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7 Best Mountain Bike Shoes for Wide Feet in 2023: A Complete Guide

Today we are going to explore some of the best mountain bike shoes for wide feet. This pair of shoes will have a strong and grippy outsole, a breathable yet stable enough upper, and a comfortable midsole.

That said, we have picked models from brands like Sidi, Giro, Five Ten, and Tommaso mostly to make sure that you get quality intact with your budget.

So, got wide feet and want shoes that meet your requirements? Have a look at the best options available as follows:

Top-Rated Mountain Shoes for Wide Feet in 2023 Analyzed  

1. Sidi Trace 2 Mega MTB Shoes

Sidi Trace 2 Mega

  • Polyurethane sole
  • Upper Material: Politex
  • Closure: Tecno-3 System, hook-and-loop closure
  • Sole: MTB SR17, nylon, polyurethane inserts
  • Cleat Compatibility: 2-bolt mountain
  • Claimed Weight: 11.1oz

Sidi is one of the oldest and most reliable MTB shoe manufacturers in the world producing shoes that actually ensure comfort as well as a strong grip from pedaling perspective.

The Trace 2 Mega, first of all, has got a unique shape that’ll surely look beautiful on your feet. Necessary adjustments from Sidi allow the shoes to keep your feet in a natural posture.

Most of all, the sole is designed in a way to enhances the pedaling effort. All these features in a justified price tag make Sidi Trace 2 Our #1 option for riders with wide feet.

Getting started with some basics; the best MTB shoes have got a soft instep closure system. One of the straps being positioned on the instep ensures a snug and comfortable fit to ensure a perfect biking experience.

Up next is the Mega Fit technology used by Sidi. It allows the Trace 2 shoes to adjust wide feet without any hassle.

Mega Fit allows about 4mm wide metatarsus adjustment. Besides, it also ensures more volume on the heel as well as the instep. Hence, it’s a perfect fit for riders with wide feet.

Talking of the upper, it’s been made up of Politex (comprising of two different layers of materials) to ensure resistance as well as durability. Breathability is a bit reduced, but that won’t bother you a lot.

Apart from the basics, we see a nylon sole in addition to the Polyurethane inserts. Both these materials allow extra grip and ensure mud dispersion while maintaining the stability of the feet.

In the meanwhile, the reinforced SIDI heel is there to support the heel area and reduce the heel slippage problem at the same time. It’s been made with durable plastic that could contour the needs of the heel while keeping it away from any slip.

Finally, the Tecno-3 locking system is there to ensure a personalized fit according to the anatomy of your feet.

Upon testing the shoes on multiple MTB bikes, we got to know that they can resist harsh conditions and allow a better pedaling experience at the same time.


  • Durable and rugged Politex upper.
  • Tecno 3 locking system ensures a personalized fit.
  • Mega Fit technology for wider feet adjustment.
  • Properly padded on the inside.
  • Nylon outsole with PU insertions allows maximum grip.
  • Compatible with SPD cleats.


  • Not suitable for riders with narrow feet.
  • No other major issues were detected.

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2. Giro Carbide R Men’s Cycling Shoes

Giro Carbide R Men's Cycling Shoes
  • CAPABLE PERFORMANCE WITH CONVENIENCE: A great performance mountain bike shoe with fast adjustability and comfortable feel
  • SUPPORTIVE FIT FOR WIDE/HIGH-VOLUME FEET: Breathable microfiber and mesh upper built on Giro’s “High Volume Fit” for wide feet or those with a high instep
  • EASY FIT ADJUSTMENT: BOA L6 dial offers micro closure adjustment (1mm increments) with instant release, while the forefoot strap offers set-and-forget convenience

Weighing less than the Sidi Trace 2 Mega, Giro Carbide R shoes are already making noise in the MTB shoe industry.

Honestly speaking, the shoes give off an aesthetic vibe the moment you see them. The construction is exemplary with the addition of Giro’s patented technologies to maintain comfort and grip.

The best part? Carbide R is suitable for wide feet riders who want to excel while biking on rough and steep uphill terrains.

Talking of the mesh upper first of all, it’s been made up of breathable synthetic fibers along with the addition of mesh panels. This type of upper ensures maximum airflow on the inside to keep the feet away from extra sweat and moisture.

The classic 3-strap closure not only ensures a snug fit but also allows the riders to adjust the shoes according to their requirements. Either adjust them tightly or loosely as per your will and wish and keep cruising on rough downhill trails without any hassle.

In addition, the footbed or the midsole of the comfortable shoes features a die-cut EVA construction. Not only does it keep the feet comfy, you’ll not get any impact or shock while pedaling your way through multiple obstacles on the way.

