9 Best Enduro MTB Helmets For 2023 Reviewed


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The best enduro mountain bike helmet is something that offers a snug fit, can keep your head and neck region safe from unwanted crashes, and has an enhanced ventilation system included in it.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we have made a list of 9 enduro helmets worth your money in 2023. Let’s dig right into it.

Most-Recommended Enduro MTB Helmets Reviewed

1. BELL Super DH MIPS 


  • EPS foam liner to create a sturdier helmet
  • Variable EPS foam densities for better transfer of energies after impacts
  • Removable protective chin bar
  • Sweat Guide pad for quick moisture wicking
  • Adaptable visor fits both goggles and glasses
  • 19 Vents provide breathability

Of all types of mountain helmets available in the market currently, we consider the Bell Super DH MIPS as the safest option both for newbies and professional bikers.

This top-notch full-face bike helmet is specifically designed for harsh downhill terrains where enduro riders need to cruise faster to maintain the time track while they finish the terrain.

Bell has made necessary improvements in the helmet to make it compatible with going both downhill as well as uphill. Let’s see how this helmet stands out among its other competitors:

Talking of the basic construction, Bell Super DH comes with an extremely durable polycarbonate outer shell infused with the inner EPS foam liner. Both these accessories can keep the harsh shocks and impacts away while the bikers get involved in a serious crash.

Secondly, the protection of the head and skull is on a whole new level when we talk about this mountain bike helmet.

It features the FLEX Spherical technology to reduce the high-speed as well as low-speed impacts. MIPS is also integrated for protection against rotational forces.

Not to mention, although the enduro bike helmet is full-face, you can remove the chin bar using the screws and convert this helmet into an open-face type. This option can help you go through the tedious uphill terrains without much sweat.

Bell has also focused on making the Super DH MIPS as comfy on the inside as possible. All paddings installed on the inside have the quick-drying capability to keep the riders comfortable and relaxed.

The fit system featuring a rubber molded dial system offers a snug fit at the same time.

In general, the Super DH does come with 19 vents. But, you’d be surprised to see the presence of 2 extra brow ports along with 4 chin bar vents. With such an extensive venting system, you won’t be feeling any moisture on the inside anytime soon.

The testing and experiment by our professionals regarding Bell Super DH have yielded extraordinary results. The helmet not only survived minor crashes, but it was working quite well even when we tested it in a hefty fall.


  • MIPS plus FLEX Spherical protection technology.
  • Extremely durable and sturdy construction.
  • Perfect for enduro biking.
  • Adjustable visor system.
  • Removable chin bar.
  • Convertible full-face bike helmet.


  • An expensive option but completely justified.
  • Full-face helmets are a bit weighty compared to open-face helmets.

2. Troy Lee Designs Stage Camo

Lazer Dissent Helmet

  • 11 High Flow air intakes
  • 14 Open Core exhaust ports to prevent sweating
  • FIDLOCK magnetic buckle system
  • Drawstring Bag with breathable mesh paneling
  • Polylite Shell construction makes it durable
  • Comes with crash replacement guarantee

Everyone knows the class and standard of Troy Lee Designs when it comes to producing Enduro biking helmets. Don’t get us wrong here!

The Stage Camo will cost you more than 200 bucks, but once invested, you’ll be relieved of any head or neck injury for at least the next 5 years.

That’s right! A unique shape, inclusion of important protection features, and a snug fit are all the right reasons to love this enduro mountain bike helmet.

Starting with some basics; the outer shell of Stage Camo features a hard PolyLite shell that gets the fiber reinforcement to maintain the sturdiness. The shell alone can keep the bikers away from high-speed impacts.

Protection against rotational forces is up to the mark. Troy Lee Designs has integrated MIPS on the inside of the helmet to keep the skull and head safe from the impact of rotational forces perfectly.

Next, you’ll surely love the way this full-face helmet is going to keep you safe against unwanted face injuries and bruises. The chin bar is tough enough to maintain protection of your face when you are riding a rough downhill terrain.

In the meanwhile, we simply cannot ignore the excellent ventilation system introduced by the brand into the Stage Camo helmet. It consists of 11 high airflow intakes combined with 14 exhaust ports to enhance the airflow, hence, removing the extra moisture.

Troy Lee Designs does not compromise on the quality of the helmet and that’s evident from the safety certifications stickers it has got. You’ll see the CPSC, Snell, and ASTM-International stickers on the helmet already.

Finally, our testers do think that the Stage Camo is a bit bulky compared to Bell Super DH MIPS. However, the type of protection it offers is rarely found in other MTB helmets currently.


  • Breathable mesh paneling.
  • Offers extra coverage from shocks
  • For professional enduro bikers.
  • PolyLite shell with fiber reinforcement maintains durability.
  • An extensive venting system for perfect breathability.
  • Magnetic buckle FIDLOCK system for a comfy fit.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Not recommended for beginners.

