7 Best Full Face MTB Bike Helmets for 2023 Reviewed and Compared


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Looking for the best full-face helmet but can’t decide which one suits your riding style and budget? You are in the right place.

We have taken into account hundreds of customer reviews on YouTube, Amazon, and various MTB forums and groups to provide you with the most comprehensive breakdowns of each helmet.

So let’s jump straight to it.

Top 7 Full Face MTB Bike Helmets Compared

Helmet NameProtection TechnologyNumber of VentsWeight (In Grams)
1. BELL Super Air R MIPSMIPS22410g
2. Troy Lee Designs Stage Helmet CamoMIPS16690g
3. Giro Switchblade MIPSMIPS20800g (Without Chin Bar)
4. Fox Racing Proframe HelmetMIPS24 (Big Bore)735g
5. POC Coron Air SpinSPIN181200g
6. Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon HelmetMIPS C2221000g
7. Bell Servo Adult BMX HelmetRegular101300g

In-Depth Reviews of Full-Face Helmets

1. BELL Super Air R MIPS

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • 410 grams weight (Medium Size)
  • 18 helmet vents.
  • Four brow ports.
  • Small to Large sizes available
  • Removable Chin Guard.

The Bell Super Air helmet comes provides excellent protection, a robust design, and a lightweight shape. During the testing phase, our experts involved this helmet in a series of crashes, and it survived all of them while protecting the skull and face area.

More than that, the bike helmet comes with a removable chin bar that’s sturdy enough to protect the chin and face of riders. In addition, the presence of an adjustable visor works like a charm when you are ready to hit some muddy and dusty trails.

Let’s break it down in terms of protection qualities and overall construction as follows:

Flex Spherical MIPS Protection Technology

Designed with the brilliance and genius of engineering, the Bell Super Air R features a flex spherical MIPS protection technology. It distributes the harsh impacts and ensures the protection of the skull from unwanted shocks and rotational forces.

Durability and Sturdiness Promised

Next, the helmet features a durable fusion mold-in polycarbonate outer shell to resist the impact of serious crashes. On top of it, the outer shell gets bonded with EPS inner lining to enhance durability. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) also helps in absorbing most of the impact.

Enhanced Ventilation

Bell Super Air R has 18 vents along with four brow ports to increase the airflow sufficiently. During our testing phase, one of our experts wore it while riding uphill on an MTN bike, and it did not disappoint in terms of proper airflow to the head and skull region.

Adjustable Visor Protects the Eyes

The unique GoggleGuide visor, first of all, is adjustable enough. The cherry on top of it is that it can accommodate glasses as well. Hence, with proper protection, riders can wear glasses while cruising on harsh and muddy terrains.

Snug Fit

We all know how big of a role size and fit play when choosing a helmet for safe riding. The good thing about Bell Super Air R is that it comes with a Float Fit system. This system features an over-molded dial along with easy-to-turn rubber that ensures a snug fit with comfort.

 Interior Featuring Sweat Guide Pad!

Say goodbye to sweaty heads. The interior of this helmet features a sweat guide pad that can absorb moisture for a comfortable biking experience.


  • Keeps head and face safe from unwanted impacts
  • Sturdy polycarbonate shell bonded with inner EPS lining
  • Sweat Guide Pad absorbs sweat and keeps the rider comfy
  • GoPro mount installed


  • Quite an expensive option
  • Not ideal for beginner MTB riders 

2. Troy Lee Designs Stage Helmet Camo

Image Credits: AMain Cycling

Key Features:

  • 690 grams weight.
  • EPS + EPP lining.
  • 16 helmet vents.
  • X-small to XX-large sizes available

Everyone who’s even slightly interested in mountain biking knows how big of a brand Troy Lee Designs is when discussing bike helmets. Its latest cameo, i.e., “The Stage,” is our runner-up full-face bike helmet.

Although the qualities of both helmets are almost the same, the latter one is a bit heavier than the one we mentioned above. In short, it’s’ the best full-face MTB helmet for downhill riding we have checked in a while.

