and take it out anytime you want.

That said, you should think of getting a cage that could adjust the water bottle you have without any problems.

Keeping the size and space of your bottle and then relating it with the overall storage of the bike might prove crucial in this regard.

4. Accessibility

What’s the point of getting an expensive water bottle cage if it isn’t easily accessible?

An easy-to-access water bottle cage will keep you away from extra frustration and allow you to take the bottle out anytime you want.

That’s what you should ponder upon before selecting a cage model.

5. Design

Last but not the least, design does matter as the cage, when properly adjusted on your bike should not yield negative vibes.

It should increase the beauty of your mountain bike instead.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we have already compiled a list of the top 10 water bottle cages for mountain bikes.

The brands and models we have chosen were properly experimented on by our biking enthusiasts. More than that, we did consider the customer feedback about each model from online marketplaces as well.

Have a look at them and make your decision accordingly:

Top 10 Best Water Bottle Cages for Mountain Bike Reviewed

1. USHAKE Water Bottle Cages

USHAKE Water Bottle Cage
  • 4 X M5 x 12 SCREWS INCLUDED: The screws are standard size for water bottle mounts to most of bikes with DRILLED HOLES, and washers are suggested for tight fixing.
  • 6061-T6 HEAT-TREATED ALUMINIUM ALLOY: High quality material and manufacturing process for extra strength and durability combined with low weight, 2.1 oz (61g) each. FIT FOR PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES. ATTETION: ALUMINUM WATER BOTTLE MAY BE SCRATCHED ON SURFACE.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Use a 4mm hex key (included) to fasten cages in screw holes on frame. PLEASE NOTE - bike frame requires threaded holes for installation of cages.

There are mountain bike cages that offer either durability or simplicity and then there is the water bottle holder from USHAKE.

Being in the industry for so long, the brand has focused on producing an ultralight water bottle cage that could tend to the needs of MTB riders within an affordable budget.

Talking about the materials first, each cage features a solid aluminum alloy construction that ensures maximum durability and sturdiness at the same time.

As mentioned above already, the cage barely weighs 61g, which means your bike will not get overburdened with extra weight. Install it and you will literally feel like the bike has no cage attached to it. It’s that MUCH LIGHT IN WEIGHT!

Adding to that, installing the water bottle cage is quite easy. All you’d need is a 5mm hex Allen key and you can install the cage right into the drilled holes using the screws. Note that the screws are already included in the package.

Along with that, the sophisticated and minimalistic body of the bottle cage allows it to adjust a variety of hydration bottles at no inconvenience. We have fitted a 26oz water bottle into this model and it was as easy as cutting butter with a sharp knife.

The complete package, at last, consists of 12 installation screws, two mountain cages, and an installation manual. The only downgrade that we faced with this cage was that it could get scratched rather easily than we expected.


  • Cage holds water bottles easily.
  • It does not let the bottles get slipped.
  • Heat-treated aluminum alloy construction.
  • Adjusts both small and big bottles with ease.
  • Easy to install with the help of hex Allen key.


  • Gets scratches easily.
  • Small bottles could slip after a harsh bump.

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2. Schwinn Bike Waterbottle Holder

Schwinn Bike Waterbottle Holder
  • BPA-Free 23 ounce sports bottle, stay hydrated during long bike rides, triathlons, electric bike adventures, and mountain bike trails
  • Durable and lightweight alloy cage bottle holder, easy to install with universal attachment, fits most bikes
  • Push/pull cap, hands free opening and closing, dust cap prevents debris from sticking to the spout, squeeze for strong flow of water

What if you could get yourself a minimalistic water bottle cage along with a water bottle at an affordable price? Wouldn’t you go all BRRR? That’s exactly what Schwinn is offering in its latest package of a bottle holder cum water bottle.

Talking of the mountain bike cage first, it’s made up of stainless steel alloy, which ensures maximum durability and an increased lifespan.

Moreover, installing the cage is extremely easy. Just find drill holes on the frame of your bike and use a hex key to tighten the screws and stainless steel bolts accordingly.