3. BELL Super Air R MIPS


  • EPS foam liner to create a sturdier helmet
  • Variable EPS foam densities for better transfer of energies after impacts
  • Removable protective chin bar
  • Sweat Guide pad for quick moisture wicking
  • Adaptable visor fits both goggles and glasses
  • Integrated removable camera mount

Super Air R MIPS resembles its predecessor, the Bell Super DH MIPS a lot. However, the manufacturer claims that Super Air R is a lot less weighty than the previous model and it’s absolutely true.

This helmet barely weighs 410grams, which is way too low considering it has got a full-face construction.

Furthermore, the presence of Flex Spherical technology infused with MIPS is more than enough to keep your head safe and sound even if you get involved in a serious crash.

Moreover, Super Air R also features a Float Fit DH system to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. The adjustment dial system will not take more than a minute to help you wear the helmet for downhill cruising.

What’s even more fascinating about this MTB enduro helmet is that it’s convertible. The 2-click chin bar removal option allows the riders to remove the chin bar protection, especially when they are cruising on uphill trail riding.

Ventilation is even better than the predecessor when we talk about the latest Bell enduro MTB helmet.

It features 18 vents combined with 4 brow ports and 8 chin bar vents to keep a rider relieved of any extra sweat. Overbrow ventilation is also there to remove excessive moisture.

Bell Super Air R with the fusion in-mold polycarbonate construction and MIPS can keep a rider’s head protected from unwanted impacts.

However, it’s an expensive option and that’s one of the reasons we do not recommend it to beginner enduro riders.


  • Flex Spherical + MIPS integrated.
  • Enhanced vents for maintaining the airflow.
  • EPS foam liner keeps the head comfy and absorbs shocks.
  • 2-click chin bar removal to convert the monitor easily.
  • Float Fit DH fitting system offers an ergonomic fit.
  • Comes with a camera mount.


  • Not ideal for road or XC biking.
  • Squeaks sometimes.

4. POC Kortal Race MIPS

No products found.

Taking safety and protection to a whole new level, POC has done a splendid job in introducing a mountain bike helmet that’s ideal for harsh conditions.

The Race MIPS has superior construction as it comes with an open-face design for easy fit and improved comfort, and it allows the bikers to enjoy their ride at the same time. Here is how this MTB helmet stands out against its competitors:

Infused with a RECCO reflector (A lightweight transponder that requires no battery power to work, you will always be connected to the nearby rescuers in case of a serious crash.

The best thing about this helmet is that it also features an NFC medical chip to help the first responders find you and your bike easily. Just upload all relevant details on the chip and ride anywhere you want without facing any problems.

MIPS integration is there to offer protection against rotational forces. The hard polycarbonate shell with an infused EPS foam liner is the first two lines of defense followed by the MIPS to keep your head safe from unwanted impacts.

Not to mention, POC RACE MIPS also features a 360-degree fit adjustment system. Utilizing it, bikers can wear it without much tweaking.

Along with all other features that we discussed, this enduro helmet does maintain an ample amount of airflow on the inside, thanks to the presence of multiple vents. The visor is also present to keep your vision clear of any obstacle on the way.


  • RECCO Reflector and NFC medical chip installed for immediate help.
  • MIPS integrated enduro bike helmet.
  • Durable and sturdy polycarbonate shell.
  • Open-face design with a 360-degree fit.
  • Ensures uninterrupted ventilation.


  • The visor is not removable.
  • No full-face protection.

5. Smith Bike-Helmets Convoy MIPS (Budget Pick)

Smith Bike-Helmets Convoy

  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Impact Foam: EPS
  • Ventilation: 20 vents
  • Fit Adjustment: VaporFit
  • Visor: adjustable

Well, if you want to pursue Enduro Mountain biking, but have a short budget to spend on a helmet, consider getting Smith Convoy.

This open-face helmet has got the qualities to keep your head safe and secure while you take on rough terrain at a high speed.

More than that, the MIPS technology included in it makes Convoy one of the best enduro mountain bike helmets available on the market.

To get started, the outer shell of the helmet being made of polycarbonate keeps the minor and major impacts plus shocks away from the head and skull area.

More than that, the VaporFit system installed within the helmet allows the riders to enjoy a snug and comfortable fit while they put on the helmet.

MIPS integrated is already there to keep you safe from unwanted rotational forces. So, you can enjoy completing a rough terrain in the due time.

As many as 20 vents are available in Smith Convoy to ensure extensive airflow on the inside. The helmet would not allow any moisture to disturb the rider at any cost.