Starting with some significant features;

Comfort and Durability Ensured

The bike helmet from Troy Lee Designs features a dual-density EPS lining co-molded with that EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) to ensure maximum comfort. Besides that, such an inner lining can also absorb most of the impact, thus keeping the skull protected enough.

Comprehensive Venting System

Not to mention, the helmet does feature an extensive 16 vents system to ensure sufficient airflow inside the head region. The presence of a drawstring bag combined with breathable mesh paneling also adds to extra breathability while coming downhill.

Suitable for High-Speed Adventures

With MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) infused in the helmet, it offers ample protection to riders who love cruising downhills with a speed of 15 to 20mph. In addition, MIPS also ensures to keep the skull and face area are safe in all conditions.

Complete Protection against Serious Crashes

When Troy Lee Designs mentions full-face protection, it certainly means it. That’s because you get three extra ear pads to cover the ear region along with a headliner as well. So your face will remain safe and protective no matter how harsh the crash looks.

Magnetic Camera Mount

Want to record your adventures in a GoPro? Adjust it on the magnetic camera mount of the Stage helmet, and it will not cause shakiness or blurriness as you take on bumpy downhill terrains.

Crash Replacement Policy

No brand offers a crash replacement policy when you crash a helmet. But, with Troy Lee Designs, you get a flat 30% discount on a new helmet if you crash the previous one.


  • Safety, protection, and sturdiness ensured
  • EPS+EPP combo for reduced impact resistance
  • MIPS technology distributes the impact of rotational forces
  • Features a magnetic mount for attaching GoPro


  • No visor included
  • Chin guard isn’t’ removable

3. Giro Switchblade MIPS

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • Weight 800g (without chin bar)
  • 20 helmet vents included.
  • Ear paddings are available.
  • Adjustable visor

Giro Switchblade has the same structure as that of Troy Lee Stage that we discussed just above. Though what makes it unique is its convertible design.

The removable chin guard means you can convert this full-face MTB helmet into an open-face helmet without any worries. Besides, MIPS protection is inclusive, which means you can wear it while riding on gravel, uphill, or downhill terrains at high speed.

Certified by the likes of the Snell Foundation and CPSC, one can call it the best full-face bike helmet for the money right now.

Giro Switchblade features the following qualities:

Complete Protection from All Angles

The hard polycarbonate outer shell infused with MIPS and thick EPS lining ensures complete protection of the head and face area from all angles. The helmet also offers ear paddings to make sure that the biker remains safe while riding on rough terrain.

20 Helmet Vents for Extensive Airflow

Although the helmet is heavier and bulkier with the chin guard (about 1100g), it features 20 exhaust vents. In addition, Roc Loc Air DH fit system installed in the helmet allows it to suspend a little bit above the head to maintain exceptional airflow on the inside.  

Convertible Helmet

Just want to ride casually on a less bumpy trail? Remove the chin guard and ear paddings to convert Giro Switchblade into an open-face helmet. You can adjust the fit according to your comfort and convenience.

Suitable for Downhill Riding

Certified by CPSC, Snell, and ASTM-International, this helmet is a perfect downhill helmet. The protection is immense and will keep a rider’s head and face safe no matter how bad the crash is.


  • Downhill certified full-face helmet
  • Durable and sturdy polycarbonate construction
  • Thick inner EPS lining for reduced impact
  • Roc Loc vent system for immense airflow


  • Way too heavier even without the chin bar
  • Too hot on sunny days

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4. Fox Racing Proframe Helmet – ASTM Certified

Image Credits: Ryderbikes

Key Specifications:

  • 735 grams weight (Large size)
  • MIPS infused
  • Varizorb Dual-Density EPS liner
  • 24 big bore vents.
  • Fidlock Snap Buckle
Check Price

The Fox Full Face MTB Helmet is one of a kind with its lightweight yet protective structure. Certified by none other than ASTM-International, the helmet comes with many features offering full-face protection and keeping the head away from serious injuries.

