10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Worth Your Money in 2023

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Finding the right bike helmets that offer value to a user is one hell of a task, but we’ve done our homework on it already. The reviews contain models that we have tested, experimented with, and even worn to multiple trails to see how they perform.

In addition to that, we have included only reputable manufacturers to make sure that you get what you are paying for. Choosing from such brands will also help you get a discount to exchange a damaged helmet.

 In-Depth Reviews of MTB Helmets For 2023

1. Giro Fixture MIPS

Why only Giro Fixture when there are better helmets available out there? The Fixture MIPS helmet, first of all, is suitable for different types of mountain biking, including Downhill and Cross Country.

It’s extremely affordable, so that was another excuse to give this helmet the top position. No matter what happens, the helmet will keep your head safe and sound enough, and that’s the main reason we love it so much.

Giro Fixture MIPS, first of all, features in-mold construction with a polycarbonate outer shell and inner EPS foam liner. Not only does it make the helmet durable, but it also reduces the overall weight to ensure less burden on the head.

With 18 vents, the breathability factor is up to the mark. With reduced moisture and less sweat production, riders can keep wearing the Giro Fixture all day long without getting frustrated or uncomfortable.

Fixture MIPS is all about ease and comfort for the rider. The special Roc Loc Sports Fitting System ensures a snug and comfortable fit to allow the bikers to cruise through multiple terrains without any hassle.

Keeping the protection intact, we also see MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) utilization to reduce the overall shock and impact of rotational forces in this comfortable helmet.

Meanwhile, the visor of the helmet is removable. So you can either attach or remove it to conveniently adjust your biking goggles while cruising through rough and harsh trails.

According to our testers, Fixture MIPS is the best fit for casual mountain biking. As per their views, “The helmet is capable of enduring harsh shocks and impacts to keep the rider’s head safe and cool at the same time.”


  • Removable visor.
  • MIPS integrated for improved protection.
  • The open-face design makes the helmet lightweight.
  • Durable polycarbonate outer shell.
  • Extra-plush padding enhances comfort.
  • Eighteen vents ensure coolness.


  • It does not offer full-face protection.
  • Certainly not the best option for Enduro biking.

2. Troy Lee Designs Adult A2

When we specifically talk about the craft of “Helmet Making,” Troy Lee Designs is arguably the Picasso of it. For instance, this manufacturer’s latest A2 MIPS mountain bike helmet is already making noise on the market.

The reason it’s getting so much famous is that it offers THAT EXTRA PROTECTION to the rider while maintaining ease and comfort.

You’d also be surprised that the helmet has an open-face construction, but it can still keep your head safe from any unwanted impact without any hassle.

The A2 Adult comes with the MIPS Brain Protection technology. Integrated on the inside, it can keep the brain and head away from rotational forces without causing any problem.

On the inside, we see the combination of EPS (Extended Polystyrene) + EPP (Extended Polypropylene) materials to reduce severe impacts conveniently. Not to mention, the inner liner is removable and re-washable to ensure cleanliness.

Thanks to the big vents placed at multiple positions, Troy Lee Designs MTB helmet offers 25% more breathability than its previous model.

Reduced moisture and sweat thus allow the professional riders to keep wearing this helmet all day long with due comfort.

The break-away visor screws allow the visor to adjust at two different positions. You can adjust them according to your preferences to keep your eyes and forehead away from any bruises or foreign debris.

A2 delivers a universal fit, thanks to its semi-adjustable and low-profile strap. You can adjust the straps according to your will and wish for a protective and safe mountain biking experience.

Last but not least, the Troy Lee Designs A2 can keep the head of a rider away from any sudden impact. However, it’s an expensive choice and is thus suitable only for professional MTB riders.


  • EPS + EPP ensures extra coverage.
  • X-Static Liner is removable and re-washable.
  • A durable polycarbonate shell helps the helmets slide easily.
  • 25% more breathability with larger vents.
  • Adjustable visor.


  • A bit weighty compared to Giro Fixture.
  • An expensive option for sure.

3. Giro Verce MIPS Women (For Women)

With the increasing number of female mountain bikers, manufacturers are now focusing more and more on producing helmets better suited for women.

