Evil Bike Reviews 2023: Our Top Picks

Best Evil Bikes for 2021

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Evil bikes are incredibly epic and unique. All the bikes from Evil that I encountered were amongst the best I’ve ridden. It could be because they have limited options, and I had much time to review their few bikes.

All in all, I had a lot of fun, and you deserve it too. Life is too short not to show your other side – how evil you can be on the trails.

Best Evil Bikes for 2023

1. Evil Faction

Evil Faction
Image: Reddit


  • Fork: 100 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 26”
  • Frame Size: S
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • MTB Type: Dirt Jump Bike

If you are an avid dirt jumper, and the devil asks for your soul, she may bribe you with an Evil Faction. It’s an irresistible bike that you won’t help but admire as you make those jumps and swing it around mid-air.

Faction is like a vintage stick that does some modern magic. What’s more, the bike is fully customizable. You can opt for stickers or none.

The bike will be a 100 percent expression of yourself and how you love your things done. Evil does not force you to carry their burners and the only part that will show that the bike is Evil’s is the edge of the chainstay.

The frame is as hard as steel. You only got to take care of your bones, as the bike will withstand being run over by the train. It’s super strong and ready for the jump.

The Evil Faction is sold as a frame alone. The dirt jumper must source the rest of the components such as the forks, wheels, bars, the wheels complete with tires, and the single-gear drivetrain.

They are not that hard to get. For the forks, you can get the high-quality RockShox Pike, Fox, Marzocchi, or Manitou. If on budget, a Suntour XCR with coil shock will save the day.

For the tires, Maxxis Hookworm or any other 26” tires will be great. The bars and the drivetrain are readily available at any of the bike shops near you.

Most dirt bikers only use the rear brake, but you might have a different taste. If you also need the front brake, get a compatible fork.

The fork shouldn’t have a lot of air to let you pop in style. The Evil Faction is the perfect bike for you if you are a diehard dirt jumper and also for the Gram. Show off your skills with the Faction, hit the pump tracks, and upload on IG.

2. The Following

The Following


  • Fork: 120 mm Travel
  • Shock: 120 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Trail Bike

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we don’t have any Evil hardtail for you. The dirt jump is the only hardtail Evil has, but the fun does not end there. In fact, most professional mountain bikers prefer full suspension.

We start with the Following, a 29er trail bike. If you love following on bikes with the best combination of top-quality components and pure luxury, then you can as well ride The Following, a bike that falls in the top category.

The Evil’s mid-travel trail bike, which doubles up as an XC bike, won the hearts of many when it was launched in 2014.

Since then, the following has been a trailblazer in the Evil flagships, giving other bike companies a run for their money.

Every launch introduces a better Following than the predecessor. Watch out for the latest edition.  

Evil The Following comes in two different colors – traditional black and protein powder, for your eyes only.

The bike features 29” wheels, which have become quite the norm. The advantage of 29” wheels is their ability to run over obstacles.

The bike features a 129 mm travel for both the front and rear suspension to make it trail and cross-country capable.

The internal routing has been done to keep everything tidy. The Following became the bike of the decade due to its progressive geometry and steeper seat angle that other brands have learned to emulate.

While it takes the credit, the bike’s geometry has seen a couple of updates since 2014. The slacker geometry lets you ride with confidence uphill and downhill.

The Following is Evil’s most balanced trail bike as well as the most successful model. As a do-it-all bike, it’s light frame weight and with a versatile RockShox or Fox suspension, depending on how deep you can do in your pockets.

The Following is the type of bike that will turn someone with zero interest in bikes into a bike addict. The suspension itself is more sensitive but not spongy.

The trail bike is right for you if you are new to trail riding and want a bike that will make your rides more fun.

If you appreciate a poppy and playful nature of a bike, then the following will ignite a spark in your life.

3. Evil The Calling

Evil The Calling


  • Fork: 140 mm Travel
  • Shock: 131 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Trail Bike

The call can’t be as important as riding Evil The Calling. Sometimes, nothing else in life matters like a blissful moment between you and your bike far into the woods.

