Transition Bikes Reviews: A Detailed Analysis for 2022

Best Transition Bikes for 2021 Reviewed

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Transition Cycles is not the most popular bike brand in the world, and that’s awesome! Popular bikes are expensive and sometimes of low quality.

Why? Well, the manufacturers try to meet the demand through mass production. When they do, quality is affected. Transition bikes are bikes you can trust.

Excluding the kid’s bike, I test rode all, and I felt the transition from a cyclist to an excited cyclist. Here’s my Transition bikes review.

The Best Transition Bikes for 2022

1. Transition PBJ

Transition PBJ


  • Fork: 100 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 26”
  • Frame Size: Short, Long, X-Long
  • Frame Material: Chromoly
  • MTB Type: Hardtail Dirt Jump Bike

Transition Cycles refer to the PBJ as their motivational speaker, and it’s for a reason. It’s one of the oldest and longest-running models in the history of the company.

The PBJ is one of the dirt jump bikes that I would recommend because of two reasons. The first reason is that it’s fully gifted and hard-hitting.

The second reason is that the bike comes fully built with every component, and it’s a buy-and-ride. Most dirt jump bikes come as a frame only.

Transition Bikes has ensured that you won’t have to move from one bike spares store to another looking for all the components.

If you prefer having the front brake, you can add that yourself as the unit comes with only the rear brake.

The PBJ is unique. It was developed by Lars n’ Bars. The bike features a relaxed geometry that gives the rider all the confidence they need to make the big jumps.

It’s a bike that can take big jumps at high speeds and shine on the pump tracks. With a 100 mm RockShox Pike, this bike will absorb the falls and protect your arms from taking the shock.

Most dirt jump bikes come with 26” wheels and a single drivetrain. PBJ is not unique in those two aspects, but in terms of measurement, for the PBJ’s length is essential than height. You can get a frame from short to X-long.

This is the bike to buy if all that matters to you is a good dirt jump bike. If you want to stamp your name as the legend of pump tracks in your town, you need an MTB that will give you the glory. It’s no other than the PBJ.

What’s more, you can get the frame only at your nearest authorized dealer. Get the PBJ and show the world what you got.

2. Transition Throttle

Transition Throttle


  • Fork: 140 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Frame Size: M
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Hardtail XC/Trail Bike

If you are a hardtail fan, this is for you. Hardtails are great bikes to start with before crossing to the full suspension side.

Transition used to have one of the lightest bikes, the Throttle, which is no longer available. We anticipate its return, but I was lucky enough to test ride the 2020 model.

It’s one of the most enjoyable hardtail bikes I have ever tried. Though it’s light, it’s aggressive and convenient to ride.

It’s the bike that will get you to your date on time when the traffic jam won’t let you, and you won’t have to use the road.

The Throttle is fun to ride, playful, and efficient. It’s unique as it can take you down any trail. The Giddyup Hardtail Geometry is a fantastic technology that only Transition fans can understand.

Currently, only the frameset is available on Transition’s page in the clearance section. The hardtails, however, have two features about them that I didn’t like.

There’s no 29” option, and only medium size is available. I felt limited as I prefer 29er bikes.

This is the hardtail XC or trail bike to take if you are okay riding a 27.5” bike. It’s great on climbs and comfortable on descents.

It can’t be as comfortable as a full-suspension bike on descents, but it gets the job done. If you want a versatile bike to introduce you to the world of XC and trail, then the Throttle is going to turn your life around.

3. Transition Ripcord

Transition Ripcord


  • Fork: 100 mm Travel
  • Shock: 100 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 24”
  • Frame Size: Youth
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension XC Bike

Not most bike companies consider serious kid cyclists. Some of them want serious bikes and not budget bikes that are too simple.

To cater to the need of professional cyclists, Transition came up with the Ripcord. It’s not just a regular bike that kids can ride just around home.

The Ripcord is for those kids that love jumping over anything on their way and trail marking. It’s for the kids that liking what they see adult athletes doing.

If you want a bike for your kid that will make them drop the Xbox controller and grab the helmet, then you need a bike that will get them out of the house.