Moreover, riders can use this helmet for enduro, uphill, and downhill trail riding without any hassle, considering how it’s constructed.

Ultra-Lightweight with Full Face Protection

Proframe full-face helmet barely weighs 735g with an integrated chin bar, and that makes it one of the lightest options for mountain bikers. Meanwhile, it ensures full-face coverage and keeps the head and skull region safe with a hard polycarbonate outer shell.

Unparalleled Breathability!

Featuring 24 big bore vents, you can expect the helmet to offer unrivaled breathability. Even the chin bar has got two vents, which means you can keep wearing it even in hot weather conditions without feeling any discomfort.

Fidlock Snap Buckle System

Not only that, but the snap buckle system allows an easy entry and exit system. The use of Fidlock technology in Proframe ensures extra adjustment and allows the riders to remove it if they want to take a break from cycling.


Not only meant for enduro or downhill riding, but mountain bikers can also wear the Fox Racing Proframe on uneven gravel roads and harsh uphill terrains. Don’t worry about the mud and foreign debris, as a fixed visor is already there to keep you protected enough.

MIPS Infused with Dual Density EPS Liner

A multidirectional protection system infused with the best full-face MTB helmet offers reduced impact against rotational forces. Meanwhile, the dual-density EPS liner with Varizorb technology can also absorb forced impacts perfectly.


  • Ideal for enduro, downhill, and uphill terrains.
  • The Fidlock snap buckle offers easy entry and exit
  • MIPS keeps the brain and skull area safe enough
  • Perfect breathability in hot weather


  • Only one size is available as of now
  • Still a bit expensive option

5. POC Coron Air Spin – Developed by POC Athletes

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • 1200g weight with all paddings and chin bar
  • Fiberglass outer shell
  • EPP inner lining
  • 18 helmet vents

Coron Air Spin from POC is no ordinary helmet. It’s’ been developed by professionals at POC, like Ibis Enduro team athletes including Martin Soderstrom and Robin Wallner.

Air Spin features a sophisticated and robust shape that offers all-day comfort, protection, and impeccable performance. Furthermore, it is Certified for downhill and enduro racing, which means no worthy competitor could come close to Coron Air Spin in terms of full-face protection.

Fiberglass Shell + EPP Liner

POC Coron Air Spin comes with a fiberglass outer shell and a multi-impact EPP inner liner to reduce the impact and provide complete protection to pro mountain bikers.

SPIN Protection Technology

POC uses its patented SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) protection technology to offer 100% protection against serious crashes. No matter how big of a fall you get into, the SPIN tech would be there to reduce the force and restrict it from transmitting to the head and brain area.

Advanced Ventilation System for Perfect Airflow

Coron Air Spin comes with internal vents channeling and two mesh chin bar vents to increase the airflow. With an advanced venting system, riders can keep wearing Air Spin all day long, whether they are on smooth or harsh terrain.

Instantly Removable Cheek and Ear Pads

Not compromising on security and protection, the helmet offers emergency removable cheek and ear pads if a rider gets into a serious fall or crash.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Last but not least, all the paddings that come with Air Spin are removable and re-washable. This allows MTB riders to keep their helmet clean and well-maintained for future cycling adventures.


  • Robust construction and sturdy design
  • It protects the whole head, face, and chin region
  • Emergency removable pads in a severe injury situation


  • Price is on the higher side
  • A bit bulkier compared to Fox Proframe

6. Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon Helmet Mirage

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • 1000g weight with chin guard
  • D-ring adjustments
  • XT2 3D cheek pads
  • X-static washable liner
  • 22 total vents.

Troy Lee Designs has taken the safety and protection of hardcore cyclists to a whole new level by introducing the D4 Carbon helmet. The overall aesthetics, construction, shape, and body, are all maintained to give a premium look to D4.

Moreover, given that the price tag is way too expensive, it’s’ one of the best investments for professional downhill riders in 2023.

