Decline Magazine » decline Exclusive: Shelby Smith Edit and Story From the AT Showdown

decline Exclusive: Shelby Smith Edit and Story From the AT Showdown

Check out this awesome edit Shelby put together from his trip out west to the A.T. Showdown at the S.F. Bike Expo.
20111118-Picture 2.png If you've heard Shelby's name before it may be because he has recently had some impressive videos on mountain bike sites and forums. You may also recognize his name from our GoPro camera give-away contest. Shelby submitted a great edit from GoPro's stock footage and earned himself a new GoPro camera and his video held strong until the final month in which he won the grand prize and a new GoPro 3D camera and gear.

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After seeing Shelby's work it was a real no-brainer when he emailed us and asked if we'd be interested in posting some footage from his future trip to San Francisco. In typical Shelby style, he delivered a smooth and clean edit that really captured the California lifestyle and the atmosphere of the event.

Here are some words from his trip and a review of the awesome AT Showdown

Thanks Shelby!

AT's Showdown from shelbysmith on Vimeo.

I exit the plane not knowing what the future days will bring, camera in hand I’m ready for the unexpected. Culture is a huge part of what inspires me. First stop. China Town. Entering a new area I always like to get a taste for my surroundings. I drop 3 quarters for a pork bun, a soft steamed dough containing barbecued pork glazed with a decadent sauce. Simple but good. In this film I wanted to be sure and include some shots of the California lifestyle while tying in the atmosphere these riders and spectators experience. They say sound is 90% of a film. Music sets the mood, while the crowd noises bring you there. I stopped by the Cow Palace a couple days before the showdown. The course was looking sweet. I look over to see Andrew Taylor (AT) and some of the NorCal locals packing down a landing as dust bellows up into sun. I grab a shovel to help out. After a couple hours, I head back to the city where I’m left to imagine what awesomeness the contest will spark.
Waking up Saturday morning the air hit me, moist with fresh rains the night brewed. I arrived to a vast number of riders from around the globe working on jumps - big names such as Andreu Lacondeguy and Martin Soderstrom -- to the young guns Anthony Messere, Paul Genovese and Carson Strotch. After getting the course dialed riders started throwing bangers almost immediately. Martin was throwing combos left and right, from bar spin whips to my personal favorite bar spin to tail whip. I was pretty stoked on the shot I got of Paul throwing a kind of BMX inspired nothing to tuck no hander. It was my first time watching Andreu ride in person. His super mans are clicked. I wonder if he gets double miles? After a break for lunch the competition was on full throttle. Qualification ran in a jam format allowing riders to get as many runs as they pleased. I began interpreting the competition through my camera, capturing detail and human expression. Cody Gessel out of Utah hit the boost button on his bike transferring every jump on course including the drop in. Andrew Taylor (AT) himself pulled his signature super mans as well as a few dialed super flips. The gap was close and took the judges a good amount of time to figure out the top 16 advancing from the 30 plus riders.
Finals were run on a head-to-head format seeing that the course was symmetrical. Riders were paired up and the matches began. Anthony and Crankworks best trick winner Benny Phillips started on course. Both throwing bangers, half way down, Anthony over rotates a flip sending the bike into the dust. With the riders only getting one chance this meant he was out. Many matches later only two riders remained - Santa Cruz locals Greg Watts and Ryan Howard. Both sent it down the course, trick after trick, Greg ending with a 360-tailwhip and Ryan with a 360-inverted-table. After thought from the judges, a verdict was reached. Greg Watts with the repeat win.
Sunday was best trick. It was bit delayed due to the celebrations of the night before. It ended up being a super fun jam with the echoes of laughter all around. Late afternoon the best trick jam began. Benny Phillips attempted a 360 triple downside tail whip multiple times but never landed. Anthony landed a big front flip no hander after several attempts landing him in second place. And for the winner of best trick Andreu pulled a monster double backflip off the second jump earning him a fat check of $1,000. That’s not a bad pay-day. The AT Showdown was a success. Spectators witnessed a true session with friends, the joy that’s brought to our lives on a daily basis.

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-Shelby Smith

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