The bike comes in only one size, known as a youth, but you can adjust the seat height to fit your child’s height.

Other prominent features of this bike are an SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain and Shimano hydraulic brakes.

The bike also features 100 mm of travel front and rear, no Suntour forks, and shock, which most kid bikes have, but a RockShox suspension system. Ripcord is available in three colors, namely raw alloy, loam gold, and teal paint.

The Ripcord is the right bike for your kid if they love everything about mountain biking and want a fun-packed bike.

It’s also the best choice for them if they are professional riders who feel limited by the usual kid hardtail bikes.

If your child aspires to be a cross country racer, then help them grow their talent by gifting them the proper bike, the Transition Ripcord.

3. Transition Spur

Transition Spur
Image: Reddit


  • Fork: 120 mm Travel
  • Shock: 120 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension XC Bike

Every cross country racer aspires to ride an XC capable bike from their favorite manufacturer. If you are the rider who loves XC riding and is loyal to the Transition brand, then Transition Spur is maybe what you have always dreamed of.

This is the most lightweight bike from Transition, excluding the Throttle. It’s also the shortest travel full suspension adult bike from the brand.

It’s capable of handling everything and running over any obstacle that is not too large to roll over. The Spur replaced the Smuggler and is the most versatile mountain bike in the lineup.

The Spur’s suspension can be reduced to 100 mm of rear travel. The large 29” wheels will allow you to run over obstacles, and you won’t have to manoeuver the bike a lot.

The most affordable Spur comes with a Shimano Deore groupset. The rest comes with SRAM, GX, XO1, and XX1, depending on how much you’re willing to spend on the bike.

You also get a RockShox SID Select and SIDLuxe fork and suspension for comfort.

This is the best XC bike for those looking for the perfect rig to take them across the finish line. It’s the bike that is attracted to the podium medals and popping champagne.

Unless you aren’t fit for the race, the Spur will not let you down. It’s a great climber and fast on descent.

4. Transition Scout

Transition Scout
Image: Reddit


  • Fork: 150 mm Travel
  • Shock: 140 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Trail Bike

Transition Scout is the brand’s quiver killer, though not my favorite. The Transition lightweight bike was built to be the most fun, but I wish they had a 29” alternative.

Unfortunately, the bike is available with 27.5” wheels only. They are smaller enough to gain speed faster but stressful in rougher terrain.

It has a slack head tube and steep seat tube, not forgetting a long reach than most bikes in the trail lineup.

The full carbon bike comes with either SRAM NX, GX, XO1, or Shimano Deore XT, depending on your budget.

For the forks and suspension, you can get anything from RockShox Lyrick and Super Deluxe Select+ to FOX Float 36 Grip and Float X2 Factory suspension combination.

Again, the suspension system depends on the option you’ll take.

This is a suitable ride for you if you love trail riding and don’t mind tearing up the trail with a 27.5” wheeler.

It’s playful and forgiving on the descents. Scout is the bike you need to have if you want to shuttle on terrains other riders avoid.

5. Transition Sentinel

Transition Sentinel
Image: Reddit


  • Fork: 160 mm Travel
  • Shock: 150 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Enduro Bike

The Transition Sentinel is the company’s most popular enduro bike. The 29er wheels make it easier to build speed downhill and roll over obstacles more easily than 27.5” wheels.

However, the latter is best suited for a twisted course. I enjoyed riding the Sentinel and wished I could get more time with it.

Apart from the frameset, the bike comes in four different options.

There’s a model with an SRAM NX drivetrain and a combination of RockShox Lyric Select forks and RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock, the most affordable Sentinel bike.

The next one comes with a Shimano Deore XT drivetrain, while the one comes with the SRAM GX. Top of the range Sentinel features an SRAM XO1 drivetrain and FOX Float 36 Factory forks, and Fox Float X2 rear shock.

This is the bike to buy if you are an enduro racer and rider. The bike is forgiving on descents but poor on climbs and smooth and flat trails.

It’s only suitable for the rider that loves pushing it to the limit and riding fast on challenging terrain.

