7 Best Bike Helmets for Women – Top Picks For 2023


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Are you a woman looking for a new bike helmet? You are in the right place.

We picked out 7 helmets that aren’t just stylish but also come with all the important technology and padding to ensure you have a safe ride whether you are riding to work or riding the hills.

So let’s jump straight to them.

Top 7 Bike Helmets for Women Compared

Helmet NameTypeProtection Technology
1. Retrospec Dakota Bicycle HelmetCommutingBasic Protection
2. Smith Venture MIPS MTB HelmetMTBMIPS
3. Retrospec Silas Bike HelmetCommutingBasic Protection
4. Smith Powersports SessionMTB (Downhill)MIPS
5. POC Omne Air Spin Bike HelmetRoadSPIN
6. Giro Syntax MIPSRoadMIPS
7. BELL Spark MIPSMTB (Uphill)MIPS

In-Depth Reviews of Bike Helmets for Women

1. Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet – For Daily Commuters

Image Credits: UBuy

Key Specifications:

  • ABS outer shell.
  • EPS foam inner shell.
  • 10 vents.
  • Compatibility: Street biking/Daily Commuting
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A sleek design, comfortable fit, and various color combinations available make Retrospec Dakota one of the best choices for daily commuters.

Women who want to enjoy the luxury of style, comfort, and extra protection can pick this bike helmet with closed eyes.

Getting certifications from the likes of ASTM, it’s marked safe for commuters who have to drive to their schools, colleges, or offices on a bike.

Meanwhile, a wide variety of colors could easily make all the females go WOW while picking the helmet they want.

Enough with the compliments! Retrospec Dakota offers the following features:

Certified and Tested

First things first, the bike helmet is passed through a series of tests and certifications according to ASTM and CPSC. Both these organizations confirmed that this helmet could be used for biking, skiing, and skateboarding at the same time.

Open-Face Design Offers Comfort

Being tested by our female bikers on smooth roads, they did not feel any discomfort while cycling from point A to B. Helmets with an open-face design ensure comfort and ease of adjustment while maintaining due protection.

No Compromise on Protection

Not to forget, Retrospec Dakota features a tough ABS plastic shell combined with an EPS foam inner lining. The body is tough enough can offer resistance to severe accidents. Meanwhile, EPS lining is capable of absorbing impacts to keep the head and skull area safe.

Proper Ventilation System

Ventilation plays a key role for women who ride their bikes to offices or schools on a sunny day. Keeping this factor in mind, the bike comes with ten vents, thus maintaining a proper airflow on the inside to keep a female rider as comfortable as possible.

Universal Fit

No matter what type of head you have, the helmet offers universal compatibility. It works best for women who have larger hair as the backside is a bit opened up for increasing the overall comfort.

Multiple Color Options

Last but not the least, you can enjoy picking from a variety of colors according to the color of your bike and go on a ride while twinning on the way.


  • Keeps the head safe and secure with ABS shell construction.
  • EPS lining absorbs shock and sweat.
  • Extensive ventilation system.
  • Suitable for females with long hair.
  • Choose from a wide range of colors.


  • No MIPS protection.
  • Not a suitable option for mountain bikers.

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2. Smith Venture MIPS MTB Helmet – For MTB Riders

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • MIPS integration.
  • 340 grams weight.
  • 20 optimized vents.
  • Polycarbonate outer shell.
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Got a passion for riding rough and tough downhill terrains while keeping your head safe enough? Smith Venture could just be the right fit for you as it’s termed as one of the best bike helmets for women in 2021.

Prepared specifically from a mountain biking perspective, this helmet includes all important safety features that a female rider requires to cruise on rough downhill terrain.

The design, comfort, protection, and style are all up to the mark and that’s the reason our female helmet testers love this helmet to the core.

Some of the major features include:

MIPS Integration for Maximum Protection

The helmet has got MIPS integrated on the inside to ensure maximum protection from rotational forces during a crash. Considering this aspect, our female testers experimented on this helmet for like an hour, and it kept their head safe all the time.