In the meanwhile, the water bottle cage can easily adjust both small and large bottles without any inconvenience. You can slide a bottle in or out smoothly from the cage.

Next, we have the standard water bottle from Schwinn that comes with a dust cap to keep the bottle away from attracting dust and mud.

Other than that, it has got a co-molded grip, which makes it easier for a user to grip it while riding the mountain bike.

The whole package is available at a mere expense of less than 10 bucks. We have used it frequently on different MTB bikes and it’s working like a charm up till now.


  • Minimalistic water bottle cage.
  • The package includes a unique water bottle as well.
  • Gets installed into the drill holes easily.
  • Cage is made up of stainless steel alloy.
  • Ultralight bottle holder adjusts hydration bottles conveniently


  • Not suitable for a kids’ bike.
  • Bottle’s mouth isn’t easy to open.

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3. PRO BIKE TOOL Water Bottle Holder

PRO BIKE TOOL Water Bottle Holder
  • Stay Hydrated On Your Ride - Quick & Easy access to your bike water bottle when you need it. Great for road, mountain, hybrid, touring & electric bicycles. Buy 2 bottle cages to stay hydrated for those extra long rides, so you can go the distance!!
  • Secure And Sturdy Bottle Retention System ensures a full bottle stays firmly in place when riding, whether you're out riding fast on roads or bumpy trails. Fits most standard & over sized bike water bottles, including the following sizes: 20, 21, 25, 24, 25 & 33 oz / ounces (500, 550, 650, 750 & 950 ml sizes). One-piece flexible design, adjustable +/- 0.2 inches / 0.5cm to accommodate slightly smaller or larger sized bike water bottles such as insulated bottles.
  • Superb Durable Quality & Stunning Finish To Match Your Bike - CNC machined aluminium alloy, heated treated for a strong & lightweight design. Powder coated finish and high tumble polished to match your shiny bike paintwork. Extremely easy to wipe off and clean. Lightweight at only 48g/1.69oz.

When it comes to offering premium durability and design, no one could match the vibe of the water bottle cage being offered by Pro Bike Tool.

Made specifically for road and mountain bikes, this water bottle holder can easily absorb the pressure of harsh bumps and falls thus securing your hydration bottle along the way.

The brand has also worked on the aesthetics of the cage and that’s one of the reasons it offers an aesthetic and eye-catchy look after you install it on your MTB bike.

Cutting right to the chase, the mountain bike cage is made up of CNC heat-treated machined aluminum alloy which means superb durability.

In the meanwhile, it barely weighs 48 grams and can easily adjust all standard-sized water bottles ranging from 21 to 32 Oz without causing any problems.

Talking of overall accessibility, the water bottle holder is rather easy to access. You can slide in the bottle and take it out while riding your MTB bike at a fast pace.

A powered coated finish of black color aids with extra aesthetics and keeps the internal materials away from getting rust or corrosion. Not to mention, the cage is not vulnerable to frequent scratches as compared to the USHAKE water bottle holder that we discussed.

All in all, the quick and easy mounting (not more than 60 seconds) combined with impeccable durability and finish makes this mountain cage one of the best options available in the market at a justified price tag.


  • Made up of machined aluminum alloy.
  • Adjusts and protects standard water bottles.
  • Powdered coat finish keeps the scratches away.
  • Takes no more than 60 seconds to get installed on the bike.
  • Justified price tag.


  • A bit expensive as compared to the above-mentioned bottle cages.
  • No other major issues were detected.

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4. ThinkTop Water Bottle Cage

ThinkTop Water Bottle Cage
  • FULL Carbon Fiber Material - Use 3K T800 Carbon Fiber, incredible strong and lightweight(only 25±1.5g), non-deformable and corrosion resistant.
  • Holding power keeps the bottle in place when riding over rough terrain.
  • Easy to install, designed to offer secure bottle hold and easy bottle removal.

Wise people say it’s better to spend more in order to get something which lasts longer than expected. If you are of the same view and want a long-term investment, there isn’t anything better than the ThinkTop Water Bottle Cage to serve you.