6. Transition Patrol

Transition Patrol


  • Fork: 170 mm Travel
  • Shock: 160 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”/27.5”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Aluminum/Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Enduro Bike

The Patrol is one of the pioneers in the Transition lineup, and it remains popular and significant in the enduro scene.

The Patrol and the Sentinel are both enduro bikes, but they have three differences. The Patrol comes with an alloy frame or carbon frame option, while Sentinel is made of carbon only.

Patrol has a 29” front and 27.5” rear wheel, while the Sentinel has 29” wheels on both. Also, the suspension of the Patrol is 170/160 mm travel while Sentinel has 10 mm less. Both come with free dropper posts. 

The geometry of the Patrol makes its one of the slackest bike amongst the Transition bikes. The bike comes in two colors, namely, coral blue or TR grey.

You get to choose a bike based on the drivetrain and suspension set. You’ll get one with Shimano Deore or Deore XT, or go for the one with SRAM GX.

This is the enduro bike for you if you love a great downhiller that will only stop if you pull the brake lever. It’s a great climber and super forgiving on descents.

7. Transition TR11

Transition TR11
Image: Reddit


  • Fork: 200 mm Travel
  • Shock: 200 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Downhill Bike

The Transition TR11 is a World Cup-winning downhill bike offering that you’ll love. The new one comes with a geometry refresh.

Now you can race more confidently as the geometry increases traction on the front wheel. In case the trails turn nasty, you’ll have all the control needed.

The bike has longer chainstays, longer reach, and a slightly higher bottom bracket so that the rider can be in a perfect position to attack the opponent.

Available in two colors, black chrome or primer blue, the DH bike with a full carbon frame is what every professional downhiller deserves.

TR11 features 27.5” wheels which are suitable for a twisted course. Two framesets are available, one with RockShox suspension, while the other comes with a FOX system.

However, you can buy a full bike with either suspension systems and an SRAM XO1 or GX drivetrain. You get a 200 mm of squish front and rear when you buy the TR11.

This is a great downhill mountain bike to lap at the tightest bike parks and race downhill. Besides, the bike features the “proprietary reach adjust headset” that allows the rider to tune their reach length.

This is a suitable lightweight carbon bike for you if you race DH and love racing on steep, rocky, and technical terrain.

It’s also ideal for fast and large jumps. However, a DH bike is poor on climbs. You don’t expect the TR11 to be at its best on climbs and on flat terrain.

Transition Bikes Warranty

All frames produced after 2020 get a lifetime warranty, Frames made between 2018 and 2020 get a 3-year warranty.

The warranty is applicable to the original owner of the bike. The warranty covers defective parts of the frame. Transition Bikes will repair or replace the whole frame or the damaged parts for free.

The frame must be registered on the official site with the serial number and proof of purchase to get the warranty cover.

However, you’ll take care of the shipping costs when sending your damaged frame to Transition Cycles for repairs or replacement.

The After-Sale Service

For product support, visit this page, their support page, and chose your bike model for more assistance.

In case you experience any problem that cannot be resolved on the page, click “Contact Us” and wait for a customer rep to assist you.

Alternatively, you can check with the authorized Transition bike dealers dealer in your town.

History of Transition

Transition Cycles is one of the bike companies founded in the 21st century. The company was founded in 2001 by two sportsmen, Kyle Young and Kevin Menard.

The company is based in Washington State. The idea of starting the bike company revolved around building all sorts of mountain bikes based on rider’s interests.

Some of their technology and progressive geometry are getting adopted. All their bikes are for off-road mountain use, and most consist of high-end bikes

Transition Bikes has a different approach from other bike companies. They maintain transparency and approach-ability, which allows riders to suggest how they want their bikes to be.

The company’s founders first started with a different company known a, where riders could compare specs, geometry, and prices of mountain bikes in the market.

The venture wasn’t as fruitful as they wanted, so they decided to transition to a bike company, and that’s how the name came by. Today, Transition produces bikes that race around the world.


Transition Bikes has great high-end bikes but only for those fans who have tried a complete bike or built one. It’s just writing on the frame until you ride one and get hooked.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! You can ask us any questions we will be glad to help.

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