Lightweight Construction

In the meanwhile, we see a lightweight MTB helmet with an in-mold construction that could keep the heads of female mountain bikers safe and sound enough with due comfort. Not to forget it barely weighs 340 grams.

Snug VaporFit Design with Effective Ventilation

VaporFit technology being incorporated in the Smith Venture ensures a snug and comfortable fit. On top of that, the helmet comes with 20 optimized vents to maintain the airflow perfectly.

Integrated Visor/Eyewear for Dust Protection

Your eyes will remain protected from unwanted dust and debris thus allowing clear visibility especially when you are cruising on harsh downhill terrain.

Certified and Tested

Smith Venture is not only certified by the likes of CPSC and ASTM, but we have also got it tested in different conditions. It crossed the expected requirements according to our testers and is therefore termed as the best option for female mountain bikers.


  • MIPS protection keeps the head and skull region safe.
  • Integrated Visor for eye protection.
  • VaporFit adjustment system offers a snug fit.
  • Maintains due comfort and relaxation for a rider.


  • Not suitable for daily commuting.

3. Retrospec Silas Bike Helmet – Budget Pick

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • PVC outer shell.
  • 24 vents.
  • Universal fit.
  • Dew collector lining.
  • CPSC and ASTM certified.
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Well, it’s a no-brainer that some female cyclists can’t afford a helmet that’s way too expensive. They have no other choice rather than to look out for cheap and affordable options on the market.

Well, we have got you covered with the Retrospec Silas, which is unarguably the most affordable bike helmet available in the market.

Everything about this helmet, i.e., its construction, design, comfort, and fit, speaks for itself and it’s quite a catch in such an affordable budget.

Some important qualities include;

LED Taillight Ensures Safety on a Bike Path

When you crave riding your road bike at night, Silas will keep you away from the crowd as it consists of an LED taillight. Using this, you can keep yourself safe enough while cycling at night on a bike path.

Universal Fit

Small, medium and large options are available, but what makes this helmet stand out is its universal fit. No matter how small or large your head gets, Silas can offer you a snug fit without any hassle.

Dew Collector Padding

Do you sweat way more than other people? Nothing to worry about! The dew collector internal lining of the helmet will keep you clear of any sweat so you can ride from dusk till dawn without facing any problems.

Strong, Sturdy, and Comfortable

Not to mention, the PVC outer shell is quite sturdy and durable at the same time. Combined with EPS foam on the inside, the helmet is capable of keeping you safe from unwanted accidents.

Affordable yet Stylish

The affordability, along with a stylish design, proves the “To Kill Two Birds with One Stone” proverb right away as Retrospec Silas has won the hearts of many women up till now.


  • Offers protection to daily commuters at an expensive price tag.
  • Strong, sturdy, and comfortable at the same time.
  • Opened at the back to adjust the head with long hair.
  • LED taillight offers easy visibility.


  • Not recommended for mountain biking.
  • Expires after one crash only.

4. Smith Powersports Session – For Downhill Riding

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • 15 optimized vents.
  • Padding inner liner.
  • VaporFit adjustment.
  • Skeletal structure.
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Downhill riding is one of the most adventurous challenges cyclists take, and if not prepared properly, it could result in severe skull and brain injuries.

If you are an avid downhill rider and ready for a hefty investment, we recommend getting a Smith Powersports Session MTB helmet.

Integrated with MIPS, multiple ventilations, and a VaporFit adjustment, the helmet is an epitome of SAFETY and PROTECTION in style for sure.

Some notable features include;

Zonal Ventilated Protection!

Smith Optics Powersports Session includes 15 optimized vents with zonal ventilation protection. The vents are covered to offer maximum protection from unwanted objects.

VaporFit Adjustment System

Offering a universal and snug fit, the VaporFit adjustment system meets the demands and requirements of female mountain bike riders like a charm.

