10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under $100 For 2023 Reviewed

In Depth Reviews of The Best MTB Helmets Under $100

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Who said safety is not affordable these days? You can easily get the best mountain bike helmet under 100 with all safety features intact in it.

The helmet in this price tag usually features MIPS protection, has a comfortable and adjustable fit, and can save bikers from heinous injuries while they ride uphill or downhill.

Keeping all these qualities in mind, we have already got you a list of the most affordable or cheap mountain bike helmets available on the market.

Let’s jump to it.

In-Depth Reviews of MTB Helmets Under $100

1. Giro Fixture MIPS 

Giro is a reputable brand when it comes to producing MTN bike helmets that can keep riders safe from serious crashes. The Fixture model from this brand has caught the eye of many bikers who want to get the best option available in an affordable range.

Featuring an open-face design, Fixture MIPS is light in weight, has a durable construction, and is comfortable enough to help bikers cruise their way through rough trails.

First things first, the outer shell of the helmet features in-mold polycarbonate construction. Combined with that is an EPS liner on the inside to keep the biker’s head comfy enough.

Next, bikers can also enjoy the integrated MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) in the helmet.

This technology can keep a biker’s head away from serious traumas including concussions and internal bleeding.

Not to forget, the bike helmet comes with 18 wind tunnel vents to maintain the airflow on the inside. No matter how long you keep wearing it, Fixture MIPS isn’t going to disturb you with sweat or extra moisture.

Other additions like the Roc Lock Fit system, universal adjustability, plush padding for immense comfort, and a removable visor make this BMX helmet the top priority for bikers who are short on the budget.

The testers at our facility have also tested the durability of the helmet with several intense experiments.

They found Fixture MIPS to be a perfect open-face helmet for mountain bikers with the kind of features it offers at such an affordable rate.


  • Integrated MIPS technology.
  • Durable polycarbonate shell.
  • EPS liner with plush padding for inner comfort.
  • Roc Lock fitting system for easy adjustment.
  • Comes with a removable visor.


  • It does not get cleaned easily.
  • Gets scratched easily

2. Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet

When safety becomes a priority for BMX riders, they can put all their trust in the Demon Podium Full Face Bike helmet. Designed specifically by the Demon Team, this full-face bike helmet is available at a reasonable rate.

The graphics, structure, durability, and integrated protection technologies in this helmet are second to none.

Plus, it offers a variety of custom adjustments, thus proving only one point that it’s the best full-face mountain bike helmet under $100.

Starting with some majors, this bike helmet comes in a Unisex shape. That means, both men and women can take advantage of it at such an affordable rate.

Talking of the overall construction, we see a tough polycarbonate shell combined with an EPS foam liner. The inner liner can conform to the user’s head to offer a snug and comfortable fit.

One thing that we loved in Demon Podium is the presence of an adjustable visor. The adjusting screws are available that will allow you to adjust the visor according to your preferences.

Although it’s a full-face bike helmet, you will get a perfect airflow on the inside, thanks to the 13 monster airflow vents available within the Podium. The breathability is simply unparalleled.

Compared to the Giro Fixture MIPS, the Demon Podium offers full-face protection. That is, it can keep the biker’s face, cheeks, neck, skull, and head region safe from unwanted crashes.

Last but not the least, the inner liner of the helmet is washable, so you can clean the helmet without any hassle.

Weighing barely 2 lbs. this helmet surely is a perfect option for those who crave full-face safety according to our professional bike helmet testers.


  • Offers full-face protection.
  • Lightweight helmet for mountain bikers.
  • Adjustable visor for clarity and visibility on the way.
  • The removable liner is washable.
  • Monster airflow vents for immense breathability.


  • Lacks the MIPS protection system.
  • Would become a hassle to wear on a sunny day.

3. OUWOR Mountain Bike Helmet (Budget Pick)

Image Credits: Amazon

Key Specifications:

  • S

Need a mountain bike helmet for less than $50? We have got your back! OUWOR is a brand famous for producing MTB accessories for riders at an affordable rate.