Including in a pack of 2 are two sophisticated and minimalistic water bottle holders made up of ultralight carbon fiber materials.

The use of carbon fiber enhances the sturdiness and ensures maximum protection to the bottle you slide in it. Meanwhile, it’s also resistant to getting rust or corrosion.

You’d surely be surprised to know that the best water bottle cage for a mountain bike barely weighs 25 grams. It will not overburden your MTB bike in any way possible.

The use of durable and quality products also makes the cage resistant to getting deformed. Even if you are involved in a serious crash, the holder will not only maintain its shape, it will also keep your water supply safe and secure enough.

The universal 7.2cm diameter of the ThinkTop water bottle cage enables riders to install and adjust standard water bottles into it without facing any problem whatsoever.

Long story short, investing in this water bottle cage will keep you away from worries of losing the water supply for many years to come and that’s something we can guarantee.


  • Carbon fiber construction for increased durability.
  • Barely weighs 25 grams.
  • Easily accommodates standard water bottles.
  • Non-deformable body with corrosion-resistant properties.
  • Unique shape and design.


  • Pricey as compared to Pro Bike Tool’s bottle cage.
  • Cannot fit too big or too small bottles.

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5. Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage

Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage
  • CARRY BULKY ITEMS - Three sets of mounting holes to fit different size frames
  • INCLUDES STRAPS - Securely strap down odd size bottles and other gear, such as bags and clothing
  • Securely strap down odd size bottles and other gear, such as bags and clothing

The need for a bigger water bottle becomes paramount when a biker thinks about covering a large trail and requires proper hydration. All the bottle holders we mentioned above can easily hold standard water bottles. But, what about the bulkier ones?

For bulkier water bottles, the Blackburn Outpost Cargo is an ideal option. Made up of extra durable polycarbonate and unidirectional carbon fiber, this mountain bike cage could do wonders with bulky water bottles.

The most impressive thing about this model is that it contains two adjustable rubber straps. You can use them to adjust bulky water bottles or tuck other biking gear without facing any problems.

In the meanwhile, you can install this bottle holder both on the downtube or the legs of the fork and attach hefty supplies to it conveniently.

Although Blackburn Outpost Cargo is capable of holding bulky water bottles, it makes the cage a bit heavier in weight. In that reference, the water bottle cage weighs about 164grams, and that too without the straps.

Regardless of that, it has a storage capacity of roundabout 8lbs or 4.4kg, thus ensuring an easy way of carrying extra biking peripherals including enough water supply for many days.


  • Made of durable polycarbonate and carbon fiber.
  • Adjusts around 8lbs of stuff without any hassle.
  • Rubber straps can easily tighten a large water bottle.
  • Could be installed on the downtube or legs of the fork.
  • Indestructible water bottle cage for a mountain bike.


  • Quite heavier as compared to other bottle holders.
  • An expensive pick.

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6. FIDLOCK Twist Bottle Holder

FIDLOCK Twist Bottle Holder
  • TWIST BOTTLE 600 ML: Fidlock-Bike redefines the future of the bike bottle and mounting. The innovative magnet-mechanical closure system functionality and handling keeps drinks handy and secure.
  • PREMIUM CYCLING WATER BOTTLE: The dishwasher safe, BPA-free polypropylene bottle has excellent squeeze and is ergonomically designed. It features a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning.
  • UNIVERSAL FRAME ADAPTER: Is easily attached to any pipe with a width of 28 – 62 mm with wide TPU cable ties. The smooth rubber back of the holder protects your frame and holds the uni base in place.

Another water bottle plus holder combo that might seem quite interesting to fellow MTB bikers is from Fidlock. The twist bottle holder uses a special magnetic closure mounting system to get attached to the mountain bike.

More than that, the water bottle holder is not that bulky as the lightweight and solid construction ensures no extra burden on the bike while maintaining bottle retention.

Attaching the water bottle that comes with the package to the bottle holder is convenient. With just an audible click, the bottle will slide right into the cage.