Well, the outsole is designed to increase the overall grip and firmness on the pedals as well as when you have to walk on uneven surfaces. Featuring co-molded rubber and nylon, the durable outsole offers high traction and will never let you slip.

As already mentioned above, the best mountain bike shoes for wider feet barely weigh 310 grams, which makes them one of the lightest footwear options for MTB enthusiasts in 2023.

Been testing the Giro Carbide R on multiple surfaces, and the shoes have not disappointed our experts as of now. They ensure a comfy fit, can keep the feet fresh, and offer sublime traction while pedaling or walking.


  • 3-strap closure offers a custom fit.
  • Lightweight cycling shoes for wide feet.
  • Rugged synthetic fiber upper with mesh channeling.
  • No worries about the laces.
  • Outsole can accommodate steel spikes.


  • Top strap might cut into the ankles.
  • Not wider than Sidi Trace 2 Mega.

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3. Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes
  • Stealth s1 rubber outsole
  • Suede & mesh upper
  • One-piece molded cupsole

Owned by none other than Adidas, Five Ten is the world leader in producing footwear for some of the most dangerous sports in the world.

The Freerider mountain bike shoes reflect the ideology of the brand, i.e. “Comfort with Superb Traction.” The ultimate choice of many professional MTB riders has got some fantastic features that we are going to discuss;

Freerider, with the classic “Do-It-All” tagline, is capable of ensuring a comfortable biking experience. The shoes can maintain structural integrity and enhance the way you pedal on downhill and uphill terrains at the same time.

The upper construction is well up to the mark. We see a combo of leather and textile material that could aid in immense stability and ruggedness to ensure a perfect biking experience.

Adidas uses its patented Stealth® Dotty tread rubber outsole to offer excellent traction on the pedals as well as on uneven surfaces. The outsole is flexible enough to grasp slippery surfaces without any hassle.

Mesh panels being installed within the shoes are responsible for immense breathability. The maximum airflow ensures reduced moisture thus keeping the riders away from any frustration.

Although Freerider is one of the best flat shoes out there, they have got a lace enclosure that could become problematic for some bikers. Besides, we do not see any accommodation for the custom cleats as the shoes are meant to be used on flat pedals only.  


  • Molded one-piece cupsole allows maximum comfort.
  • Leather and textile upper with mesh channeling.
  • Improved durability and sturdiness guaranteed.
  • Enhances the overall pedaling effort quite easily.
  • Suitable for bikers with wide feet.


  • No space for cleats on the outsole.
  • Not suitable for clipless pedals.

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4. Tommaso Montagna 100 (Extra Wide Shoes for Professionals)

Tommaso Montagna 100
  • OUR MOST COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE MONTAGNA: The new XD-Knit upper is made from extra strong nylon yarn, for ultra-breathability and all day, foot hugging comfort. This amazing technology won’t stretch out over time, allowing riders to continue to enjoy form fitting performance for years. We also reinforced the heel, toebox, quick lace area, and lower seams. The Montagna Elite Knit quick lace system also eliminates pressure points while ensuring your most comfortable fit ever.
  • VERSATILITY & COMPATIBILITY: By blending comfort and performance together, we created an amazingly versatile, all-terrain shoe that is perfect for mountain biking, but also works great for commuting and touring as well. The cleat area is compatible with all SPD and all other 2-bolt cleats (cleats not included). NOT 3-Bolt or Peloton Compatible. For 3-bolt compatibility, please see the Tommaso Strada Elite.
  • FACTORY DIRECT VALUE: By offering our Tommaso products factory direct, we are able to offer a level of quality and value that the competition can’t touch. We believe cutting costs by removing unnecessary expenses and marketing allows us to focus on making the best products at the best prices for our riders.

The brand new Tommaso Montagna 100 Elite are the shoes to look out for, especially if you have got wide feet. The footwear has got many innovations to ensure comfort while enhancing the performance of the riders.

Although they do look a bit bulky as compared to the likes of Sidi Trace 2 or Five Ten Freerider, the shoes won’t overburden your feet and that’s the reason we have picked them up for a review.

Starting with some major features, Montagna 100 has got an XD-Knit upper with a nylon yarn to improve not only breathability but stability at the same time.

Besides, the Elite Knit lace system is already there to help the riders adjust the shoes according to their preferences. Riders with wide feet can adjust them a little loose for maximum comfort and convenience.