Rigid Carbon Fiber Shell for Immense Protection!

Talking of the outer shell, it’s’ made up of a premium 4D Carbon fiber shell to offer ample protection no matter how serious the crash gets. In addition, the TeXtreme Spread Tow technology plays a significant role in making this helmet excellent durability and sturdiness.

MIPS C2 Protection

A multidirectional protection system comes with an inner liner, which is made up of EPP material to improve rotational protection.

Enhanced Venting System

Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon helmet has ten front intake ports, seven rear exhaust ports, and five overhead intake vents to break down the venting system. The presence of so many vents already increases breathability to keep the rider comfortable all day long.

Adjustable Visor

You can adjust the visor according to your preferences and keep riding downhill trails with superb speed and convenience.


  • For hardcore downhill riders
  • Ample protection infused with a breathable design
  • Will keep the rider’s head safe in harsh conditions


  • On the expensive side

7. Bell Servo Adult BMX Helmet (Budget Pick)

Image Credits: Bells.helmetsguide

Key Specifications:

  • ABS outer shell construction
  • 1300g weight with chin guard
  • 10 helmet vents

Bell Servo offers a full-face BMX bike helmet with almost all protection qualities integrated into it at an affordable rate. It is a helmet that costs less than $100 and yet features durable and sturdy construction. Although it’s’ tagged for teenagers only, adults could also wear it depending upon the circumference of their heads.

Breaking down some of its qualities:

Durable Outer Shell Construction

Even with such an affordable rate, Bell Servo has used premium ABS while constructing the helmet’s outer shell. As a result, it cannot only protect you from severe crashes but can also keep you away from the impact of direct sunlight.

Full Coverage

The lightweight design with proper paddings on the inside keeps a biker safe and comfortable enough.

Neck Roll for Easy Adjustment

A unique neck roll shape given to the bottom side of the helmet keeps the biker relieved of any extra stress while mountain biking on harsh terrains.

One-Step Adjustment

Adjusting the helmet is as easy as eating a piece of cake. The one-step adjustment technology allows a rider to adjust and wear it on the go.

Certified from CPSC testing

No worries about the safety standards! The Bell Servo BMX helmet is certified by the U.S. CPSC standards to protect the head from unwanted impacts and injuries.


  • For less bumpy uphill terrains.
  • Ideal for teenagers and adults.
  • It keeps the head and face region safe from unwanted crashes.


  • No MIPS protection.
  • A bit heavier than other helmets.

Bikers Also Ask

Are full-face helmets good for mountain biking?

With improved protection technologies such as MIPS and SPIN, full-face helmets can protect a rider’s skull and brain from impacts and injuries. Moreover, helmets with chin guards and ear paddings also play a crucial role in keeping the whole face safe from any bruises or bleeding. In a nutshell, full-face helmets are way better when we consider them in terms of mountain biking.

Is a full-face MTB helmet safer?

A full-face MTB helmet is built while keeping in mind the rough downhill terrains and the immense force that could affect the head of a biker in a significant fall. Hence, compared to open-face helmets, they are safer and offer enhanced protection to mountain bikers.

What is the safest MTB helmet?

The safest MTB helmet is Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon Helmet which features a TeXtreme carbon fiber shell with inner EPP lining. Not only that, but it also contains MIPS protection technology to keep a biker safe in uncanny situations. Although it’s’ expensive, there’s no other helmet safer than the D4 Mirage when it comes to ultimate protection.

Final Takeaways

While discussing the best full-face MTB helmets, you must know that choosing an expensive model won’t’ assure you invisibility from injuries and crashes.

A helmet is only a part of mountain biking gear, and considering its importance; you cannot rely on cheap and counterfeit models. All the brands and models discussed above offer ample protection and impact reduction to ensure a sound and safe biking experience.

If you want us to rate the best among them, then we will choose either POC Coron Air Spin or Troy Lee Designs D4 Mirage as our ultimate option. These two models could be trusted with closed eyes while you are rushing downhill on your MTN bike.

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