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Three Steps to Corner Faster
06-16-2010 @ 10:43am | 0
Cornering is one of the Holy Grails of riding – riders that can do it well go faster with less effort. Here are three steps to help you master the art of the turn....
How Important is Pedaling Endurance for DH Racing?
05-13-2010 @ 09:53am | 0
A while back I posted some thoughts I had on pedaling endurance for DH racing on my blog. Some people had a tough time keeping perspective on the situation - they thought I was saying that pedalin...
Bench Press: How Important is it for mountain biking?
05-12-2010 @ 04:41pm | 0
The other day I was looking around one of the mountain biking forums and I came across a subject that I wanted to address. I was in the Fitness Forum and saw a thread that had gotten a lot of acti...
VIDEO: Mountain Bike Or Workout Warm Up Drill
05-12-2010 @ 09:44am | 0
Here is a new warm up drill I've been using in my facility. This is a great way to warm up for a workout or for a mountain bike ride. ...
How To Get More Out Of Every Ride
05-11-2010 @ 12:12pm | 0
A trick to getting the most out of your trail time is to multi-task. We do it at work and home all the time but few riders realize that you can multi-task on the trail. By following a few simple tip...
Don't Look For Your Intervals To Feel Easier
04-14-2010 @ 06:09pm | 0
I was talking with one of the local riders who trains at my facility after training last night and he was talking about his perception of how his interval workouts were going. He had built up to d...
Banded Pull Apart Video Demo
04-14-2010 @ 05:45pm | 0
Here is a banded pull apart sequence I picked up during my recent trip to Mike Boyle's facility. This is a great upper back activation exercise that helps combat the rounded shoulder posture so co...
Rider Q&A: In Season Training, XC Riding for DH Training & Breathing
04-13-2010 @ 12:14pm | 0
Q: I've been told that trail riding can help with my DH endurance. I've bought an XC bike and plan doing some 4+ hour rides to help me with my DH racing. After reading your blog I'm not so sure - do I...
MTB Strength Training Systems Moves in to New Facility
03-10-2010 @ 01:25pm | 0
Just heard that James Wilson has moved his gym into a new space in Colorado. If you're in Grand Junction and are looking to get fit for the season, hit him up: MTB Strength Training Systems....
Yeti Cycles Hires MTB Strength Training Systems for Team Training
01-15-2010 @ 11:11am | 1
Yeti Cycles has hired James Wilson to train their entire World Cup Team. If James' name sounds familiar to you, and it should, that's because he's a regular contributor to the "Training" department ...

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