MIPS Integrated

Moreover, MIPS integration is there to keep the riders away from the impact of rotational forces while they are involved in a serious crash going downhill.

Light in Weight and Comfortable

Not to forget, the helmet weighs less than other expensive MTB helmets available in the market that too while maintaining the comfort and relaxation of the head.


  • The best option out there for downhill cruising.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and sturdy at the same time.
  • MIPS protection keeps the head away from unnecessary impact.
  • Zonal ventilated protection with 15 optimized vents.


  • A bit expensive compared to other bike helmets.
  • Limited color options.

5. POC Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet – For Road Cycling

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • SPIN protection.
  • Removable visor.
  • 10 vents.
  • Polycarbonate outer shell.
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The Air Spin Bike Helmet from POC is making round in the helmet industry as female bikers are getting interested in it with every passing day.

The main reason includes the versatility of this helmet combined with immense protection and durability. Meanwhile, POC has focused on the STYLE factor as well and that’s why you can choose from a variety of color options available.

The primary features of one of the best road helmets include:

SPIN Protection

Better than MIPS (according to POC), the Shearing Pad Inside technology complements the protection feature and keeps the rider’s head cool and brain safe from instant injuries.

All-Road Use

Omne Air Spin comes with an aerodynamic design. Female bikers can easily use it for daily commute and road biking at the same time.

EPS Liner Absorbs Shock and Impact

In addition to other features, the inner lining is made up of an optimized density liner that could easily absorb shock and impact from harsh falls.

Lightweight Helmet Ensures Breathability

POC has maintained the weightlessness concept in Omne Air Spin to keep a rider’s head away from any extra burden. An extensive ventilation system with 10 generous vents is also there to keep you away from any excessive sweat.


  • Suitable for casual road biking.
  • The polycarbonate shell ensures protection and sturdiness.
  • Breathable shape with lightweight construction.


  • An expensive option but absolutely worth it.
  • Not suitable for round oval head shapes.

6. Giro Syntax MIPS

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • Polycarbonate outer shell.
  • MIPS protection.
  • 25 wind tunnel vents.
  • Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes are available.
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Getting its tag of one of the best bike helmets for women, Giro Syntax ensures comfort, snug fit, and due protection to the road bikers at all costs.

The female bike helmet is integrated with MIPS and certified from multiple lab tests in offering protection against serious crashes. Not only that, but it’s also capable of keeping the forehead area safe with its unique design and shape.

Some important features include:

MIPS Integration

The integration of a multidirectional impact protection system in Syntax is more than enough to keep a female rider’s head and skull region away from any serious injuries.

Multiple Vents for Breathability

Giro understands the requirements of road bikers who have to ride on sunny days on smooth as well as rough terrains. Hence, the helmet has got 25 vents to increase the airflow on the inside for maximum breathability.

Comfort and Snug Fit

The best women’s bike for ponytails gets adjusted vertically through Roc Loc 5 system to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Light in Weight

Last but not the least, Giro Syntax isn’t going to be a burden on a female biker’s head as it has got an in-mold construction that makes it lightweight and suitable for road biking.


  • Comfortable and lightweight road bike helmet.
  • Removable pads and straps.
  • Perfect for long cycling ventures.


  • No full-face protection.

7. BELL Spark MIPS

Image Credits: AllTricks

Key Specifications:

  • MIPS integration.
  • 13 vents.
  • Polycarbonate shell.
  • Inner EPS foam liner.
  • Sweat-guide pads.
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One of the most affordable MTB helmet options out there, the BELL Spark MIPS could intrigue those riders who want all protection technologies on an affordable budget.

The bike helmet is sleek, comes with robust construction, and is integrated with ergonomic fit technology to help the riders stay comfortable while riding on rough uphill terrains.

To get started with some major features;

Sturdier In-Mold Construction

The outer polycarbonate shell combined with the inner EPS foam liner makes the helmet sturdier and more durable at the same time.