Its latest quality helmet barely costs $50 and offers complete protection against serious crashes. The design, construction, and overall weight of the helmet are in accordance with the standards and that’s the reason many bikers are taking interest in this MTB helmet.

Getting started, the best MTB helmet under 50 comes with a rough and tough polycarbonate shell. Combined with it is a thickly padded EPS foam liner, which is capable of keeping a biker’s head safe from instant impact and shock.

Thanks to its unisex design and fit, the helmet conforms to different head sizes including that of men, women, and even youth. Make sure that you measure your head’s circumference and refer to a bike helmet sizing chart before choosing a specific helmet size.

One can expect immense versatility from the OUWOR MTB helmet. That is to say, you can wear it for road cycling, enduro, and trail biking, as well as on gravel paths without facing any hurdles.

Compared to the two helmets that we reviewed above, this one has got 16 air vents, which means complete airflow to keep your head cool and away from any disturbance.

In the end, what intrigues us the most about this helmet is that it comes with a removable and adjustable visor.

Meanwhile, the availability of inner pads, quick release buckle, and chin strap confined in a lightweight body makes this helmet the best option in a $50 budget.


  • Safety standards certified MTB helmet.
  • Ensures a universal fit.
  • Soft chin strip with quick release buckle.
  • Removable and adjustable visor.
  • PC shell with EPS foam liner.
  • One of the Cheap Helmets out there. 


  • No protection against rotational forces.
  • No full-face protection.

4. Giro Tremor MIPS

Giro is indeed acing the helmet industry with the models it is producing recently. Take Giro Tremor, for instance; which has proven to be effective against serious crashes and accidents for mountain bikers.

Costing half of the $100 price tag, this open-face helmet is versatile enough to be worn for road biking, as well as mountain biking.

Not only that, but the integrated MIPS in it is also there to help the bikers remain safe from unwanted impacts.

Giro Tremor MIPS features an in-mold construction, which actually infuses the hard polycarbonate shell with that of the inner liner. The removal of excessive weight makes this helmet light in weight and suitable for downhill rides.

Secondly, MIPS is integrated within the helmet to help the bikers stay in their senses during a harsh fall or jump while going downhill or uphill.

As compared to other MTB helmets, Giro Tremor MIPS comes with 18 vents to enhance the airflow and keep the riders away from extra moisture and sweat.

In the meanwhile, the universal fit (Roc Lock Sport Fit) allows Giro Tremor to get fitted on different head shapes without much hassle.

To sum it up, Giro Tremor MIPS is the real deal, especially at such an affordable price tag. Everything in this helmet from its construction to the protection technology makes it a PREMIUM choice for short-budgeted riders.


  • 18 vents are included for immense breathability.
  • MIPS offers immense protection against serious crashes.
  • In-mold construction cuts down the excessive weight.
  • Suitable for road and mountain cycling.
  • Removable visor with quick-drying padding.


  • Customer service is a bit unresponsive.
  • No other major issues.

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5. GROTTICO Bike Helmet (Top Unisex Helmet)

GROTTICO has done a splendid job by adding all necessary improvements to its latest mountain bike helmet, thus making it compatible both for men and women.

Featuring a rather sophisticated design, this unisex mountain bike helmet costs less than $100 and has still the ability to keep the rider’s head safe from unwanted injuries and crashes.

The best mountain bike helmet under 100, first of all, is certified by the likes of CPSC, EU, and US cycling standards. It’s completely safe to wear it while you are on a journey to cruise uphill and downhill terrains.

An adjustable dial fitting system is something worthy within the helmet. Using the dial fit system, users can adjust the fit according to their comfort and convenience.

In-mold construction of durable polycarbonate shell with EPS foam liner reduces the weight with no compromise on the protection of the riders.