The blend of rubber and fiberglass in the outsole of Montagna Elite will increase the overall pedaling experience for cyclists. Not only that, but the outsole also allows you to install SPD and 2-Bolt cleats without any hassle. Utilizing these features, it’s safe to say that the shoes will not get slippery no matter how rough the circumstances get.

Last but not the least, Tommaso does offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty, which is something quite extraordinary. You can claim the warranty in case you are not satisfied with its quality.


  • XD-Knit and nylon upper for stability and comfort.
  • Patented lace system allows easy adjustment of the feet.
  • Thickly padded midsole keeps the feet comfy for a long time.
  • Rubber and fiberglass outsole with SPD cleats compatibility.


  • Shoes might slip when you walk.

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5. Five Ten Freerider Primeblue

Five Ten Freerider Primeblue
  • Classic do-it-all flat pedal mountain bike shoes
  • High-friction versatility: Stealth S1 rubber offers versatile high-friction grip on and off the bike.
  • DOTTY TREAD: Classic Dotty tread for superior pedal traction.

Up next on our list is the Five Ten Freerider Primeblue famous for offering legendary control on flat pedals. The mountain bike shoes resemble the basic Freerider variant.

However, we do see some changes in the Primeblue model to make sure that the shoes conform to the needs of professional riders. Here is how they stand out among other MTB shoes for wide feet available in the market;

Made from recyclable materials, the shoes are ideal for all-terrain biking. Be it gravel, downhill, uphill, or XC, the shoes can ensure a comfortable biking experience without exposing your feet to any injuries.

In addition to that, the upper of the Primeblue MTB shoes is made up of textile, which allows enough flexibility and support to maintain the right posture. Textile also ensures enough airflow on the inside to keep the sweat away from the feet.

Not to mention, the Primeblue material used in the construction of the shoes is made from recyclable materials. Thus, Adidas has taken the pledge to control environmental pollution with certain steps.

Coming again towards the outsole, it has got the Stealth rubber construction with a Dotty tread to ensure maximum grip and control on flat pedals.

The last important feature to discuss regarding the shoes is their applicability for wide feet. Riders with wide feet can enjoy wearing the Primeblue shoes all day long without feeling any pressure or stress on their feet muscles.


  • Made from Recyclable materials.
  • Textile upper ensures stability and ruggedness.
  • Dotty tread rubber outsole offers superb traction.
  • Sturdy construction with imported materials.
  • Multiple color varieties available.


  • Not a suitable option for clipless pedals.
  • Could cause problems on a rainy day.

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6. Gavin MTB Cycling Shoes (Budget Pick)

Gavin MTB Cycling Shoes
  • 2 bolt cleat compatible with SPD, Crank Brothers and MTB pedals (cleats and pedals sold separately)
  • Perforated insole is lightweight, comfortable and quick drying
  • Carbon fiber designed hook and loop straps and heel cup for great fit and foot stability

Gavin with its MTB cycling shoes has certainly made its way into the industry with so many bikers getting interested in it.

The best mountain bike shoes for wide feet are available with a price tag of less than $100. Yet at such a reasonable rate, the shoes are capable of keeping your feet comfortable while you take on rough and harsh trails.

With a snug fit and grippy sole, Gavin MTB footwear is there to help you cruise your way through different types of terrains without any hassle.

To get started, although the manmade outsole is compatible with flat pedals, it does offer the accommodation of SPD or 2-bolt cleats. That ensures a superb grip both on the pedals and when you are walking with your bike.

Adding to that, the insole or midsole of the shoe is light, thin, and soft at the same time. It’s capable of keeping your feet away from the impacts along with ensuring comfort and convenience.

The 3-strap enclosure system is well up to the mark and it allows the riders to adjust the fit of the shoes on the go. No need to waste your time tieing the laces anymore. Not to forget, the straps have also got carbon fiber construction to keep the feet as comfy as possible.


  • Carbon fiber hook and loop straps.
  • Lightweight insole ensures comfort.
  • Rubber manmade outsole with SPD cleats accommodation.
  • Rugged and long-lasting MTB shoes for wide feet.


  • Feel a bit rigid.
  • The shoes squeak when you pedal hard.

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7. Tommaso Vertice Men’s 100 (All-Purpose Shoes for Wide Feet)

Tommaso Vertice Men’s 100
  • FACTORY DIRECT VALUE: By offering our Tommaso products factory direct, we are able to offer a level of quality and value that the competition can’t touch. 100% Fit Guarantee, 100% Free Fit Returns, 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • OUR MOST CAPABLE MOUNTAIN SHOE: With amazing features like an ultra-rugged, grippy Vibram sole, and a hardened and reinforced toe box, the Vertice 100 is ready for whatever the trail throws at you. No matter the conditions or weather, you can count on the Vertice for amazing grip, stability, and quick drying breathability.
  • QUALITY & PRECISION FIT: Quick & Reliable closure system features 3 ergonomic Velcro straps for the perfect fit every time, adding comfort and security to all of your rides. Please use Size Chart to ensure correct fit. If unsure about your sizing, please match the CM sizing with the shoes you currently wear, as this will offer the best sizing options.