MIPS Infused with Ergo-Fit

Keeping the biker’s head away from harsh impact and shock after a serious fall, the MIPS is there to keep the skull and brain away from any injury. More than that, Spark also comes with Ergo-Fit technology for a snug and comfortable adjustment.

Sweat-Free Head

In addition, you can also enjoy riding without any sweat on a sunny day as the helmet contains special sweat-guide padding for that purpose. Not to mention there are 13 optimized vents included for sufficient airflow.


  • In-mold construction makes the helmet sturdier.
  • MIPS offers protection against serious head injuries.
  • Versatile enough with a universal fit.


  • Vents are way too open.

Quick Helmet Shopping Tips for Women

What Type of a Biker You Are?

The very first question you should ask yourself before choosing a bike helmet is what type of cycling I prefer.

For daily commuting, you won’t need a helmet with protection technologies as a normal helmet with some basic safety features will do just fine.

Those who are professional road and gravel cyclists will have to consider the weight and aerodynamics factors. They must go for a helmet, which is lightweight and has enough ventilation options to keep their head calm and relaxed enough.

Finally, female mountain bikers should consider only MTB helmets certified by the likes of CPSC, ASTM, and Snell. That’s because you can easily hurt yourself while going downhill at a higher pace. A good mountain bike helmet could thus keep your head, skull, and face safe from harsh crashes easily.

Choose the Right Fit

They say, “A helmet that fits perfectly is way better than a helmet that looks beautiful.”

Got our point?

We know that beauty is a thing of consideration for you but that does not mean you compromise on the fit of a helmet.

Make sure that any type of helmet you get can fit you perfectly depending upon your head circumference. Measure your head size and refer to the helmet sizing chart to ensure the perfect ideal

Moreover, you should not feel any discomfort even after you are wearing a helmet for a long time.

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System)

MIPS or Non-MIPS helmet is a hot debate. Though in our opinion the MIPS helmet is a safer option since its protection technology can prevent several bike crash injuries and keep a rider away from any concussion or internal bleeding.

The protection technology is now equipped in most of the best women’s mountain bike helmets and it tends to offer improved protection against unwanted crashes.

Although helmets with MIPS technology are not available at a cheap rate, they are worth every penny, especially if you are a hardcore downhill racer.

Visor Adjustment

Last but not the least, the bike helmet you get should come with an adjustable visor.

In many cases, when you ride on dusty terrains, foreign debris can easily penetrate your eyes thus causing frustration and problems with visibility.

Having a visor will keep your eyes away from all such problems and help you enjoy your ride accordingly.

So that’s something you should not underestimate when choosing a bike helmet for yourself.

Female Bikers Also Ask:

Are women’s bike helmets different?

The bike helmets made for women have almost the same protection properties as general adult helmets. However, STYLE is a major concern for helmet manufacturers that tend to attract female riders and that’s why you will see multiple color options while selecting the best bike helmet for women.

Are bicycle helmets unisex?

In a way, a bicycle helmet could be worn both by men as well as women, so one could term it as unisex. However, depending upon the head size differences of both sexes, we can make distinctions between the helmets.

How do I choose a bike helmet?

As a female rider, sort out the type of biking you do on regular basis and then choose either a road, commuting, or a mountain bike helmet accordingly. Never compromise on your comfort and fit. Plus, make sure that the helmet is incorporated with technologies like MIPS and SPIN while checking out other safety standards.

Final Takeaways

A bike helmet regardless of whether you are a male or a female is crucial for protecting your head when you are involved in a serious crash.

As a woman, you should not focus on STYLE only while choosing a bike helmet. Make sure that you consider all the important factors that we have mentioned above before making the last decision.

Last but not the least, thoroughly check each unbiased discussion on the helmets and then pick an option that intrigues you the most according to your preferences.

Happy Safe Cycling!

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