You’d also love the presence of a back LED light present in this bike helmet. It comes with 3 lighting modes, is USB rechargeable, and makes a rider visible at night.

Last but not the least, the package also includes replacement pads plus the helmet comes with a detachable visor. With such custom adjustments, bikers can mold the helmet according to their will and wish conveniently.


  • 23 vents for impeccable breathability.
  • Lightweight PC shell with EPS foam liner.
  • Adjustable dial fit system.
  • Unisex design conforms to the heads of men and women.
  • One of the most affordable helmets out there. 


  • A bit bulky compared to other MTB helmets.
  • Still a little heavier than other standard models.

6. Smith Engage MIPS

Smith goes hand in hand with brands like Giro and Troy Lee when it comes to producing the most comfortable mountain bike helmets on the market.

The Engage MIPS is the epitome of sheer comfort and protection at an affordable rate. Featuring a variety of colors with a unisex design, both men and women can take advantage of this offer and grab this helmet as soon as possible.

Smith Engage mountain bike helmet barely weighs 350g, which is one of the reasons it will keep the heads of the users comfortable enough.

The overall construction is durable with the infusion of Polycarbonate and EPS foam liner. That said, the in-mold technology combined with MIPS can guarantee protection from the shock and impact of some serious crashes.

More than that, Smith Engage also features an adjustable/detachable visor. You can use the pins to detach or adjust them according to your preferences.

The presence of 23 vents, on the other hand, allows intense breathability and maintains the airflow on the inside.

Last but not the least, the Smith Engage MTB helmet offers a universal fit and comfort at an affordable rate. With the type of protection technologies it has, one can easily say that it’s arguably the best mountain bike helmet under 100 available in 2023.


  • In-mold construction.
  • MIPS offers immense protection.
  • Durable and sturdy polycarbonate shell.
  • Comfortable and snug fit.


  • Feels a bit warm as per the feedback of some customers.
  • No Koroyd layer included.

7. Fox Racing SPEEDFRAME MIPS Helmet

Fox Racing is a well-renowned manufacturer producing MTB helmets mostly for professionals. Its SPEEDFRAME model has got the attention of many users as the price it has got is quite justified and affordable at the same time.

A compelling shape, lightweight body, advanced venting system, and durable construction are some of the adjectives to describe how protective and safe this helmet is.

Coming towards some major features, Fox Racing Speedframe features an in-mold EPS liner along with an advanced venting system. Thus, users can wear it all day long without facing any extra moisture or sweat on the inside.

Talking of the outer shell, it’s made up of durable polycarbonate material which acts as the first line of defense. Below the shell is integrated MIPS installed to keep your head away from the impact of rotational forces.

Not to forget, the Fox Racing MTB helmet is certified by the likes of CPSC, EN1078, and AS/NZS 2063 against harsh impacts and shocks. So, you can put your trust in it and wear it while cruising on rough downhill terrain.


  • MIPS protection system.
  • Thick inner padding for comfort.
  • 360-fit system for a snug fit.
  • 3-position adjustable visor.
  • Removable and washable liner.


  • The color looks pink, not red. (As advertised)

8. Exclusky MTB Helmet

Not able to afford all the helmets we have mentioned above? Consider getting the Exclusky MTB helmet and you’ll surely not be disappointed.

One of the best budget options in the helmet industry currently, this model from Exclusky has got a sturdy shape, an open-face construction, and the ability to keep the rider’s head safe and sound during a crash.

Moreover, we all know that the outer shell consists of polycarbonate. However, what makes this helmet stand out is that its inner liner has got a multi-density EPS foam liner so as to absorb the extra impact and shock during a fall.

Adding to that, the cheap MTB helmet does not weigh more than 320 grams and comes with around 18 venting holes to maintain overall breathability and reduce excessive sweat.

Easy to adjust and fit, the single dial retention system allows the riders to maintain the fitness of their helmet with due comfort and convenience.

