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How to Jump a Mountain Bike

Are you wondering how to jump a hardtail MTB or how to jump a full-suspension mountain bike? We have all the answers to those, and you can also learn how to jump mountain bike with

How to Tighten Bike Brakes

You probably missed hitting a car by inches, or you crashed hard, but the injuries wouldn’t have been as severe if your brakes worked correctly. Brakes can be a letdown if not adjusted well. You

Cannondale Vs Trek: Who’s The Winner?

How do you choose between Cannondale and Trek? We have done our share of research and asked for the opinions of professional mountain bikers and bike shop owners to come up with a detailed comparison

Santa Cruz Bronson vs Santa Cruz 5010

Santa Cruz Bronson vs 5010 – which one of the two Santa Cruz bikes is perfect for you? I understand how it feels to be in a dilemma. You have a hard time deciding between

How to Remove and Install Bike Pedals?

For newbies, it is not easy to install or remove a pedal, considering that there might be some mistakes that could be made, which will lead to discouraging results.  Worry no more because this article