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Evomo T-shirt Design Contest - $500 in Prizes

Evomo is holding a t-shirt design contest with over $500 in prizes. Get out your crayons and start winning...

How To Enter

1. Download the templates
You must submit your design using one of our provided templates and follow the rules to the left.
Download Design Template (PDF)
Download Design Template (Illustrator 10)
You can import this template into Photoshop at 200 dpi as well.

2. Create a design
Design your t-shirt however you like. We suggest using a vector art program such as Adobe Illustrator or an image editing like Adobe Photoshop. If you are using photoshop, make sure your design size is at at least 200dpi. When you are done, make sure your design fits within the provided template. Then save a copy of your design as a gif at 72 dpi. Be sure to keep your hi-resolution version of the design somewhere safe in case your design is picked.

3. Submit your design
You will need to create a 72 dpi gif image of your design to upload. When you have your design ready, fill out the form and upload your jpg or gif image to complete the submission process. Please save your original high resolution file! If your design is picked as the winner, we will need to contact you and request your original file.

4. How the winner is picked
Designs must be submited via the website by March 22 11:59 PM PST. Evomo staff will view all submissions and select 3 finalists. These 3 entrys will be voted on by the general public, your peers, and anyone who visits between March 23 - March 29, 2009. At the end of that period the design with the most votes will be declared the winner.

5. Prizes!

GRAND PRIZE valued at $400 ($100 Cash! Plus, your design will be sold exclusively through the Evomo Store! Your design will debut at the Sea Otter Classic! 10 free T-shirts of your wining design; Choice of any three t-shirts from; One free Evomo flexfit Team Cap)

RUNNER UP PRIZES (2) valued at $50 (Choice of any one t-shirt from; One free Evomo flexfit Team Cap)

Contest Rules

Evomo Branding
Your design needs to incorporate "EVOMO" into it. You can use our official logos or maybe a creative way to spell out or write our brand name "EVOMO".

Good Design
Even though your design may be submitted properly, we do decline some submissions for poor design. All designs are pre-screened by a panel of Judges before put into the running.

Be Original
Please, dont copy someone elses design. We need something thats 100% orginal and not already copyrighted by another artist. Also, you cant use photos, fonts and clip/stock art that you dont have the rights to use.

Duplicate Submissions
Please only submit your design once and do not submit additional submissions for changes in color, size or placement. Designs changed slightly will be treated as duplicates.

Can I submit more than one idea?
Yes, if you would like to submit more than one design thats cool, just make sure its different from any previous designs you already submited. To submit additional designs you must submit each one individualy, not all in one file.

File Dimensions & Size
All Images submited for entry must be at least 1024 pixels wide by 1024 pixels tall at 72dpi in gif format. Images may not exceed 1.5mb in size for upload. If your design is picked, be sure you have your original hi-resolution version of the somewhere safe. We will need it to go into production. If you lost it or dont have it anymore, then we will have to pick another winner.

Design Dimensions & Placement
The design must be within a 14 x 16 inch area and may not extend over shirt seams. Front of shirt is best.

Fewer Colors is better
Designs must have 2 or less unique colors. The color of the tee shirt does not count toward the two color limit.

T-shirt Color
Designs can be on any color shirt. Please use standard shirt colors. We will do our best to find the color fabric that closely matches your artwork.

Use the Provided Template
You must use the downloaded templates when creating your design.

Inappropriate Material
The design must not be overly offensive or contain copyrighted material. Words and slogans are okay, as long as they are not trademarked or copyrighted.

Submit your entries here.


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