Last but not the least, the visor of the helmet is adjustable. You can also wear separate glasses, especially on a sunny day or when you are cruising on a dirt road.


  • Affordable MIPS helmet for enduro biking.
  • One of the most comfortable helmets with EPS foam liner.
  • Perfect for beginners and amateur riders.
  • Twist knob VaporFit system for size adjustment.


  • No extra protection technology is included.
  • No full-face protection.

6. Fox Racing Proframe Helmet

Fox Racing Proframe Helmet

  • Removable liner
  • Varizorb (EPS) provides great protection
  • Ventilation: 24 Big Bore vents
  • Full Face: Yes
  • Certifications: ASTM
  • Fixed visor
  • Fidlock Snap helmet buckle for quick entry/exit

Fox Racing is a manufacturer that never disappoints no matter if we talk about affordable helmets, mountain bike helmets, or Enduro helmets.

The Proframe model from this brand has already caught the attention of many bikers who want to enjoy full-face protection along with some other perks. Let’s have a look at them:

The helmet, first of all, is certified by CPSC and ASTM International, which means it can endure harsh and rough impacts plus shocks without any hassle.

Thanks to the presence of a polycarbonate outer shell along with a durable and comfy EPS foam liner, the helmet will keep the skull and head area away from any concussion for a long time.

Even with a full-face construction, one of the best downhill helmets is light in weight and it ensures that there’s no burden on your head while you cruise your mountain bike on a rough trail.

Although the visor is already fixed, it won’t become a nuisance since the brand has focused on adjusting it ergonomically. You can, therefore, enjoy all protection and security without any hassle.

The last observable feature in Fox Racing Proframe is the availability of 20 big bore vents that can maintain a steady airflow on the inside for immense breathability.


  • Ensures full-face protection.
  • Perfect for professional bikers.
  • Dual-density EPS foam liner.
  • Absorbs moisture and reduces foul sweat smell.
  • Ultralight helmet.


  • The visor is fixed.
  • No MIPS protection.

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7. Giro Tyrant Spherical Adult Dirt Bike Helmet

Giro Tyrant Spherical Helmet

  • MIPS redirects impact forces forsafety
  • Dual-density EPS foam liner
  • 14 vents with internal channeling
  • Get the perfect fit with the Roc Loc Air DH fit system
  • Goggle/specs compatible
  • Get spare cheek pads

Giro Tyrant is one sophisticated bike helmet capable of not only keeping the head protected but comfortable at the same time.

To get started, Giro has inculcated the latest Spherical MIPS protection system in its dirt bike helmet to maintain the protection of the head and skull area perfectly.

On the other hand, we also see a dual-density EPS foam liner capable of keeping the inside as comfortable as possible while absorbing the minor impacts at the same time.

Giro with its patented Roc Lock fit adjustment system allows the users to adjust the fit according to their preferences. Bikers could achieve their preferred comfort and stability this way.

14 vents are available within the Giro Tyrant for removing extra moisture as well as enhancing breathability. Keeping this feature in mind, you can experience a cool head while cruising uphill.

Last but not the least, Tyrant is an open-face helmet and it’s in fact the lightest helmet introduced by the Giro in recent years. Plus, the price tag is quite justified, so it’s a perfect option to ponder for enduro bikers.


  • MIPS and Spherical protection technologies.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Dual-density EPS foam liner for maximum comfort.
  • Roc Loc fit system for extra stability.


  • Ear coverings could compromise listening

8. Troy Lee Designs Half Shell A1

Troy Lee Designs Half Shell A1

  • EPS liner on sides and back of the head for max coverage
  • 8 pressurized intake passages
  • 8 rear vacuum vortex outlets
  • CPSC 1203, CE EN 107B, AS/NZS 2063 certified
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Equipped with MIPS rotational brain protection

Another model from Troy Lee Designs, this time an open-face bike helmet is up for grabs for those who want to enjoy enduro biking without compromising on their safety.

As usual, the brand has focused on integrating new protection technologies into the helmet. It has also reduced the weight of the helmet so that it’s easily wearable by bikers.

Anyways, the Half Shell A1 features a polycarbonate outer shell infused with a thick EPS foam liner to maintain durability as well as to keep the head comfy and relaxed enough.

To break down the vents, you will see 8 intake passages to enhance the airflow inside for maximum breathability. 8 rear exhaust vents are also available to reduce the extra heat production while you take on uphill terrain.

Well, this enduro helmet does offer protection to the head and skull region. However, it cannot ensure full-face protection compared to the other Troy Lee helmet that we discussed above.


  • Certified from CPSC.
  • Polycarbonate shell with EPS foam liner for maximum protection.
  • 8 intake and 8 outtake venting ports for maximum airflow.
  • Lightweight bike helmet for enduro.


  • Chinstrap is a bit flimsy.