If you have a knack for a 27.5” bike, then The Calling is the perfect choice for you when you need to detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The bike is not only known for its playfulness but its all-rounded riding. It’s a rig that you wouldn’t want even your spouse to mess up with.

The headliner here is Evil’s DELTA system which makes climbing with The Calling as enjoyable as it can be.

The bike is also forgiving on descents. Nothing limits you from locking top speeds and collecting all the KOMs on your path.

For the colors, I bet you’ve never heard of an angry dolphin or muddy waters paint scheme. Evil seems to be very creative with its frame paints.

The traditional black paint scheme no longer features amongst these bikes. The bike is comparable to The Falling, which comes with 29-inch wheels. Except for the wheels, the bikes are much of the same.

While The Falling runs over obstacles better than The Calling, the latter comes with better handling and is better at negotiating corners, aided by its 140 mm front and 131 mm rear travel.

The Calling is the kind of bike that calls for chaos and hooliganism on the trail. You can turn around just anywhere, with little to no mercy for the edge of your tires.

The bike also runs over bumps like a pup excited to see you after many years. It’s neither bad at climbing, and you can bet on the fact that it will get you to the top without you breaking a lot of sweat.

Turning around and the hill points downwards, gravity will come to your rescue. This is the best trail bike for you if you ride and race on different terrain and styles.

4. Evil The Offering

Evil The Offering


  • Fork: 150 mm Travel
  • Shock: 140 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Trail Bike

When they say quiver killer, you already know what it means. I’m talking about a trail-capable bike with 29er wheels.

The Offering is Evil’s quiver killer. Designed for versatility, The Offering is Evil’s sacrifice to idols like you who want pure luxury in a bike, no more, no less!

The do-it-all 29-inch wheeled bike is what sets the edge between just a pushbike and a goddamn out-of-this-world two-wheeler.

The Offering will tempt you to ride in a style you only see professional riders do. Most riders call The Offering the “Lord of the singletrack,” but it’s almost impossible to understand why it’s such a phenomenon unless you try it.

As I’ve always said, I’m more of a trail rider, and the guilt The Offering left in my heart is overwhelming. It felt like I was possessed by it, and it’s now on my bikes-to-buy list.

With a shorter head tube without compromising the fork’s travel, you will never get better handling than the one offered by The Offering. The steep seat tube helps to make the climbing easier.

The Offering is the bike to ride around town, hit the trails, and present yourself at the nearest bike park, depending on your mood.

The bike is available globally at registered dealers. Most of the bikes on the Evil website are already sold out, but you can wait for the 2022 batch.

Since it’s the most versatile of all Evil models, and the offspring of the intermarriage between The Following and The Wreckoning, The Offering is the bike that will captivate you and improve your riding skills.

The bike features 29er wheels and 150 mm front and 140 mm rear suspension travel. Aside from the long and slack seat angle and head angle, and the DELTA tech, which sets to frame from playful to less playful as you wish, The Offering also features SRAM GX Eagle or Shimano XT drivetrains.

This bike will be your obsession if you prefer bikes that have excellent climbing capabilities. It’s also forgiving on the descents.

The Offering will put you on the podium in your next race. If you don’t get there, well, you’ll have your inadequate preparedness to blame. The bike is ready to sweep all the cups and medals. It’s hugely capable.

5. Evil The Insurgent

Evil The Insurgent


  • Fork: 180 mm Travel
  • Shock: 168 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Enduro Bike

If you want to express your insurgence, you better do it on an enduro trail, of course, with your partner in crime – The Insurgent.

The name sounds like a protest, but let Evil reign. If you ever underestimated how much a 27.5 bike would perform on average, especially in an enduro race, you haven’t had the pleasure to ride Evil The Insurgent.

It’s one of the best bikes I’ve tried in the near past. It’s a great performer on twisty singletracks edging off the 29ers and other models with 27.5” wheels.