Apart from that, the magnetic closure technology allows riders to adjust this water bottle holder anywhere they want on their bike. The bottle access, thus, becomes convenient.

In the end, we’d also want to talk about the water bottle that has a 20 oz capacity and is made up of BPA-free polypropylene for maximum durability as well as a healthy water drinking experience.


  • Magnetic closure system.
  • Attaches to the holder with an audible click.
  • Durable construction with no worries of losing the water supply.
  • Made of BPA-free materials.


  • Cannot accommodate water bottles of different brands.
  • The combo is a bit pricey compared to Schwinn’s model.

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7. LERMX Basic Water Bottle Cage

Up next on our list is the water bottle cage from LERMX, which literally costs peanuts and is yet one of the most durable options available on the market.

The best water bottle cage for mountain bikes comes with an anodized aluminum alloy, which increases its strength and makes it resistant to harsh bumps and crashes at the same time.

Adding to that, the universal adjusting qualities of the water bottle cage allow it to store both large and small bottles without any hassle.

Even at such an affordable price, LERMX has added a water bottle into the package to facilitate mountain bikers while they take on multiple challenges downhill or uphill.

With a lightweight design and a firm grip assurance, LERMX’s model is easily the cheapest mountain bike cage available in the market with a ridiculously low price tag.


  • Lightweight anodized aluminum alloy construction.
  • Gets mounted into threaded holes on the downtube easily.
  • Mounting screws included.
  • Extra water bottle available within the package.


  • Not suitable for extra-large water bottles.
  • No other major issues.

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8. Gazeer Water Bottle Cage

Gazeer Water Bottle Cage
  • 【ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL】- 100% FULL carbon fibre material- Incredibly strong and lightweight (only 25±2g), non-deformable and corrosion resistant.Effectively reduce the weight for long distance travellers.
  • 【PRODUCT SIZE】 - The bottle cage is about 2.83 inches (7.2cm) in diameter, fit bottle dia. 2.79-2.95 inches (7.1-7.5cm), bottle too big or too small may not fit tightly.
  • 【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】 - You can use the carbon fibre water bottle cage for all types of bikes. Whether you ride on trails, the road or compete in triathlons, our water bottle cage will fit your bike.

The water bottle cage from Gazeer is made up of 100% carbon fiber that immaculate immense power and strength to keep a water bottle in its post.

No matter how rough the terrain gets, this water bottle holder is going to keep your water supply safe and secure. You could thus keep your focus on riding your bike through different trails without any worries.

Adding to that, the holding power of the Gazeer Water Bottle Cage is simply astonishing. Once you slide a bottle inside it, you could forget about it and keep your focus on the trail ahead of you instead.

Easy to mount and install, you will only need to locate the drilled holes on the frame of your bike. A hex key and installation screws are already available within the package.

Accommodating almost every standard-sized water bottle, this MTB cage from Gazeer should be a priority for you if you want to enjoy an unflawed riding experience without worrying about the falling of your water bottle.


  • 100% carbon fiber construction.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Impeccable holding power.
  • Installation screws and hex key included.
  • Stylish and unique design.
  • Resistant to scratches.


  • Poor customer support.
  • Expensive option compared to single cages.

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9. Corki Bike Water Bottle Holder

No products found.

Corki Bike Water Bottle Holder is yet another option you could consider due to the fact that it offers universal compatibility.

More than that, its ability to grip the water bottle firmly is one of the reasons many MTB riders are interested in this cage.

To get started with some major features, the water bottle holder is made up of highly resilient polycarbonate and glass fiber for enhanced durability.

Available in a variety of different colors, the water bottle cage is also resistant to scratches and its paint rarely gets peeled off.

Having the ability to accommodate water bottle sizes from 21 to 33 Oz. the mountain bike cage will keep the water supply safe for you to keep you hydrated enough.

Included in the package are mounting screws and a hex key that would help you mount the bottle holder to your bike within a short time.