Featuring a lightweight construction, a stylish design, and of course a protected interface, Giro Verce is there to take care of the heads of women.

One of the best mountain bike helmets fits different head sizes snuggly and allows women to enjoy their ride on rough and harsh trails without any hassle.

Giro Verce features an in-mold construction accumulated with 18 vents to not only ensure reduced weight burden but to keep the heads of female athletes cool and breathable enough.

The MTB helmet comes with extra plush padding on the inside to offer comfort and a sense of relaxation to female athletes. The EPS liner is also there to protect the head against several impacts.

Talking of MIPS, we already know how crucial it is for reducing the impact of rotational forces. Well, the Giro Verce comes with MIPS technology to guarantee protection to female bikers in case they get involved in a serious crash.

Roc Loc fitting system ensures universal adjustability. Women can wear the helmet and adjust its fit using the dial system to enjoy a flawless and adventurous biking experience.

In the end, the removable visor is also installed to keep the eyes and forehead safe from any penetration.


  • Comes with MIPS protection.
  • Adjustable straps for easy and snug fit.
  • Roc Loc fitting system offers vertical adjustment.
  • Multiple color varieties are available.
  • Hard polycarbonate shell.


  • Not suitable for men.

4. Bell Soquel MIPS Bike Helmet

Those who love cruising on downhill trails need a helmet that can keep their heads protected but are not too bulky.

If you are fond of downhill biking and need an MTB helmet to protect your skull, we present you with none other than the Bell Soquel MIPS.

Bell is one of the most reputable brands when discussing MTB helmets. The Soquel model is an embodiment of how good Bell is at this craft of making durable helmets at an affordable price tag.

Getting started, Bell Soquel features the MIPS integration for protection against rough rotational forces. We also see a fused in-mold construction with a polycarbonate shell and EPS liner for immense protection plus comfort.

What’s even more impressive about this bike helmet is that it offers extended rear coverage to ensure extra and improved protection to the bikers.

The dial turn fit system in Bell Soquel offers convenience to downhill riders, especially when they are riding at full pace. One can easily adjust the fit of the helmet using only one hand.

Moreover, multiple vents on the back as well as on the front ensure exceptional breathability and ventilation. The vents can maintain perfect airflow on the inside to reduce extra moisture and sweat.

CPSC certified is rare to find with cheaper helmets, but that’s not the case with this one.


  • Inexpensive MTB helmet for downhill riding.
  • Removable straps.
  • Large vents ensure proper airflow on the inside.
  • Fused in-mold construction makes the helmet ultralight.


  • Does not offer extended protection.
  • Sun visor is useless.


Bell Super DH MIPS is a full-face mountain bike helmet capable of keeping your head and your face safe from harsh impacts.

The helmet surely weighs more than an open-face model, but the protection it offers is simply superb. We take a look at how Bell Super DH ensures full-face protection as follows:

Super DH, comes with an infused in-mold construction featuring a polycarbonate outer shell and the inner EPS liner. Not only does it make the helmet sturdier, but you can also expect complete protection from unwanted impacts.

MIPS is already integrated alongside Flex Spherical, so you’ll not have to worry about the unwarranted influence of rotational forces.

The combo of Flex Spherical technology and MIPS can keep you safe during low and high-speed impacts on different types of terrains.

One of the best features that Super DH MIPS offers is a removable chin bar. So yeah, you can convert this helmet into an open-face model by removing its chin bar. The best part? You won’t need any tools to detach the extra chin accessory at all.

From a maintenance perspective, the XT2 and X-Static padding is not only comfortable but removable at the same time. You can remove and wash these pads to maintain the cleanliness of the stylish helmet.

Besides, the advanced GoggleGuide adjustable visor is also present to keep your forehead and eyes safe from unwanted penetration of foreign debris.

Not to forget, the helmet also features an integrated mount to attach GoPros for recording your biking adventures.

All in all, Bell Super DH surely is about the PROTECTION only! Although it’s expensive enough, we suggest you consider it if you have a phobia of getting injured while riding on harsh trails and want your head to keep safe and secure all the time.

“You can also explore other full-face helmet options in our extensive guide about the Best Full-Face MTB Helmets!”