Lastly, you’d be excited to know that this low-profile MTB helmet also features a sun visor to help with visibility and clarity. You can also lift it up as per your will and wish.


  • Most affordable bike helmet for road and mountain biking.
  • 18 venting holes with multi-density EPS foam liner.
  • Reduces the impacts and shocks during an accident.
  • Adjustable sun visor.


  • No MIPS protection.
  • Suitable for beginners only.

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9. Bell Sanction Bike Helmet

Another full-face bike helmet available on our list is from Bell, which can keep your head as well as your face safe from unwanted injuries and traumas.

The Sanction MTB helmet has got a Sporty design intact with comfort and convenience. More than that, the best mountain bike helmet under 100 could be used both for downhill as well as uphill biking without any hassle.

First things first, Bell Sanction features an outer shell made up of durable ABS plastic that can reduce unwanted shocks during a crash easily.

An adjustable visor is also there. You can adjust it according to your preferences and enjoy cruising on dirty trails without any worries.

Moreover, this full-face helmet barely weighs only 850 grams, which is quite extraordinary considering its type. Bell, therefore categorizes this helmet as something suitable for BMX riders and dirt shredders.

Last but not the least, there are 15 vents available within the helmet to enhance overall breathability. You will thus remain comfortable and relaxed enough to cruise downhill or uphill according to your preferences.


  • Comes with full-face protection.
  • Durable and sturdy ABS plastic shell construction.
  • Suitable for professional MTB riders.
  • Thickly padded inner EPS foam liner.
  • Adjustable visor.


  • Feels a bit suffocating on a sunny day.
  • Heavier than open-face helmets.

10. Giro Verce Women Bike Helmet

Designed specifically for female riders on an affordable budget, the Giro Verce is a helmet that oozes Style, Comfort, and Protection all at the same time.

This open-face bike helmet has got all the necessary protection technologies including MIPS. Plus, the in-mold construction is there to make the helmet ultralight and easily adjustable for women.

Coming straight to the technical features, the outer polycarbonate shell gets infused with an inner EPS liner to reduce the impact and to keep the biker safe from unwanted crashes.

More than that, there are 18 vents present on the helmet to enhance breathability and keep the inside cool as well as moisture-free.

Features like a removable visor, plush padding on the inside, and integrated MIPS makes Giro Verce one of the best $100 MTB helmets for women in 2023.


  • Helps women riders cruise downhills with safety.
  • Multiple color varieties included.
  • MIPS offers extra protection against rotational forces.
  • Durable PC shell with infused EPS foam liner.


  • Not suitable for men.

Bikers Also Ask:

How much should I spend on a mountain bike helmet?

It depends upon what type of biker you are, your biking skills, and the type of terrain you want to ride on. A standard mountain bike will cost you no more than $100.

However, you can also spend some extra bucks to get a model from a reputable brand with some advanced features such as extra protection technologies and camera mounts, etc.

What is the safest MTB helmet?

The safest MTB helmet is of course the one that comes with full-face construction when compared to open-face helmets since it has extra protection technologies installed in it.

Keeping that view in mind, we recommend getting Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet as it’s rated as the best mountain bike helmet under 100.

Are Troy Lee helmets good?

Troy Lee is one of the most reputable brands available out there. However, the expensive helmet models it produces are out of the range of riders who are short on a budget.

That’s the reason we did not include it in our discussion today. You can have a chance to land a used Troy Lee helmet for $100, but we don’t think it’s going to make much difference.

Final Takeaways:

Landing a good helmet does not mean that you must spend a hell of a lot of money on it.

When you know your preferences and the important features that you should never miss out on in an MTB helmet, then you’ll have a chance to land a perfect helmet that too in an UNDER $100 BUDGET.

That said, we think Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet is one of the best full-face helmets out there available at an affordable rate. For riders who love the open-face type, we recommend Giro Fixture MIPS.

Other than that, there are other helmets that we have reviewed above. Go through them one by one and make your decision accordingly.

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