  • Polycarbonate and glass-fiber construction.
  • Offers a firm and tight grasp on water bottles.
  • Keeps the water bottles away from getting slipped.
  • Universal compatibility ensured.


  • Not suitable for road bikes.
  • Average customer support.

No products found.

10. Water Buffalo Bike Water Bottle Holder

Water Buffalo Bike Water Bottle Holder
  • Unbeatable Grip with Clutch Technology: Our Clutch bike cup holder boasts an innovative design that securely grips your bottle, ensuring no slips or spills during even the roughest rides. Ride boldly and stay hydrated!
  • Lightweight Yet Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality polycarbonate material, the Clutch bike bottle holder provides exceptional durability without weighing you down. Conquer the trails with confidence and ease.
  • Universal Compatibility & Easy Installation: Designed to fit most water bottles, our versatile bike water bottle cage easily attaches to your bike frame with the included mounting hardware. Spend less time setting up and more time hitting the trails.

Last but not the least, we have the Water Buffalo Bike Water Bottle Holder available on our list, which comes with an eye-catchy design and rather a durable construction.

As the brand advertises, this water bottle cage comes with a wider base and has flexible nylon arms available to keep a tight hold on the bottle you insert in it.

Similarly, it does offer a unique 23-degree curve that allows riders to slip in or slip out their water bottles without damaging them.

With all that’s being said about this bottle holder, you can expect it to last many years and keep your water bottles secured enough for a long time.


  • Wider base.
  • Nylon arms offer a smooth sliding experience.
  • Compatible with many standard water bottles.
  • Lightweight design.


  • Won’t do well on rocky terrains.
  • No other major issues.

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4 Common Types of Bottle Cages

Some of the common types of bicycle water bottle cages available in the market include:

Aluminum Water Bottle Cages

Made up of aluminum alloy, these are the most common water bottle holders available in the market. As far as holding the bottle and durability is concerned, this type could do pretty much well, however, aluminum cages are a little bulkier than other types.

Carbon Bottle Cages

The innovative MTB cages made up of carbon fiber not only ensure protection, but such bike bottle holders are light in weight and could work for many years to come. They are also called rubber panoramic cages.

Back Mounting Cages

Such cages get adjusted on the back of the bike and have the capacity to store at least two bottles with convenience. They are more suitable for triathlon athletes though.

Bar Mounting Cages

These cages are mountable in the middle of the handlebars and are mostly used by professional cyclists. The aerodynamic straw-sucking mechanism of these cages allows riders to keep themselves hydrated without stopping.

Where Should I Put My Water Bottle Cage on My Mountain Bike?

That depends upon the type of cage you are going to buy as well as the type of rider you are.

As our focus is more on mountain biking and MTB riders, the ideal place to install a cage is the downtube or the bottom of the steerer tube.

This place is quite common and you will mostly find the drilled holes on the downtube of the bike where you can easily mount the cage you have just bought.

What Size Water Bottle Fits in Mountain Bike Cage?

A standard mountain bike cage can easily accommodate standard-sized water bottles ranging from 21 to 30 Oz.

One of the mountain bike cages that we have mentioned above comes with rubber straps. The Blackburn Outpost Cargo Water Bottle Cage is capable of fitting bulkier bottles with the help of rubber straps. You can check out this cage if you want to tuck a large bottle into your MTB bike.

How to Put a Water Bottle Cage on a Mountain Bike?

To install a water bottle cage on a mountain bike, you will need the following things:

  • 4mm Allen hex key or wrench.
  • Screws for mounting.
  • Water bottle cage.

Simply find the drilled holes on the downtube and clean them before you adjust the cage on it.

Put the water bottle holder and adjust it according to your requirements. Put the screws that come with the package into the holes and start tightening them with the help of the Allen key.

Tighten the water bottle holder until it stops moving here and there. Insert a bottle into it and check whether you can take it out easily or not.

You can untighten the screws and readjust the cage according to your preferences as well.


This buying guide already includes all information that you need to decide on an MTB cage that could tend to your demands.

Give it a thorough read, explore our reviews on the best options available in the market and then make your decision accordingly.

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