  • X-Static and XT2 padding for extra comfort.
  • Ensures universal fit.
  • Durable polycarbonate outer shell.
  • Perfect for professional uphill riders.


  • Expensive helmet.
  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Bulkier than standard open-face helmets.

6. BELL Transfer Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Another unique full-face MTB helmet from Bell gathers interest from professional mountain bikers. Affordable compared to Bell Super DH, this full-face model features a durable shape, breathable air vents, and a snug fit.

Adding to that, it can keep all your face and your forehead safe from unwanted bruises while you get yourself indulged in a serious crash.

The Transfer Adult MTB helmet from Bell offers OVERBROW ventilation. That is, the air gets rushed into the helmets through brow vents and gets passed from the rear to keep the inside cool and away from moisture.

Made from an extremely durable polycarbonate shell, the helmet can easily absorb harsh shocks and impacts. The EPS liner is also available on the inside to keep your head and skull safe all the time.

In the meanwhile, we also see a special FlyBridge visor that could be adjusted as per the preferences of the riders. Bikers could even adjust the visor while wearing the gloves.

Well, don’t get disheartened but the Bell Transfer MTB helmet does not feature MIPS protection. That’s something you’ll need to sacrifice if you want to purchase this full-face helmet for mountain biking.


  • 9 helmet vents with 3 brow ports for breathability.
  • Extra padded chin bar for maximum comfort.
  • Durable polycarbonate construction.
  • An adjustable visor protects the eyes and forehead.


  • Non-removable chin bar.
  • No MIPS protection.  

7. Troy Lee Designs Adult A1

Cross country riding is not all about cruising through steep uphill terrains. This offroad activity requires the riders to keep changing the technical trails while riding their bikes.

Based on all these requirements, the Troy Lee Designs Adult A1 is a choice that would surely suit XC riders. Although it does feature an open-face design, the protection that it offers is second to none.

Besides, one of the best mountain bike helmets comes with multiple color combination varieties to keep you standing out from other MTB bikers.

Anyways, the very first thing to discuss A1 is that its outer shell is made up of a reinforced polycarbonate shell. On the inside we see a dual-density EPS liner to maintain comfort as well as to reduce low-speed and high-speed impacts.

Not only that, but the mountain bike helmet also extends way down from both sides to increase the deep coverage. It can cover your whole head and skull region including your forehead and ears too.

Along with that, the TLD A1 does come with 8 intake passages or vents to help the air rush inside the helmet for maximum ventilation.

There are 8 extra exhaust ports available to reduce the heat production and distribute it accordingly. The result? Your head will remain cool and relaxed enough!

Featuring a magnetic buckle, you can easily tuck in the chin strap and adjust it according to your will and wish for extra comfort and convenience.

Lastly, the A1 Adult has got the MIPS integration to keep you safe from head injuries, especially concussions. The protection combined with a lightweight design and CPSC certification makes TLD A1 a great helmet for XC riding.


  • MIPS protection enabled.
  • Reinforced polycarbonate shell with inner EPS liner.
  • Perfect for XC mountain biking.
  • A magnetic buckle helps adjust the helmet easily.


  • It could run a little small on some users.
  • Poor chin strap.

8. POC Axion Spin

Reliable and Trustworthy are two words to describe the POC Axion SPIN mountain bike helmet.

Designed specifically for Enduro biking and trail riding, this helmet is light in weight, it can keep your head and skull protected, and most of all, it’s injected with the latest protection technology.

Keeping all these views in mind, the Axion Spin is arguably one of the most reliable MTB helmets available in the market in 2023.

Axion SPIN, first of all, is lightweight and durable enough to endure the harsh conditions of trail and enduro biking. You can wear it to ride your bike on rough and uneven surfaces all day long.

The silicone pad technology by POC or the SPIN technology (Shearing Pad Inside) is a better upgrade over MIPS. It can limit the impact of rotational forces to keep you safe and protected in case of a harsh accident.

Although the integrated visor that Axion SPIN features are adjustable, it has been installed in a way that it would break upon a rough fall or crash. Therefore, you will feel less impact on your head and brain this way.

In the end, what matters the most about Axion Spin is that it comes with a 360° adjustment system. It allows riders to get their preferred fit according to their head circumference and ensures a comfortable wearing experience at the same time. 