The last option available on our list for bikers with wide feet is the Tommaso Vertice Men’s 100 MTB shoe. Perfect for XC, downhill, gravel, and Dirt Mountain biking, the shoes will keep your feet away from any injuries or foot fatigue.

More than that, the grip they offer is up to the mark, which means you won’t be getting slipped more often while pedaling your way up on steep terrain.

Starting with some important details; the Vertice Men’s 100 feature a sturdy and ultra-grippy Vibram outsole that ensures amazing grip. You can wear the shoes regardless of the harsh weather conditions you face on the way.

In the meanwhile, the toebox is constructed with rigid and reinforced materials to keep the toes of your feet as comfortable and away from impact as possible.

Just like other premium cycling shoes, the Vertice 100 has got 3-strap lace enclosure system to make it convenient for riders to adjust the fit according to their will and wish.

Last but not the least, the wide cycling shoes offer compatibility with the 2-hole cleats, which could be installed easily to increase the pedaling performance conveniently.


  • Vibram outsole offers extra grip and traction.
  • All-in-one mountain bike shoes for wide feet.
  • A reinforced toebox keeps the toes safe and comfy.
  • Comfortable midsole.


  • Seem a bit bulky.
  • Not suitable for summer riding.

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Benefits of Using Mountain Bike Shoes

When it comes to mountain biking, you cannot even think of pedaling your bike on a steep uphill without wearing the appropriate equipment.

Just like a helmet, the shoes play a crucial role in the biking experience as they protect the only place from where you generate all the power, i.e., YOUR FEET.

Wearing the right mountain bike shoes thus has many benefits such as:

Efficient Pedaling

One of the benefits of using MTB shoes is that they can enhance your pedaling effort by about 20%. Many shoes that could accommodate cleats can get tucked into the pedals of the bike easily.

That allows for fewer slips and more focus on the pedaling resulting in yielding more power. In this way, riders can cruise through multiple trails while enhancing their pedaling efforts, thanks to the use of mountain bike shoes.

Low Risk of Injuries

The shoes are not only there to increase your pedaling effort, but they can also keep you away from the risk of injuries.

Keep in mind that mountain biking is not something that anyone should take for granted. The presence of many challenges on the way could cause your feet to get sprained or fatigued within a short time.

Choosing the right MTB shoe could thus reduce the risk of ankle sprains or feet muscle fatigue to keep you on track without any worries.


Shoes offer protection against sharp objects when you are biking your way on bumpy terrain. They can keep your feet completely protected from the impacts and shocks so that you could focus on pedaling in the best way possible.

So, with the best MTB shoes out there, you can keep your feet protected and enjoy biking without facing any problems.

The Difference Between High Volume and Wide Shoes

Along with the benefits, let’s also take a look at some major differences between high-volume and wide shoes as under:

High Volume Shoes

High-volume shoes are just the standard shoes but they are customized further by the manufacturers to make them more suitable for biking and climbing activities.

Giro and Sidi are the two notable names in this aspect that ensure the addition of extra materials to their popular shoes to make them more bike-centric.

Wide Shoes

Compared to standard shoes, wide shoes come with a wide outsole to make sure that they can cater to the needs of the riders accordingly.

Not many brands can make such shoes as they are cost-effective and not so popular. However, wide shoes are still being looked out by the riders who feel uncomfortable while wearing the standard shoes.

Which One Should You Choose?

It really depends upon your needs and the way your feet are designed. If you think that you feel uncomfortable in high-volume shoes due to their narrowness, simply opt for wide shoes and you’ll feel the difference for sure.

While you choose the wide shoes, make sure that you also consider the overall comfort and the type of grip they offer. It will help you make a better decision in the long run.


Riders with wide feet often feel uncomfortable with the standard MTB shoes and that’s the main reason we have helped them out in this article today.

The shoes we have listed offer a perfect adjustment to wide feet along with other necessities including comfort, grip, and overall ruggedness.

So, go through the list and choose the shoe that looks the most compelling as per your needs. In case you want our recommendation, we’d be going for the Sidi Trace 2 Mega MTB Shoes for the way they offer value at a justified price tag.

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