With its long reach and low and slack bike geometry, this is the bike to get things done.

The headlining features of this bike are the integrated carbon chainstay protector, chainguard, and downtube protector.

It also features n SAG meter for suspension adjustment. The Insurgent is not an attention seeker, but it gets all of it effortlessly.

When developing the bike, Evil based it on the wheel size and incorporated a 180 mm front squish and 168 millimeters of travel rear shock to suit the bike.

The bike is available in two colors, namely the Yoghurt Truck and Freddy Mercury.

The Insurgent is the bike for you if you love being the bully on the trails. It’s also a must-have if you mostly ride o twisted tracks.

It’s a playful and stable bike that you will adore. When it comes to descents, gravity and your spinning prowess and strategy will get you to the finish line faster than the rest of the competition.

6. Evil The Wreckoning

Evil The Wreckoning


  • Fork: 170 mm Travel
  • Shock: 166 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Enduro Bike

The Wreckoning is everything The Insurgent is, but with larger wheels. It’s technically the big sister to The Insurgent.

Both bikes can be used as downhill bikes since Evil doesn’t have a dedicated DH model. You may need to change to a double-crown fork if you need to, but as it comes, The Wreckoning is an enduro bike.

It’s also the meanest and rowdiest beast in the history of Evil Bikes. Whatever you look for in an Enduro bike, the features that matter most, such as the long, low, and steep seat angle, are the epitome of this bike.

Prepare for the rampage. The moment of reckoning has come.

The Wreckoning will indeed conquer all the enduro singletracks. Maximized with the DELTA suspension technology and the Flip Chip, this bike gives you more advantage over the rest.

It’s also compatible with 190 mm forks. Some people say that the Wreckoning is the most downhill-oriented bike Evil has designed to run over the most challenging and roughest tracks without slowing down.

The colors include coral reefer and blackout drunk. It also comes with a dropper post.

This is your type of bike if you are an enduro fellow. It’s the right bike to shuttle down the descents and climb uphill.

It’s an unforgiving bike with 29er wheels that stop at nothing. If you are the rider that pushes his/her bike to the limit, not having the Wreckoning may make your life miserable. The heart wants what it wants!

Evil Warranty

Evil Cycles offers a limited warranty for their bikes. The warranty only applies to the consumer who bought an Evil bike from an authorized dealer or Evil’s website.

The warranty covers defects in materials and poor workmanship. It doesn’t cover any damage resulting from damage or improper assembly.

Evil bike frames, including the rear triangle, bought after December 2019, get a lifetime warranty.

All those produced before have a 3-years warranty. Frame paint has a 2-year warranty, while frame bearings get one year of warranty.

After-Sale Service

The customer support is a text away. You can contact them directly or fill out the form on their website if you encounter a problem with your bike.

You can also check with your dealer to find the solution quicker.

The History of Evil Bikes

Evil Following was crowned the Mountain Bike Company of the decade by Forbes in 2018, but it wasn’t an easy ride for the bike manufacturer to reach where they are right now.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the bike company was founded in 2009 by Kevin Walsh. Walsh was a bike lover whose vision was to have a company with a direct consumer relationship.

The launch of its bike was a huge success. However, a series of cracked frame issues tainted the company’s image, and it began sinking slowly.

Evil went back to the drawing board to find a solution to solve the highly sensitive issue. In 2014, they launched Evil The Following, and it was an instant success.

The bike was a game-changer in the industry. The low, slack, and long geometry hadn’t been seen and experienced before. It was a bike with a sports car feel.

The Following introduced Evil and its 1x-only bikes to the world. It’s the most popular bike in the Evil series. Today, Evil continues to manufacture XC, Trail, and Enduro bikes.

We are yet to see a dirt jump and downhill model from them. Hopefully, they’ll attack those niches as well.

Wrapping Up

Evil’s bikes are the best I’ve tried. Their bikes are revolutionary. It would be best if you tried them. For any questions, contact us.

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