  • SPIN protection against rotational forces. 
  • Sleek and smooth yet tough outer shell. 
  • Inner silicone padding ensures comfort and protection. 
  • An adjustable visor is available. 


9. O’Neal Trail Finder

A reasonable option within a $100 price tag, O’Neal Trail Finder is an MTB helmet suitable for uphill, downhill, XC, and gravel riding.

The helmet has got a sophisticated design coupled up with necessary protection features to ensure maximum protection and safety during imminent crashes.

Getting started with discussing some of its features, O’Neal Trail Finder has got a polycarbonate outer shell construction that allows it to reduce the harsh impacts easily.

Along with that, it also comes with the micro-adjust 1 hand retention that allows riders to adjust the helmet while they are riding the MTB bikes.

Up next, O’Neal Trail Finder has a thickly padded chin strap available for keeping your chin comfy and away from any frustration. The Fidlock buckle is also present for convenient tucking.

Finally, at an affordable rate, the helmet still features an adjustable visor. It also complies with the US, CPSC safety standards although it lacks MIPS protection.


  • Tough PC outer shell.
  • Micro-hand size retention adjustment system.
  • Perfect for casual mountain biking.


  • No MIPS integration.

10. Troy Lee Designs D3

The last mountain bike helmet up for grabs is from TLD. With certain improvements and a justified price tag, the D3 Full-Face MTB helmet ensures extra safety and protection.

Not only that, but the lightweight design of the helmet works like icing on the cake and allows the riders to enjoy a comfortable biking experience without any hassle.

Long story short, the D3 from Troy Lee Designs could help save your skull and face at a justified price tag.

Starting with some majors, compared to other helmets that we have discussed, the Troy Lee Designs D3 has a fiberglass outer shell, which works out the best in reducing the low and high-speed impacts on the head and skull region.

Besides that, it also includes technologically innovated 3D cheek pads to keep your face in comfort. The cheek pads will also ensure complete protection against subtle hits while you take on steep uphill terrain.

Well, thanks to the full-spectrum adjustable visor, it will not only keep the branches away from your face, but you can also protect your eyes from direct sunlight while wearing the helmet.

There are 20 high-intake vents present in the D3 helmet to increase the airflow on the inside. Meanwhile, the helmet barely weighs 325 grams, which is way too low for a full-face model.


  • Durable and tough fiberglass outer shell.
  • Made for professional MTB riders.
  • Ensures full-face protection.
  • 3D cheek pads for extra comfort and protection.


  • You’ll feel suffocated with frequent wearing.

Different Helmet Types and Your Needs

It’s a no-brainer that mountain biking is a vast field where different riders choose different paths depending upon their preferences. Based on these preferences, the manufacturers in the helmet industry have categorized helmets into three major types:

  • Cross Country or XC Mountain Bike Helmets
  • Trail or Enduro Mountain Bike Helmets
  • Downhill MTB helmets

XC bike helmets are usually light in weight. They could keep a rider’s head cool and are easy to adjust at the same time. Mountain bikers who prefer cross-country riding choose XC helmets as they can keep their heads away from any injury without any overburdening.

Up next, we have the trail or enduro mountain bike helmets. Inculcated with multiple protection technologies, these helmets ensure complete protection to the riders with a bunch of extra features. Enduro enthusiasts usually go for trail MTB helmets to enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

Last but not the least, aggressive downhill riding can have more consequences. Therefore, full-face helmets are preferred that could keep the face and head of the riders safe in all conditions.

Based on these categories, you’ll first need to make a choice that whether you are interested in XC, enduro, or downhill riding. It will become easier for you to narrow down your hunt for the best mountain bike helmet this way.

Final Takeaways:

Safety and protection are the two main reasons bikers need to invest in a good helmet. To keep yourself from a serious brain injury, it’s a must that you get yourself a reliable mountain bike helmet.

We have already listed some of the best options available above to make it easier to choose the helmet you love.

However, if you are still confused, we’d recommend you to go for Giro Fixture MIPS as it’s the best MTB helmet of 2023, featuring MIPS protection, durable construction, a unisex design, and an extremely affordable price tag.

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