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9. POC Tectal Race Spin

POC Tectal Race Spin

  • RECCO reflector uses radar to locate you
  • POC’s patent-pending silicone pad technology system
  • Weighs under 1 lbs
  • 360° size and strap adjustment system
  • Unique airflow channels help keep you cool
  • High-performance unibody PC shell

Last on our list is from POC yet again; however, its features are kinda unique compared to all other helmets that we have discussed up till now.

The helmet features SPIN instead of MIPS ensuring complete head protection from unwanted rotational forces. In the meanwhile, it has also got recent technological updates that allow it to be a perfect fit for e-bikes.

Talking of some of its features, Tectal Race comes with SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) protection combined with silicone pad technology to maintain the overall protection of the head from rotational forces.

Other than that, it also features the necessary RECCO reflector that would help the nearby rescuers locate your location easily in case of an emergency.

The 360-degree size and fit adjustment system are already there to ensure a comfortable and snug fit.

What’s even more impressive is the helmet offers an enhanced breathability system and is lighted than 1 lb. to keep the comfort, stability, and protection all in place for the rider.


  • SPIN protection works better than MIPS.
  • 360-degree size adjustment option.
  • Durable and sturdy polycarbonate outer shell.
  • RECCO reflector traces the biker’s location easily.


  • No full-face protection option.
  • Not an ideal fit for round Asian heads.

How to Choose the Right Enduro Mountain Bike Helmet?

Hence, to make sure that you get the best deal while looking out for an enduro helmet, take a look at these important factors.

Construction of the Helmet

An enduro helmet usually comes with a tough outer shell that is made up of Polycarbonate most of the time.

The inside consists of EPS foam liner, which consists of layers of multiple densities to reduce the impact of a serious fall as well as to keep a rider comfortable enough.

That said, while you are out there choosing an enduro helmet for yourself, make sure that it comes with durable construction.

With a polycarbonate outer shell infused along with the inner EPS foam liner, the damage done to your head will reduce to a minimum regardless of the kind of crash you get into.

Other than that, helmets made with such construction tend to last longer than the ones made with cheap constructing materials.

The Right Fit

No matter how expensive a helmet is, it would be of no service to you, especially if you do not feel comfortable while wearing it.

This is where we discuss choosing the helmet that fits snugly and appropriately covers the whole head region to ensure maximum comfort as well as protection.

Multiple brands including Giro, Troy Lee Designs, and Bell have focused on introducing a dial fit adjustment system, which is working out quite well for many users.

However, nothing beats the fact that you should visit a nearby bike shop and wear a helmet yourself to see whether it fits ideally or not.

Wearing a helmet beforehand will also allow you to have an idea of your head’s shape and circumference.

You can, thus, make a good decision based on your personal intuition and experience to choose a helmet that fits your perfectly.

Ventilation System

Yeah, ventilation is necessary for bike helmets to keep the head cool and avoid any moisture.

However, when we talk about Enduro biking, the challenges could get rough and for that, you will certainly need maximum protection.

So, besides the number of vents available on a helmet, check whether they are placed ergonomically or not.

Of course, more vents mean more ventilation, but this could also leave spaces and holes that would leave your head exposed to multiple obstacles on the way.

All the bike helmets that we have listed above have got vents scientifically scattered so as not to compromise the protection while increasing the airflow.

So, you can get a look at the above-mentioned discussion for better insights.

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Protection from Rotational Forces

These days, a helmet must not only offer one type of protection, but it should keep your head secure from all perspectives.

Rotational forces are one of the reasons bikers get concussions and hefty injuries when they are involved in serious crashes.

To tackle this problem, MIPS is there along with the likes of WaveCel and SPIN as a part of Rotational Impact Protection Systems to reduce the chances of rotational injuries. 

MIPS multi-directional impact protection system is the most commonly used protection technology to tackle the rotational forces impact problem.

However, technologies like SPIN and WaveCel are also proving to be crucial for bikers who want to cruise rough downhill terrain at full speed.

When to Replace Helmet?

An important question that needs to be answered thoroughly! This is why we have done an entire post on when you need to replace your bike helmet. It is essential your helmet is up to the required standards, so please, do check out the post if you are using a helmet for years now or after a crash.

Remember, many brands offer some sort of discount on replacing a crashed helmet with a new one, so you should avail of that opportunity as well while you can.

Other than that, you can keep using your helmet for as long as 5 years without any worries.

Final Takeaways

Enduro biking not only requires physical fitness and biking skills, but it also requires bikers to keep themselves protected from unwanted injuries.

Talking of the lightweight helmet for enduro, you should consider all important factors before blowing the final whistle.

However, if you are still confused, we’d recommend choosing BELL Super DH MIPS as it’s the best high-end helmet available out there.

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